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    "So, you're not allowed to invite any of those guys from Beta, because I know how they are. They're stupid, and loud, and obnoxious, and just...and they all smell bad, you know? Like football guys do when they get done a game and don't take showers..." It was a bad idea to let the sentence trail off into a wistful thought about the smell of the football squad, but that was just Pepper's way of being Pepper. Never staying on the right track. Always being lead in so many different directions by so many people, not giving a hoot about who she left behind. A weakness and a plus though it may have been, she was bound to eventually pull her mind back to the topic at hand, which was handing out the invitations.

    Tucked neatly under her arm were pink and white invitations, red embroidered around the cards to make the font stand out. In the center of the white card read, "Cordially Invited" in an Olde English Script. The cards had cost her easily 32 bucks to make, but that was nothing. Money was never a problem. That's what she learned living up in the Oritcott Mansion with her cousin and sister. Swinging up her brown hair that was messily tangled into a yellow headband, she shoved her cousin John, waving a card at him.

    "'Member when you said you wanted to put Oricott Party on the front of the cards? That would have scared people off! You had to make it look nice if you wanted people to come to the house. nice and pretty, like I did~"she cooed, waving the card a bit more into his face as if he didn't see it. The bell signaling lunch time rung in the hallways that John and Pepper stood, and immediately, the ground began to rumble with the footsteps of hundreds of kids preparing to leave their class rooms. John and Pepper took off of school that day just to prepare for the party. They were nearly done. The last and probably hardest thing to do was to hand out the invitations without their friends running away like dogs with their tails in between their legs. Pepper chewed her tiny pink bottom lip, nudging her cousin in the shoulder.

    "Good luck..."she said before the first door opened and the swarm of students fled out of every door in the hall. Pepper caught one of her friends by the arm, pulling their sleeve gently before giving them a large, innocent smile.

    "Hey! My party, remember! Still wanna come?"she asked, holding the card out to their face.

  2. "Wasn't going to invite them regardless if you told me or not..Buncha meat-heads if you ask me." Folding his arms as he recalled how the guys were. True bullies and did really smell like a herd of buffalo. John was very short with his opinions because he would end up ranting about people all day. It's not that he despised people, just some of them really irked him. Most of the time though, John was pretty relaxed about things and was really excited for this upcoming party they were holding.

    Laughing a bit, as he gently moved the card out of his face.
    "Thought it would be more impacting..But yours are much prettier. You up me there, Pepper." John nodded in defeat, her creativity was much wider than his own, he just wanted to get a simple message across. As he heard the bell sound off, he knew this would be tough but surely some folks would come and all the work they put into this won't be for nothing. "Yeah, you too.." Nodding back at Pepper, then waited for some of the guys he knew to pass by so he could walk with them and bring up the party in a casual conversation.

    "Yo guys, didn't forget what I mentioned about that party my cousin and I are still holding did you?"

    Percy Graves was back at the Oricott mansion making sure everything the masters had asked for was there and in check. "Hrmm...The decorations are in place." He muttered to himself as he scanned the entire room in a radar like fashion. When he took a step forward, his foot slipped on a roll of streamers, causing him to lose his balance and fall on his back. Graves shut his eyes tightly, muttering every swear word he could possibly think of as he looked up at the ceiling. "This party will be the death of me. I just know it." Carefully he turned over on his side and placed his hands on the floor, pushing himself up onto his knees then rising up to his feet.

    "Can't believe I have to work this wonderful occasion when I could be at home reading my favorite book." Graves held his hands up in the air, as if he was cheering to be here for the party when he was already miserable just thinking about it. He just wanted to enjoy his day off by reading his book, and eating a peaceful meal for one that night, but no..He was called in to work this blasted party, with these blasted kids. All the kids he was going to possibly have to serve, the abuse he would have to take from them. It made him twitch a little bit. He would just have to hope on not many people showing up. A few people would be alright. "I might need to purchase some booze before the night is done..."
  3. Lunic poked his head out of the guys bathroom. He was alittle worried to step into the hallway. He didn't feel like getting picked on again for having the face of a girl. His mother absolutely loved it. "Your so cute honey," her voice echoed in his head as he stepped out and began to walk down the hallway. His slik like black hair didn't help, neither did his long thick eyelashes. But his mom always preached that he should be grateful. His father apparently, had the face of a peeled apart grilled cheese sandwich. He saw John and Pepper that was their names right? He couldn't remember he had to get past them to get to his next class. Lunic didn't dislike them but his mom had always warned him about the mansion they lived in. She said they all had to be completely nuts to live inside its walls. He tried to go around them both noticing that they both were sort of awkwardly handing out cards. Valentines Day isn't until Febuary, he thought to himself.
  4. Valora Baudouin fluffed her floral skirt and adjusted her headband. As usual, she looked perfect. Her light brown, almost blonde curls arranged in precise ringlets around her face. People often teased her about her unusual clothes, but she didn't mind. She loved old-fashioned and antique things. In fact, the Orticott manor house intrigued her greatly. Secretly she wished she could visit that house, but no one ever went there. Holly Hill was avoided by everyone, and had been for the last fifty years or so. Rumor had it that it was haunted. Of course, that was just ridiculous. Even if it were true, it just made the house even more interesting.

