Whoo! Partners! (Trying out all pairings, M/F, F/F, M/M)

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  1. Hello there, and thank you for looking at this thread!

    I'm on the search for partners again.
    I'm looking to do all types of pairings, both fandom and original.
    I usually do male/female pairings, but I'm trying to open up and do female/female and male/male as well.
    (Just to warn you, I don't play males a lot, so they're probably not great.)

    In male/female, I always prefer to play the female!
    If we do any fandoms, I only do canon/oc.
    (I will play the oc originally, though I have no issues doubling as a canon for your own oc as well.)

    So, a little bit about me!

    I'm twenty one, and I live in Washington. I'm usually on anywhere from 1pm-5pm, until around 12am-5am.
    I try to reply at the very least, once every day.
    Sometimes, I take a few days off from replying, due to my life being hectic, and needing a mental health break for myself.

    My requirements for a partner are-

    -Please be able to reply at least once a day, every day.-
    -If you're unable to reply for a few days, that's okay! Just let me know, please! Same if you want to quit. I don't like being left hanging. Please send me a PM if you want to quit the rp.-
    -Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as third person.-

    As for length, I honestly don't care how long it is, as long as it keeps the role play going.
    (Unless I write like 5 paragraphs, and you reply with one or less...)

    Also, if you want any type of sexual themes, be at least 18!
    And no one younger than 16 for sure.

    Alrighty then! So, let's start!


    Harry Potter
    Percy Jackson
    Dragon Age
    Persona 3 & 4
    Lord of the Rings
    The Hobbit
    Life is Strange
    Beauty and the Beast
    Life is Strange
    Phantom of the Opera
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Fruits Basket
    Death Note
    FMA: Brotherhood

    (I'm sure there are others. I love Disney and horror movies, as well as musicals and all types of games and anime.
    Just ask!)

    Original ideas

    Forbidden Love
    Historical Romance
    Best friends fall for each other
    MtF transgender/Male
    Mob boss/Woman caught in crossfire
    Exchange Student/Exchange family kid
    Boarding school
    All girls school

    And if you have any ideas, I'm all ears!
  2. Hey there! I wouldn't mind rping with you, Artist/Muse and Ghost/Human both sound rather appealing to me~
  3. Awesome! Can you PM me, please?
  4. Bump. Still looking.
  5. I'd love to roleplay with you
  6. Awesome. Can you PM me please?
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Not open for further replies.