Whoever Sleeps First - OOC OF HORROR!

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    Pepper Orticott is hosting a sleep over for the first time ever. Odd, seeing as though she is the daughter of the the prestigious Duran Orticott, owner of the mansion in Holly Heights. The mansion sits atop the precipice of Holly Hill, a hill no one has dared to set foot upon. The landscape used to be home to a battle ground, but when the Orticott bought the land out, nothing is left of the battle ground except for one mansion. The mansion was once a house to clean the wounded of the civil soldiers, but the Orticott's sought to rid the mansion of the hushed whispers of the long dead. A family spawned there, each and every Orticott being brought up between the walls of the mansion. As the years passed, family members married, graduated, or left the mansion. Half a century passed before the new Orticott family presided in the house: Duran Orticott, Pepper Orticott, his oldest daughter, Valerie Orticott, the 7 year old, John Orticott, the first
    cousin, and the butler, Percy Graves.

    Pepper and John never wanted people over for a reason. One, no one wanted pass Holly Heights in their cars let only go to the mansion sitting on the hill. It was never refurbished, so it still held the same ancient look it did decades ago. Pepper had friends in school, but only to a certain extent. Once they found out her surname, they shuddered away in fear. Of course, typical high schoolers always thought the mansion was haunted or something. Isn't that what they all think? Pepper and John, finally having enough of being shunned from parties, groups, and meetings, finally decided to prove to everyone that the Orticott Mansion on Holly Hill was nothing more than a normal, antique mansion.

    A house party was the perfect way to prove it!

    Pepper and John gather their closest friends to come over after school on a Friday and sleep over! Girls and boys alike would come to the mansion doing the everyday boy and girl thing! Pranks, nails, hair, scary stories, gossip, and even a nerd doing homework! There's nothing like a party to loosen up everyone's fear about something silly like the mansion being haunted! That's just movie stuff! The Orticott Mansion could always use more people in it anyway!

    Too bad Percy Graves was called in on his night off to help host the party.


    Percy never was a children person...




    • [*=left]Respecting the GM's authority to control any player's actions, words, or situations. So if they say you're nailed to the floor, then you're nailed to the floor. Your GMs for this RP will be Iliana (Main GM) and Juku (Co-GM).
      [*=left]Respecting your fellow players. We're going to have members, both new and old joining and they may not be the best of writers yet. Don't pester them with remarks or teach them. This is supposed to be so they can have fun and enjoy RPing, not have their writing criticized.
      [*=left]DO NOT SPAM THE RP WITH OOC COMMENTS. You writing a post, and a post doesn't involve ((Sorry my cat was on fire.)) That's OOC. If you have questions about something, toss them in this thread!
      [*=left]If you're playing more than one character, make it noticeable. We'll have people playing more than one characters, so a good way to avoid confusion is using different colored text and pictures.
      [*=left]If you have ideas for the plot, message one of the GM's! It always awesome to get new ideas >:]
      [*=left]Enjoy yourself! Seriously, have fun and enjoy the story. Lots of scary shit going down.
      [*=left]This jump in does not require character sheets!

    Wanna show us your character? Questions and comments about the plot? Throw it all here!
  2. Will it starts slow or jump right in into the horror?
  3. It'll definitely start slow!

    It starts off at the high school, planning people for the party! From there, you can get an accurate description of Pepper, John, Percy, and Valerie! You can also easily make friends BEFORE the party so you wont be standing around a punch bowl like

  4. Im so in!!!!!
  5. Cool! It starts tonight! :D
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  7. You're fine! :D

    I am going to enjoy scaring this one... >:3
  8. I'm scared already... ._.;