    She finally closed her locker after examining herself in the mirror one last time. When she turned around, she noticed the Orticott girl, Penny? No... Pepper. They'd never really spoken even though they were in the same class. What were they doing? Were those... invitations?! Were they really having people over to that glorious house? She started working her way towards Pepper, trying to hide her excitement.
  5. "Thanks again thanks again thanks again!" Pepper exclaimed, standing on her tippy-toes to wave her friend off after they grabbed one of her invitations with the 'yes' that they would be there. Boy, was her hear running 100 miles a minute! Her very first invitation was accepted, that mean that at least one person would be attending her party tonight at 7:15! One person in the Orticott Mansion that wasn't either an Oritcott or Percy was one too many! Never before had anyone of her friends, or any other person for that matter, come to her house! She tried to hide the giddy smile on her face, but a nudge by John knocked her off focus. Stupid John! Forever ruining her train of thought!

    "What do you want? I'm trying to hand out..." Her voice trailed off when she saw a beautiful girl with long, luxurious brown curls stride through the hallway. Stride was the wrong word. Glided was more like it. Valora Baudouin, Holly High's 'beauty queen in a movie scene'. Pepper forced away the nudge she was meaning to send to John's shoulder and stood straight, squaring her back. She had to look calm, like she wasn't afraid out of her mind. Which wasn't true. Pepper was vibrating in fear and anticipation so bad that the invitations wedged under her arm trembled, a couple threatening to squeeze out of her grasp. Valora was still walking straight towards her and she couldn't have been happier to have her cousin there with her....until he suddenly disappeared.

    "...John?" Breaking her eyes away from Valora, Pepper looked left and right, trying to catch her brother's navy blue shirt through the throng of people, but no luck. He just...vanished into thin air! Gulping up a sour bile that caught in her throat, Pepper was forced to look back ahead of her, Valora already dangerously close to her.

    "Ah!"she yelped in surprise, sending the invitations going everywhere. On time, the hallway burst out in laughter at the poor girl's mistake, as is high school some times. Why laugh at jokes when you could laugh at someone's mistakes? Pepper's face was beat with a red blush while she knelt down to grab some of the cards that had not gotten damaged from a couple of student's footprints. He looked up and blew a messy brown strand of hair from her eye, smiling at Valora who knelt to help her pick up the mess.

    "I promise I'm not like this all the time! ...Least I hope I'm not gonna be tonight at 7:15. Speaking of that...you coming, Val?"she asked, smiling innocently, wondering if she would say heck no because it was at her mansion.

  6. John managed to get a few cards out, but not very many Least some was better than none, very rarely did they ever get visitors at home, and when they did it ended up with events turning out pretty bad. Guess the people who didn't take the cards knew about their mansion or they just didn't care. He grunted a bit as he still tried, not giving up nor wanting to be disappointed. His eyes were darting from person to person, trying to see which people would be possibly interested and the others who would just spread rumors and gossip. John hated gossip about himself, it was never true anyway. He groaned and continued trying anyway.

    Through the crowd of people he managed to catch eye of Lunic who was leaving the bathroom. He knew Lunic from class and was a pretty relaxed too, his parents were a bit skeptical about Oricott's though. John waited a few moments, leaving Pepper to continue giving out her set of cards; she seemed to be doing fine anyway, then headed over to Lunic.
    "Hey man." Calling out, part of him felt like he was trying to avoid them., but the other part was like screw it and try anyway, worse he can say is 'No' and walk off. "You up to coming to a party we're holding? There will be food and games of sort. Whatdya say? Consider it?" Handing a card in Lunic's direction, then looking back over to where he left Pepper seeing that she was talking to one of the girls. He would join her again shortly but perhaps he could catch a few more people out here.
  7. Valora wove through the crowd, flashing her winning smile to those that caught her eye, but her focus was on the nervous girl ahead of her. She saw her older brother, John if she remembered correctly, nudge her then walk off. She watched with amusement as Pepper tensed up, then dropped her cards all over the floor. She decided to help pick them up, which allowed her to confirm: These were definitely invitations. And she was going to get one, no matter what it took.

