Who You Tell {FxM or MxM}

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  1. "I need to be broken," he said. "Only then will I be able to rebuild myself into a better person." The man who said this said it to the wrong person. No one could have guessed eighteen words would result in the abduction of a famed billionaire's son, a young man who had been so incredibly successful. The young man's success had come with a price: his humanity. The person on the end of those fateful words had twisted them into an invitation of sorts. That person knew from the moment those words met their ears that they would be the one to break the young man who had spoken them.

    So my character, Character A, told your character, Character B, the piece of dialogue at the beginning of the plot. Character B is A's personal assistant and has been for quite a while. Character B decides to give Character A what B thinks A wants; Character B plans to kidnap Character A and break him in every way.

    This is the character I'll be using:
    Name: Abraham Rutherford
    Age: 26
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Sexual Nature: Switch
    General Personality: Demanding, restless, determined, impatient, ambitious, clever and greedy.
    Bio: Growing up with impossible expectations set upon him by his parents, Abraham learned how to be the best at a young age. As Abraham got older, he stopped caring about all the lives he had destroyed in order to be the best. Abraham is often considered to be conceited. In truth, he hates himself and what he's become.​
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  2. I would love to do this... However, I don't know how to reach you in order to let you know.

    Ahahaha, just ignore me. I'm an idiot. >__>
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