Whodunnit? Anyone?

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  1. Do you remember that show (like last year) called Whodunnit? I do! I loved it and it gave me an awesome idea. Why not do a roleplay version of it. I've already done this twice (that were 100% completed without any members needing to drop out) before so it does work and it's honestly fun to do. So let's have some fun and have a murder mystery with a prize!

    Got your attention? Good, like it says above I wanna do a Whodunnit? roleplay. Don't know what this is? Then Read on:

    A group of people are brought to a mansion but the owner isn't there. Instead all there is are the staff members and a butler. You are informed that you will be staying there until the Owner comes back from a business trip or something like that. Over time people are killed off and you are told that one of the fellow people (who you don't know) with you in the mansion is the one killing people off. It is your job to try figuring out how the murders were done and try guessing who the killer is. The main goal is to try to impress the killer, thus making them want to keep you alive longer. This is a sort of reality show thing and it's a game for money. Get to the end and discover the killer or be the killer and kill everyone to get a price. Of course everyone knows they don't really die, but it's like they are eliminated from the game if they are "killed".

    My idea is sort of a Season 2 type thing (I don't know if there is a Season 2). It's just the same as the show but there are different characters and it will be at a different mansion. Also rather then only 12 people taking part there will be 16 (you'll understand in a moment). You might be wondering why 16, well here is the reason. I am only accepting 5 people. Each person who applies MUST have 3 characters. This will make it so there are 15 members in the game. I will be playing the Butler and one member in the game, hence the 16. My character will be the killer since it's easier that way. I will be able to handle the messy murder scenes and so on. Truat me, you don't want to have my job x.x Being the Killer is actually the boring part, I'm the one who needs to do research, put clues together and so on. I've found people like playing the contestants much more. Though I'm always open to suggestions and help!

    Before I get into more details there are some rules I want to get out of the way, and also the CSs I'd like you to use.
    Rules (open)

    1) Maximum and minimum of 3 characters. No more no less. You must have 3 and only 3. This will not change. It works the best and is the most fair over all.

    2) Characters CANNOT know everything. They must be unsure of things or not know some details. Mine will not say he knows everything and will purposely leave out details. Also when I give clues in the Murder Post you must follow the Clue Rule. I'll explain more later on after Rules and the Character Sheet Layout.

    3) Characters can suspect my character as the killer but MUST have doubts. Also I will not abuse the fact that my will be the killer. He will seem to be missing pieces to come off as the same.

    4) DO NOT make a character visually witness the murder as it takes place. This means they cannot be in the same room or have sight of the murder. Hearing the murder and coming in AFTER it's been "committed" is allowed though.

    5) All Characters chosen as a victim MUST die and all control after the death scene (done by me as a"cut scene" "murder scene" or information scene) will be as None Character Posts. Meaning once the murder is decided said character is no longer playable.

    6) If you would like a certain character to be the next victim you MUST GIVE REASONS. I will not kill them next if you simply say "I want so and so dead next please." You need to tell me why you think they should die next. Also everyone must give the okay for them to be killed. I will also tell everyone my idea of the next "victim".

    7) Do not ask for me to kill a character if one of yours has already been killed while someone still has 3 in the game. (See the section after Rules and CSs for explanation)

    8) Try not to have characters know each other. This means no friends, brothers and sisters and so on. If you really want to though, discus it with me privately.

    9) Please do not argue with me about things If you do not agree with what is going on just message me, don't yell or be rude. I wont reply. Also you will be kicked if you are rude to other members of the roleplay.

    10) And of course, NO GODMODDING

    Character Sheet Layout (open)

    Name: Full Name
    Nickname: What they like to be called

    Age: Must be over 20 but under 50

    Appearance: this can be an kind of thing you want to use. Be it RL, anime, description, ect.

    Reason For Coming Onto The Show: Why did they apply to get onto the show? Was it for a thrill or was it to try winning the cash prize?

    Interesting Fact And/Or Trait: This is mainly for something you think the Killer should be told about each character. It will help in his decisions. Maximum of 2 facts. Isn't needed however.

    Likes: This will also be told to the Killer. It will help in his choice of murder methods. Maximum of 3 likes. Isn't needed.

    Dislikes: Once again, told to the Killer. Also will help in murder methods. Maximum of 3. Isn't needed.

    Personality: What are they like? How well do they get along with other people? Are they social or shy? Do they interact with things around them?

    Bio/Other: Anything else you want to add that doesn't fit above goes here. Try to avoid length backgrounds though.

    Since this is a game and there will only be 5 members with 3 characters (not including myself of course) only one of your characters may be killed at a time. Basically, it will go like this... Each person will have one character be killed until EVERYONE only has two left. Once this happens the cycle will start again, but not in the same order. Once everyone only has one character left it will be the final round in the game. The game will end when there is only one character left. We can decide as a group if one character finds out, or if it's the killer who wins. However, unlike the show if a character makes it to the final 6 they will get something. Be it cash or something else. What is up to you to decide once your character is done playing. But they must be killed to get this, if they win they get the money.

    Now, when it comes to how the crimes will happen, let me try to explain. I will Private Message you and I will state who I think (out of your characters) should be the next victim. I will ask if you agree and I will give my reasons for picking them. If we both agree YOU will HELP me plan out the death. No one can die a certain way if it's already been done to another character. Once it is decided on who and how, I will post an Information Post. This will not be as my characters (Killer and Butler), it will be a description of what happened, who the victim was and how they will be found.

    As for how the posting will go... This Roleplay will be a turn-based Roleplay of sort. This means you may not go unless it is your turn to post. It is like this to help keep things simply and easy to follow. How this will work is simple. There will be a random order everyone will post in. Member 1 posts, then Member 2, then 3 then 4 then 5, then finally 6. Once everyone has posted once it will go back to Member 1 and go again. This pattern will go until everyone has posted 4 times. Here is what each post will be:

    First Post: This will be your characters finding the victim and deciding who they want to explore with and where they want to explore.
    Second Post: This will be the actually exploring section and communicating with the other players. You can find clues or talk about clues in this post.
    Third Post: This is a reply to someone if they talk to your characters in post 2.
    Fourth Post: This is a reply to 3rd post and the completion of the section they are exploring
    Fifth Post: This will be at the dinner table and in the room where you explain (your character's thoughts, and they must have flaws) what they think happened and who they THINK is the killer.
    Sixth Post: This post will be by me, this will be the Information Post or Murder Post.

    If you have a question let me know here and I'll answer them for you to the best of my ability ^^ I hope this idea is interesting enough to get some people to join! I love the idea of a twisted TV version of Clue XD

    If enough people are interested I'll post my characters.