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  1. "Sonya! Help me!" Aria said, her words echoing through the little spirits ears.
    The gigantic sand worm was getting close, his razor sharp teeth almost slicing through the young warrior's flesh.
    Two purple dots glowed on the woman's forehead before jumping out and clashing in front of her, forming an amazing white bow with a silk purple ribbon.
    The worm screeched and flung it's tail at the woman who just barley dodged.
    "Son of a gun!" Aria growled then made sudden hand movements, making three arrows appear in her hand. The beast lunged it's forehead at her, hoping to swallow her hole, but yet again she jumped but just barely.
    The monster watched as it's dinner jumped onto a tree then, leaping from it, bounced onto it's stomach, with that he tried to attack again but stopped when it felt a sharp sudden pain.
    Aria just stabbed the creature with her arrow, as the thing screeched the woman ran behind a giant rock. The arrow exploded, pieces of the thing rained everywhere as the woman stood there, her weapon dissapearing.

    Spirits were funny little creatures, they stay on Earth for one reason and one reason only, because they cannot find peace in what happened to them before they died...some do end up finding peace and moving on but when they cannot find it they are stuck until they do, which gives them plenty of time to so anything or at least some of them.
    Spirits are either weak or strong, if your a weak spirit then:

    1. You just stay there and watch people, not being able to contact them
    2. Slightly move small objects
    3. Relive every painful memory before you die

    If your a strong spirit then:

    1. You can move any object
    2. Help humans (which is good) or posess them (which is bad)

    If spirits help humans they must only choose one human to train them to fight spiritual beasts that hurts humans on the world of the living, the spirits only have one weapon and when their partner asks, they summon it for them, they can also speak to any human they want to.

    If you wish to join this role play please provide the information below:
    Name(First and Last):
    Age(has to be a teenager):

    This story is all about anime, so anime characters please! Oh and also the characters will be attending the same school Yokoshiro Academy! A beautiful school, which of course has dorms-boys on the left side and girls on the right!
    Name: Aria Gonzalez
    Age: 16
    Personality: When she was 14 Sonya had chosen her to help put any evil spirits to rest, giving her as well as any other person with her power to see any spirit. Aria is considerate, sarcastic, down to earth and a little funny.
    Bio: Aria's mother Susan Gonzalez died giving birth to her while her father is in prison for murdering 3 people, one a child. She is looked after by Susan's mother Ginger Gonzalez, who is a widow.