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  1. Everyone's complaining about April Fools and all the pranks, but really, I don't mind them. In fact, I just got one on Facebook from Stephen King's newsfeed.


    I actually thought it was pretty clever, and laughed once I realized it was a joke.

    Anyone else buy into a prank? (Outside the Iwakunet thing!)
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  2. not yet. you are all welcome to try, tho
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  3. I just assume everything on the internet today is an asshole snake being all, "Eeeey grl, wanna bite my apple? ;D Shit's tight and prevents cavities."
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  4. Not me! 8D I never get got on April fools.

    Only the rest of the year. t____t

    It's still early though. >>;
  5. not me. today is my mother's birthday and since I was about 10 or so we (my family) stopped pulling gags on one another.
  6. Not yet. Been too busy studying to even allow anyone to try or even attempt to pull a prank myself.
  7. My manfriend said there was something on my shirt. I looked down, saw nothing, and got my nose flicked. o:

    I felt like a silly foo' for falling for it.
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  8. I haven't yet, but I'm enjoying everyone else getting got xD.
  9. So far the Stephen King one is the only one that's gotten me. But, that's because I was hoping it was true. :(
  10. O.o you know, that would be an awesome episode if it had been true.
  11. I know, right? I was doing a little happy dance....then I remembered it was April Fools. :( Way to get my hopes up.

    But, on a positive note, they're in Bangor, Maine looking for locations to shoot the It remake, so there's that to look forward to still.
  12. Nahhh, I never fall for these things. As soon as I realize it's April 1st I assume anything like announcements and updates and things are shenanigans, so it's kind of hard to actually fool me in that way.

    Physical pranks in real life could probably screw with me some, but it hasn't happened so far today.
  13. My favorite show that was not renewed announced a season 3.

    It was cruel.
  14. I thought it was cute. :P
  15. I had a pretty good chuckle about the submissive loot portion.
  16. Same, I get to sit back and enjoy all the fun tricks people come up with.

    Though my brother said something really stupid this morning, assuming he was trying to April Fools me I just ignored him. Turns out he really did go off to the park after already being late for school, and I had to run after him.
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