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Who's More evil.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Swifty Willownall, Feb 12, 2010.


Who's more Evil, Darth or Hannibal?

  1. Darth Vader

    4 vote(s)
  2. Hannibal Ecter

    9 vote(s)
  1. So, who's more evil, Darth Vader or Hannibal Lecter, and why?

    And yes, I know It's Lecter. If I knew how to change it I would. >_>
  2. Isn't it Hannibal Lecter? But eh probably Lecter, eating people is pretty messed up. He showed no remorse or regret for it either. And he became a cannibal mostly for the lulz, that's plenty evil.

    The New Star Wars movies just made Darth seem like a wimp with that whole, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" scene. DV just mostly got used and deceived by Palpatine.
  3. Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer is eviler, so there.

  4. [​IMG]

    ⎈ The Mountain Kingdom ⎈

    CASTLE | Wasslorien Citadel
    RULER(s) | Tristan and Hanna Davertry
    LOCATION | Central Mountains

    CREST | Wasslorien’s crest is that of a rearing griffon in white, upon a red background.

    DESCRIPTION | Mystery shrouds the Mountain Kingdom. Nearly central to Fable, Wasslorien is ruled by a man of uncommonly long years, Trinton Davertry. A formidable man, as cold as the mountain upon which he serves. Long has been his reign and rumor persists that magic has somehow attributed to this, making him greatly feared among his people.

    CULTURE | Over time, and due to the nature of its king, Wasslorien culture has suffered greatly. Where it was once a pinnacle of art and education, the mountain realm has fallen lapse… its great library abandoned, most of the tomes stolen or destroyed by age and lack of use. Some attempts have been made to restore the city to its former glories, but lack of ambition on the part of the king has made the process lengthy and inefficient.
    Celebrations in the kingdom are virtually unheard of, anymore. Weddings and funerals are generally small affairs, with little ceremony to them, and where Wasslorien was at a time rife with festivals and galas, it now sees very little of either.

    Food in Wasslorien is generally what can be found in the mountain or caves beneath it - including bear, mountain goat. Vegetables are occasionally grown within the caves, though very little can survive the frozen climate. In the past, Wasslorien would seek trade from other kingdoms, but diplomatic relations have suffered greatly, since Davertry’s appointment to the throne.

    Social hierarchy is split rather definitively between nobility and commoners and is very apparent on a social and cultural level. The people in the lower kingdoms suffer, greatly, and civil unrest has been threatened for many years, now.

    RELIGIOUS STRUCTURE | Formerly of a monotheistic caste, religion has lapsed considerably. Churches exist within the city, but are more often than not used as meeting places for rebels seeking to start an uprising. While formerly reliant on the church as a source of ethical advice, Wasslorien’s king has little use for religion now, and some suggest he has, in fact, taken to worshipping the Winter Witch as his ancestors were inclined to.

    DEMOGRAPHIC | The Wasslorien people, particularly though closes to the summit of the mountain, are generally lighter toned, most possessing blonde hair and blue or green eyes. Dark hair is not entirely unheard of, however, including within the royal lineage. The citizens are called Wasslorns.

    CLIMATE | Weather in Wasslorien is cold, year round, with snowfall in great amounts - upwards to several feet. The caves are marginally warmer, and some contain hot springs, which have been known to possess healing properties, though finding them can be quite difficult and prove detrimental in itself.

    GEOGRAPHY | Wasslorien is located atop the mountain, with a small smattering of villages along the mountain’s face. The people have grown greatly adaptive to both the temperatures and altitude, but it is not unusual for foreigners to suffer illness upon visiting the city.

    PERTINENT HISTORY | Legend speaks of a time many years back when Wasslorien was ruled over by a cruel and beautiful queen - a woman whose heart was so bitterly cold that eventually it consumed her being. The woman, a witch, discovered a method to elongate life, but in her quest became so wicked that the people eventually revolted and she was captured, to be burned alive. The witch escaped, however, and fled into the heart of the caverns, where some say she still lives, to this day. Many suspect, due in part to his own coldness, as well as the length of his years and lack of apparent aging, that Trinton Davertry has made a pact with the witch, though this has never been confirmed by the king himself.