    Surprisingly, it was very easy. She'd always heard that the Orticotts were secretive and didn't ever have people over, but Pepper just came out and asked if she would go. "Are you kidding?" Valora asked, with a sparkle in her eye, "A party? At your house?" she watched Pepper's face fall with disappointment. She clearly thought this was a rejection.

    "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

    She took one of the cards, admiring the detailing and the beautifully written text. The look on Pepper's face when she accepted was priceless. It felt good to make Pepper so happy, and even better to have a chance to see that amazing Orticott mansion.

    "By the way,"she added, picking up more cards, "What's this 'Val' business? We barely know each other." She watched Pepper's face turn red from embarrassment. "I'm just teasing. You shouldn't take people's jokes so seriously."

    She gathered the small stack of cards she'd collected and stood up.
    "Here, I think this is all of them." She started to hand them back. "Actually... would you mind if I gave some to my friends? I think they'd have fun at your party too." And without waiting for an answer, she took the cards and went on her way. She was already planning in her head what she'd wear and who'd she give the invitations to. This was going to be a night to remember!

  8. Stopping as John approached him, Lunic took the invitation, "It's John right?" He questioned, taking the invitation he remember what his mom was wanting to do that night. Looking around he spotted the Pepper girl. Who would name their daughter Pepper? This random thought crossed his mind. He didn't really want to go home his mom seemed to be getting alittle carried away with his femine looks. "yeah my mom wanted to" his glazed shifted downwards. "Yeah i'll come," he replied taking the invitation. He smiled alittle as he read the invitation.
  9. "A party? At your house?"

    "I-I...was j-just...just..." Oh, there it was. The insufferable stuttering spree she always went into when she didn't have any words to say. It didn't help that she was talking to Valora Baudouin, considered to be one of the most popular girls at the school. Her name got around faster than the flu, and she didn't even participate in a lot of groups or extracurricular activities like Pepper did! Valora was just Valora, and she was popular for it. Pepper said a few more nonsense words before Valora burst in a giggle, making Pepper's heart drop. A weight was lifted when she realized the girl was merely playing a joke on her.

    "You gotta stop that! I thought you were super serious!"she joked, swatting at Valora's hands playfully with one of her invitations. The two of them began kidding around some more, Valora making Pepper nearly drop her heart again at another one of her jokes, but it became clear in time just as the first one. One look at her and Pepper knew she was going to have quite the time with her. The Oritcott Mansion definitely had something in store tonight! Pepper gave Valora another smack with her cards as the two finally stood, walking down the length of the hallway together. Even though her eyes were open for her cousin, she still couldn't see him. It spooked her how he could just leave all of a sudden without a word of goodbye. John was never the type to lea--

    "Actually... would you mind if I gave some to my friends? I think they'd have fun at your party too." Pepper's eyes widened as she shivered in excitement inside her jacket, clapping her frees hands together.

    "Yes, I'd like nothing more for you to take them and give them to your..." Her sentence drawled off when Valora just...walked away from her. "...friends." Pepper blinked twice, standing in the hallway with an odd blink before shrugging happily, grabbing her things and walking out of the school, trying her best not to skip in joy! Hopefully John was waiting for her outside! If not...she was going to have a serious problem.

  10. "Yeah, it's John..." That was a bit of a disappointment, Lunic didn't even remember his name. Yet, it was like they talked a lot, they just knew each from one class. They spoke about little things like what the answers were for the homework assigned that night, or a popular thing that was currently viral. None the less it seemed like he had Lunic's interest. A smile formed as he nodded in accomplishment. He got someone to come and it felt great. Their party was going to be a hit..Yeah! It was going to the best, which pumped John up with more confidence and energy. "Alright! Awesome! And hey..If you got other people you think would be interested..Invite them too! The more the better!" John looked over to Pepper, then back to Lunic. "Anyway, I gotta run..Stuff to do before tonight..See ya then!"

    John had to return to Pepper. She probably landed some people as well, but he didn't honestly think he would and was excited to tell her about it. He saw her and dashed over to her, lightly tapping her on the shoulder.
    "Hey! I got one of the guys I went to class with to come..Hopefully he'll bring friends." John looked to the clock and the back to his cousin. He couldn't wait to get home and get everything set up for the party. "I'm even more excited for this now, Pepper!"

