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  1. Welcome my little fishes. I see you've taken my bait. I’m Tinder: the night owl, soon-to-be college graduate who’s been roleplaying since middle school. I have found no better way to let off some of my creative steam then a good roleplay. So I've come looking for a new partner or two to try out some fun, romantic scenario with.

    I know that buzzword can be a big deal breaker for some, but please hear me out.

    You know what I haven't done in awhile? A roleplay filled to the brim with romantic fluff and emotional turmoil. While I will always love my action and adventure, there's a special place in my writer's heart for romantic scenarios. As per usual, there's a bit of business to take care of.

    Friendly Guidelines:
    • Length - As a rule, I prefer content be placed in order of importance over length, but I have also found that short posts tend to kill my interest in a roleplay. Because of this, I'd like to ask that my partner be able to post at least two decent paragraphs at minimum. I can post anything from two paragraphs to a small book depending on my partner and the level of activity in the roleplay. I like detail in posts, whether they characters are standing around chatting or exploring a never before seen ruin. The more included, the merrier I will be. :)
    • Grammar - I would like you to have a good understanding of grammar. Mistakes will happen, I’m not looking for perfection, but I would like some effort here. Please be able to write in the third person as well and stay in the correct tense.
    • Activity – I’m a slow writer, I admit it. Especially when the school year rolls around. My personal speed is a post a week or every other week depending (maybe a few a week if it’s a special occasion). I can work with all kinds of posting speeds, but just know going in I'll need to take my time.
    • Writing Style - By this I mean how you usually roleplay. I'm looking for someone who will take an active role in creating the plot for the story with me. Plotting is easily one of my favorite parts of roleplaying, almost as much as the actual roleplay. Having an interactive partner during this process makes it more fun and productive. Please be able to handle side characters as well.

    With the business portion concluded, here's some tidbits about me. :)

    • Chatting – I love to chat with my partners whether we’re talking about plot or games or anime or books. Getting to know each other can make the writing process even more fun, so feel free to chat with me whenever.
    • Characters - I can play both genders, though I tend to create female leads more often than not. I can play either gender however. I bring in side characters of all genders, races, and ages.
    • Romance – I only do MxF relationships. No offense meant, it’s just what I’m most comfortable with. I also prefer not to have sexual content in my roleplays. Kissing and actions with clothing still on is fine, I may even be talked into fade-to-black if one of the plots really calls for it (if you’re over 18), but nothing explicit.
    • Violence - I'm not bothered by violence or gore, so bring on the bloody stumps and what not if that comes up. If you've got any issues with it, please let me know. I can get a little carried away at times…
    • Language - I can handle language, but try not to make it every other word out of your character’s mouth. Give the cursing a reason to be there.
    • Settings - My bread and butter is high/medieval fantasy. I've also toyed around with scifi and modern fantasy, and I'm always willing to try out something new. Straight modern settings, however, tend to bore me so I would prefer not to do those. Sorry, but if there's no fantastical beasts or weird clothing, I just tend to lose interest. xD
    Now, the reason you've come aknockin'.

    Current Plot Cravings:

    Blood Ties (Vampire Needed) – The world of Blackmore is divided between humans and vampires. For centuries they have been entrenched in silent war, each attempting to subdue the other. Chief among the humans is an old and respected clan of hunters who are dedicated to ending the vampires. Among the battlefields and daily carnage, the people of either race seek to eek out a living. One such individual is a traveling healer who encounters a young vampire in a tavern one lonely night. What both meant as a one night stand (of sorts) becomes an enduring partnerships when they witness a crime neither was meant to see. On the run with a web of intrigue slowly closing in around them, the pair must learn how to work together if they want to survive.

    Star-Crossed Lovers – A plot favorite of mine, I would love to write a forbidden romance again. I have a polished scenario and world available if you're not interested in that, or we can start something from the ground up. My only request is that I might take the female part (though a good argument could convince me to take the male part). Mostly importantly, I want to have some fun with this and stray from the path of realism. Think more Romeo and Juliet, minus the decidedly dark fate (unless we want that). A fun romantic ride that you would probably not see happen any where in the realm of reality.

    Said polished plot involves rival families in a country that's falling apart. The king is dying and needs to find an heir, while the land around him suffers from famine. To make matters worse, there's a murder on the loose. Our characters meet out in the streets and end up drawn to one another. Amidst the turmoil plaguing their families and home, the pair will search for a way to be together and survive the oncoming storm. (This is more of a mixed romance, action, and political drama.)

    Now flock to me, my little fishes! Flock I say!

    Seriously though, please PM if interested. I'm seriously craving these stories. ^^:
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  2. Updated with a new plot. Still looking for all three! ^^
  3. Updated once again! Really excited for these plots! :D
  4. Updated the information and plots. Still searching for everything listed. :)
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