    A few years following Davertry’s coronation, the small village in the foothills of Wasslorien was destroyed… the reasoning never fully understood. To this day, the remnants of this village still exist, and some claim that the place is haunted.

    ARMY | Wasslorien’s army is not what it used to be. In its glory, it was a powerful force, but following the decline of Wasslorien’s stature, the men were disbanded, all but for a few who now serve as Trinton Davertry’s personal guard.

    CONFLICT | A threat looms over Wasslorien as a constant in the shape of a formidable woman called the White Witch. Rumored to live in the caves beneath the mountain, she is said to possess terrible and awesome powers, including the ability to grant long life, which many believe explains the extended existence of their current king.

    Bedlam, formerly known as Banderlyn was a small, thriving village in the shadow of Wasslorien Mountain. Little is known as to how Bedlam met with such a tragic end, though many believe that the Winter Witch is to blame. Banderlyn was once the home of Wasslorien’s king, Trinton Davertry, and while it is little more than hearsay, it has been suggested that Trinton’s pact with the Winter Witch somehow played in the destruction.

  5. Darth's emo.
  6. So is Harry Potter and Asmoo.
  7. While Hannibal Lecter is Beautifully wicked I would have to say it's Darth Vader. While the Heretical Epesodes 1,2 and 3 did portray him to be a nutless pansy, remember there is 18 years in story between that Eunuch, and the true Darth Vader that we all know and love.

    and regardless of whether or not he is a servant of the emperor, did he still not commit all those atrocities in the emperor's name while the emperor himself simply sat by and his only interaction was when his spies or Vader reported the results back to him?
  8. Vader was a dupe. Lecter was a psychotic fuckhead.
  9. Vader wasn't exactly a dupe, I can tell you haven't delved more into the star wars series than just the stories the movies tell. No Sith is ever a dupe, they simply bide their time until they can slay their master and reign as dark lord. however yes, Lecter was a twisted psychotic fuckhead.
  10. [​IMG]

    I have officially won this thread.
  11. I know you cannot. But thanks for the confirmation.
  12. I have to go with Hannibal. c__c Yeah, Darth Vader did some seriously evil shit... but in the end he still had a heart and love for his son. Hannibal is a crazy fuck! o__o
  13. but didn't at the vary end if the final star wars movie Darth Vader try to kill his son because he found out that he had a daughter who would be easier to control. didn't he kill his trainer and cut his sons hand off.
  14. Hannibal didn't blow up a planet.

    Darth Vader did.
  15. And love turns people crazy.

    More Vader-winism.
  16. I'm going to vote Darth Vader. Hannibal did seem CRAZIER, but was he truely more evil? Hannibal was crazy, he couldn't feel anything while Darth Vader full well felt and knew the evil he was doing, and still did it. Darth Vader killed Billions more people then Lecter did. Hannibal commited evil acts because they made him "feel good". Darth did it for the sake of being evil. If Hannibal was given the choice to torture or save a stranger, he would torture him without even realizing that he could save him. However, if Darth Vader was given the choice to save or torture a stranger, he would choose to torture him EVEN THOUGH, he full well knows that it's in his power to save the stranger instead. Knowing that you CAN do good, and purposly doing the opposite of it is more evil, in my opinion, then doing evil without even knowing that you can do good.

    Also, one can argue that Darth Vader was more evil because of what he did with what he had. Darth Vader planned out his evil acts and did them accordingly to what plans he had. When he gained the power to blow up planets, he damn well did it! As for Lecter, well, if Lecter ever had the power to blow up planets, I bet he would just stick with killing his victims one by one. He's a crazyfuck that doesn't plan big things ahead like building giant death machines to blow up planets or gain ultimate power in the entire freaking galaxy where evil can be much more widespread and effect many many many many MANY more people, Aliens, Droids, and any other form of Organic or Inorganic life. In short, Lecter is more Chaotic while Vader is more Evil.
  17. I like the way you think.
  18. I have delved further.

    My point was that Vader was tricked down a corrupted path; Lecter was a twisted psychotic fuck of his own volition.