    "BAH! The blasted Party will be starting soon.." Graves yelled to himself. He began rubbing his face in circles clearly irritated even more so. It was going to be a long night, and he already hated kids. He wasn't even that fond of the Orticotts. Forced to serve them for years on end, with no signs of gratitude just more tasks and more years of abuse. Graves was sick of it and he was..."That's...it!" His expression just changed completely as did his entire thought process. Graves knew exactly what to do. "I'm going to make sure this a party..They remember for as long..as..they...Live.." Laughing quietly then louder and so loud it eventually bounced off the walls of the mansion. Graves had to prepare one final task for the party of a lifetime.
  11. Valora spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about the party. Of course, she'd handed out all the invitations Pepper had been so kind to give her. It was hard to even keep her own! "They're so dumb, you know," she thought to herself. "If they take my invitation, their 'best friend,' won't be at that party."

    "Valora's gonna be at the party?!" "I have to get an invitation!" "Hey Valora, we're friends, right?" They rattled on and on until she was out of invitations, which were dispersed in no time flat. In fact, she wasn't even entirely sure just who exactly she'd invited... Oh well, it couldn't be that bad. She'd remember if she'd given someone she didn't like an invitation. All that was left to do was to get home and get dressed for the party, she already had in mind exactly what she'd wear. It was specially ordered but just sitting in her closet for the longest time.

    On her way out of the building, she bumped into a boy with a pretty face.
    "Huh," she mused, half to herself and half to the boy. "I don't think I know your name, and I know everyone's name. So... what is it?" It was then that she noticed the lovely pink and white card clutched in his hand. "Oh, you were invited too? I guess that means we'll have time to get to know each other better. I'm Valora, by the way." She held out her hand expectantly to the boy beside her.
  12. Lunic smiled, he didn't have anyone to invite but he wasn't going to tell John. This party interested him, he hadn't ever been invited to someone's house maybe the Orticott's weren't as everyone said. As John left to go check on his cousin Lunic felt abit out of place. He had done it again forgotten someone's name. He wasn't good with names very much. He hoped John hadn't thought anything of it. As the day went by and throughout his classes alot of people were talking about the party some were excited and considering going. There were also those who said the party would be a bust, it was amusing to Lunic that some people could be so short sighted.

    After school had been let out he was sort of got stopped by Valora her name had been drilled into his head. Alot of the buzz around school had been that she helped hand out the invitations to the party. He turned away, "Yeah my name is Lunic," His eyes drifted over her hair that seemed like it had taken hours to do. He could see his mom trying something like that on him. Taking her hand he shook it gently his hand wasn't any bigger than hers. This realization made him wish he had inherited all of his father's genetics, regardless of the butterface his mom always went on about. Talking to Valora was making him nervous. Just like it did with all girls, " I'll be there after school I have to go let my mom know first and get some clothes. I guess I'll see you there?" he replied hoping he could easily retreat away.
  13. "Don't touch that, sweet pea."

    "Why not? Is it gonna hurt me?"

    "No, darling. You know that I won't let anything hurt you,"he answered back lovingly. It was a familiar feeling and sound. It made Valorie smile, even though the pout still lay on her lips when she looked at the pan before her. There was a clear steam that rolled off of the pillar of dark brown that were inflated brownies. The aroma wrapped with it was mostly the reason little Valorie wanted to touch the pan. It wasn't as if she didn't know what heat was. Her father really did treat her like she was so ridiculously dumb.

    She'd show him.

    "So, why can't I touch it? Is it 'cause it's not ready yet?"she asked, toying with the man some more. She leaned forward, her pony tail that was wrapped to the right side of her hair falling on the same shoulder. There was a sparkling pink ball wound around the tie. She knew that when Pepper got home, her older sister would make her take it off and do something else to herself. There was supposed to be that party tonight and Pepper didn't want Valorie to look like Valorie was: a younger sister.

    "Yes, darling,"came the glazed answer of her father, Daddy Duran. Tonight, he wasn't looking well. The black tux was still as spotless as ever, the tie tightening too hard around his neck, making him seem like he was trying to choke himself. That was the norm. The unnatural thing was that he barely looked at Valorie. The words were still laced with adorn, but what were they without his eyes on her. For the umpteenth time, Valorie pouted her pretty little lips and watched the pan with him.

    The two of them stood there in the kitchen for 45 minutes.

    "AAAHHH!" The little invitations that she had managed to hold on to had smashed into her chest when John snuck behind her, tapping her on the shoulder. Normally, Pepper would shrug greetings like those off with an annoyed lift of her brow, but that day, she was off. Everything was putting her own edge: mind and matter. It must have been the party and the anticipation that came with it. Whatever the case had been, Pepper was going to see that it vanished. There was no way she was going to act like a little spazz at that party if she could help it. So, with a practiced inhale, Pepper swallowed down her next shout and faced her cousin.

