Whoever said split personalities weren't fun?

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  1. Hello. My name is Kibas Zeonis Excellion. Most people just call me Kibas. I've been out of rping for about 6-8 years now man. And I can't tell you..I thought that RPing forums kicked the bucket, but I was wrong! Yay! Seeing this forum and making a new account here brought back a flood of memories from when I was first introduced into RPing.

    Uh..a little bit about me self...let's see...hmm...I'm random as can be. And I've been a roleplayer since I was 13. I have tons of stories to tell. My life is random and I live fast. So if you ever want a good story, send me a message. I could go on for days about what I like and don't like etc., but you'll all find that out over time. Later!
  2. Finally! A person who's insane and random.

    *holds his hat*

    Gawd bless ya, Mistah Kibas. We an't 'ad naffin but sensibul folk till nah.

    This post will now be undermined, like so....
  3. Greetings and welcome to Iwaku. Please enjoy your stay.

  4. *hits Mr. Butterfly with the battle kettle*

    Ahem, anyways. Yeah yeah welcome and all that nonsense. Tell us what we really want to know though. What genre of RP are you looking to play in? What style of character do you enjoy the most? Actually, nevermind that silly stuff. Just jump into an RP and escape the welcome thread as quickly as possible. It can only end in tears if you stay. TEARS!

    *hits Butters again with the battle kettle*
  5. Welcome to the site.
  6. Stupid all win scenarios...

    Welcome to the Iwaku Kibas, I'm Pirogeth, or Piro for short. I am here and there on the site so maybe you'll catch me in an RP. People here are a nice mix of insane nuts and reasonable raisins. So let's enjoy the trail (mix) and hope you enjoy the stay.
  7. I usually do fantasy and sci fi.