Who's more recognizable and popular?

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Who's more recognizable and popular?

  1. Mickey Mouse

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  2. Mario

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  1. Personally I think it's pretty even since both characters made great strides in media and sell on name alone.
  2. Mickey Mouse. Easily. The sheer omnipresent nature of the Disney Corporation in everything for decades seals that one without any contest. Nintendo does video games and not much beyond that, he's an icon to you and me, and to my parents, but my grandparents don't give a fuck about him.

    They know Mickey though.

    Hell, think outside of the first world. Disney is fucking everywhere in India. Disney sells shit in China. You can find Mickey Mouse merch available for sale in flea markets pretty much anywhere that claims to sell Western toys.

    Mario is confined to video games, and Nintendo more specifically. If you've ever heard of a cartoon, or Western media at all, you've probably heard of Mickey Mouse. He's also been around for a bloody century. He's older than World War 2. :ferret:
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  3. This.
  4. Mario might be popular among the gaming world, but only a few on the outside would actually recognize him, especially nowadays. Parents of kids who play Nintendo games, the older generation, and so on. Mickey Mouse, on the other hand, is everywhere. Disney controls a huge chunk of the entertainment industry. So my vote's on the mouse.
  5. If this was back when I was growing up, I'd say Mickey easily for just about everything.

    But this day and age with the flooding of video games on the market and parents trying to buy kid-friendly games for their brats, I'd say Mario. I easily sell tons of Mario action figures/ video games/ posters in a week. I think Mickey is slightly less popular these days as far as merchandising goes ... but just as recognizable.
  6. Easy one. Mickey Mouse. First time I seen him vas in a cartoon, vhen I vas maybe 4-5 years old!
  7. Well this was rather lopsided.
  8. Lives in Croatia. Experienced Mickey Mouse before she could even properly play a video game.

    Point, set, match.
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  10. Funny thing is, I'm in Croatia too, yet I've never seen an actual Mickey Mouse cartoon.

    In my time, Pink Panther, Bugs Bunny, Krtek, A je to and PPG were more popular...
  11. Mickey Mouse, no question.

    Mario is confined to the gaming audience specifically.
    Disney extends to every single individual in existence pretty much.

    No matter how young you are your parents are unlikely to say "Mickey is bad for you!" but they might say Video Games are bad.
    No matter how old you are you've likely seen Mickey growing up considering how old he is. While video games would be seen as a silly kids thing.

    No matter how much you avoid video games, you likely can't avoid the entirety of media which is where Mickey Mouse reigns.
  12. You've probably heard of Mickey though. :ferret:
  13. Wel vhen I was a kid (early-mid 1990's), Mickey Mouse vas actualy prety common on TV in varius cartoons. No idea vhats common now, since I havent watched TV for years.
  14. Alright, I would like to tweak my answer a bit. In the US, Canada, Britain, and a few other places, they're probably roughly about the same. I don't think that Mario is strictly confined to the gamer crowd versus that he is probably confined to where gaming is popular among the population. In a place like the US, I guarantee you that nobody is googling Mario (even if they have never played a video game) to find out who he is. I still think merchandising wise Mario can compete with the Mouse. Oh yeah, I also think there is a lot less Mickey everywhere than there used to be. I would say he's more timeless than Mario, but that Mario is more popular right now in a lot of circles ... and younger generation kids. I don't think he's getting enough credit.

    Plus there's the internet.

    Recognizable: Mickey
    Popular: about the same on a sales front. Most people unless you are a die hard fan, don't buy Mickey figures (Disney world not included). But Mario, probably.
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  15. Mickey Mouse has that Coca Cola level recognition where even people from the ass end of nowhere are at least moderately familiar with the thing. Mario doesn't really have that, which is no surprise because Disney's global presence >>> Nintendo's global presence.
  16. To tel you the truth I had no idea who this Mario vas, until I googled it in response to seeing this thread. No suprise there ofc, since video-games arent something I put alot of stock in, especialy not childish arcades like what this Mario seems to be in. If I play a game, I like it to be "real", deep and compeling, like a good RPG or something, not some time-wasting nonsense.
  17. Now I have 'Hey Mickey' stuck in my head.
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