    "Good. Then you can answer the door every time it rings." She knew he was going to give her the, 'But that's what Percy is for!' attitude like he already did, so she held her hand up before he did. "Because Percy will be busy with the food and taking care of Val. So, get those excited gears running." With a last winking smile, Pepper nudged John towards their green pick up truck, her heart swelling in excitement. Only 4 more hours before people actually got to see her for who she was! Maybe after the party...she'd get more friends? Maybe even a boyfriend?

    Pepper scoffed at herself when she slept into the passenger seat of the truck. John liked to drive from school but not to school. Weirdo.

    "Hurry up! I have to do Val's hair before the party starts!" Saying the word 'Val' made her stop, remembering the stunning smile Valora had given her in the hallway. How ironic that she and her sister had similar names. Pepper chewed over the thought of Valora being in her house and simply inhaled excitedly. Whatever happened, happened!

  14. "Sorry bout that, Pepper.
    " John knew she was startled and annoyed by that kind of greeting, but his face would surely shrug it off her own annoyance. This was a big deal for the two of them. The party was drawing nearer and nearer. He's gotta get home and take a shower! And actually look more decent than he does now. John was a simple man when it came to clothing, wear what he feels like if people didn't like they could shove off. But this night he should probably look a bit more cool and noticeable. Yeah, that sounded like a plan.

    "But...But.." Damn it, Pepper beat him to saying Percy would do it. Surely, Percy wouldn't be busy all of the time! Sure Val was young, but she wasn't completely helpless. About to open his mouth to argue with her, he stopped and remembered that he was excited for it and wouldn't mind greeting the guests. Yeah! Before his thought interrupted by Pepper's gesture to the truck. Yep, it was about that time for them to head out. Last minute preparations had to be made! His mind was already picturing how this night would go.

    "I'm going..I'm going...Truck can only start up so quick." Putting the keys into the ignition and then turning the key, the truck sprung to life. John waited a few moments before pulling from parked to reverse. This part always go him, he was waiting for some moron to rear-end the truck some day..It didn't happen yet..BUT! Someday it was bound to happen, none of these morons know how to drive, and it is even worse in the morning, which is why he never drove to school. He pulled out of the lot and headed on home to the mansion as quickly as he could.
  15. Lunic left the school walking home, the whole time he was trying to find the best explaination to give his mother. He didn't want to be truthful she would forbid him. How was he to lie? Maybe he could sneak out, by the time he got home he was no where near having a plan to getting around his mother. Walking through the door he went straight up to his room followed by taking a shower to think alittle more.

    When he got out, he dressed and went downstairs. "Hey mom, I have a question," He said slightly nervous. His mother turned from her assortment of wigs she had been deciding to turn on him. He turned away, blushing at the really long black one she was holding. "Well ask away hun," She replied. "Well I think I found a friend today and he invited me over to his house tonight." She looked over her shoulder, "I don't ever hear you use the word friend, is he nice, sweet, handsome?" "MOM! I am a boy remember, I am not interested is other guys." Lunic stomped his feet in embarassment and horror." She turned to him her eyes were wide. "Oh hun I'm sorry, I...." she quickly hugged him. "He turned away, "It's ok I tend to take second glances in the mirror sometimes I look..." he stopped himself. "Anyways can I go, Please?"

    His mother frowned, "But I was wanting to try out these.....Yes you can go. Just make sure if his tries anything be a boy and not let him. Just because you don't like guys doesn't mean he is bringing you over to be guy friends." Lunic's face went pale and he ran upstairs before she could say anything else.
  16. Valora was excited to get home and ready for the party. She could hardly stop thinking about it during the bus ride. So of course the first thing she did when she got home was to run into the house and shout "I've been invited to a party!" Her mother, who knew of Valora's popularity at school, barely glanced up from her book.
    "What about it? You get invited to parties all the time," she said, almost sounding bored.
    "Yeah, but this time it's at the Orticott Mansion!"Her mother froze. She slowly looked up from her book. "Where?"
    "The... Orticott Mansion?" Valora was nervous. This had never happened before. Usually it was just "Where are you going? OK, see you later/tomorrow." But this time, her mother looked serious.
    "I don't want you going there, Valora. I've heard bad things. Very bad things about that place. You're not going."

    "No buts. That's final."

    Valora returned to her room, dumbstruck and broken hearted. How could she just say 'no' like that? It wasn't fair. That's when she hatched her plan. She would sneak out. She had no intention of missing that party, and she would make sure that she was there.