Who's Jack Shade Anyways?

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  1. There are apparently many faces to this admin guy...

    He's a furry...

    Some old guy on Facebook.

    Some kind of Lamp shade created by Philps.

    Apparently works for Aflac.

    A guy from NY that never updates his Live Journal.

    And according to Google:

    Original title: Death and Jack Shade
    Original languages: English

    Summary (From the publisher):
    They said Jack Shade killed his first man when he was fifteen. That he robbed his first bank when he was a year older. That he had more notches on his Colts than he had years. Jack Shade was a man you didn’t cross – and stay alive!
    Jared Hawk crossed Jack Shade. He wanted the outlaw killer... and he took $5,000 of Shade’s money to use as bait in a trap with only one outcome: death!
  2. I think this Jack Shade Person should explain a few things, I'll have the interrogation room prepped.
  3. After we finish I elect the other furry, Ike, cleans up the mess.

    I'll grab the jumper cables and the car battery. You grab the hose and the leaky faucet. Anybody got pliers?
  4. Hold on, I know a techpriest, he should have something.

    found them.
  5. This thread needs more SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARKLES!
  6. It's OK, Rory. We've all internet-stalked our infatuations at one point or another.


    *Scoots away from Asmo.*
  8. A good stalking keeps me fresh and ready to face the day.
  9. Old joke is old.
  10. Just because a joke is old doesn't detract from the hilarity of nostalgia.

    Thank you for making me make sense. You troll.
  11. Now that's something to consider, does trying to be rational in the Asylum constitute as trolling? If so, what are the consequences of said actions? Can moderate emotions of empathy and comradery also work in this fashion?
  12. You... You're ruining my life! Stop making head-hurty!!!

  13. I actually have a picture of Jack on my computer...So, who wants to see it?
  14. I remember when Jack Shade first joined Iwaku... Wow I feel old. But oddly, for once... in a good way...