Who would you vote for the US presidency?

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Who do you want to be president of the US?

Poll closed Dec 2, 2016.
  1. Hillary Clinton

    8 vote(s)
  2. Donald Trump

    9 vote(s)
  3. Jill Stein

    2 vote(s)
  4. Gary Johnson

    7 vote(s)
  5. Bernie Sanders

    18 vote(s)
  6. Vermin Supreme

    4 vote(s)
  7. Deez Nuts

    3 vote(s)
  8. Giant Meteor 2016

    20 vote(s)
  9. Not voting for anyone, they all suck

    11 vote(s)
  10. Other

    7 vote(s)
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  1. Curious what everyone is thinking about. Personally don't think I would even vote for anyone if I was given the choice. Hillary sucks and Donald sucks and voting system sucks. But if I had to pick my poison I would pick Trump over Hillary after seeing the massive bias for her in MSM and even reddit.
  2. Instant runoff choices would be
    Jill Stein
    Hillary Clinton

    Since we dont' have instant runoff elections, and I have to pick 1, I vote Giant Meteor.

    Since Giant Meteor 2016 doesn't have enough signatures to be on the ballot in my state I'll be tossing my vote to Clinton (because Stein is a freaking weirdo anti-vaxxer and needs to get over that. The VAX was a great computer.)
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  3. You can vote for others. There's this other dude named Rocky.

    It's always best to vote no matter what, though. This way, you know you tried to make a change, and you can bitch about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton becoming president afterwards! That's what I plan on doing! 8D
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  4. Just curious, why Hillary? After considering all the scandals and extreme failure in regards to opsec, why would you ever willingly vote for her?
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  5. Oh boy, a political thread. Fair warning to all comers: I'm gonna be watching this thread closely, and if it devolves into a shitshow of political arguments I'm going to kill it with fire. Leave the shit-flinging to the politicians and news outlets. :|

    Now that that's out of the way, I would've voted for Bernie Sanders if he had won the primary. He wouldn't have been able to get most of his goals accomplished, but I would happily take 4 or 8 years of ineffectual idealism over the the crap on offer now.

    As it stands I'll probably just throw my vote at Hillary Clinton. Oregon is going to almost guaranteed go for her anyway, and for all her faults I'd rather have the person appointing new Supreme Court Justices be one who won't pick people who want to regress our civil rights back a few decades.
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  6. Personally, I'm encouraging every one I know to vote third party, any third party. Imagine if if the two major parties saw their percentages drop as all those votes went else where. I think they'd be forced to start making some changes..

    that, and I'm kinda starting to feel like our options are this . . .

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  7. If I had a real choice, Giant Meteor. Since there's no way in hell I want my vote going toward Trump, my only option is Clinton. I'm in a battleground state so I'm not taking any chances.
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  8. Can't speak for others but I'm aiming to be civil.

    And same here. Would have voted for Bernie if he won the primary.

    But I'll ask you the same question I asked the other guy: why Hillary? It's been shown she basically rigged the DNC primary for her to win through the leaked emails, she failed at opsec, she can't remember anything, and it's not like her appointing SC justices would be any better than Trump.

    @Nydanna: Same question I asked the others: why Hillary over Trump?
  9. Sorry, not going to get into a political discussion ^^
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  10. This made me laugh way too long.
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  11. Trump's tax policy will raise my tax rate by 2%. That might not seem like much, but considering that we need all the extra money that we can get, we honestly can't afford that. He's continuing the same tax breaks in place for the rich, and that has already been proven to do nothing in job creation. The rich are getting richer and only becoming greedier with their wealth. I won't even get into the penalties for single parent households.

    His environmental policies are a nightmare and will reduce the power of the EPA and allow factories to add more pollutants to the air. Not to mention his idea of pulling us out of the Paris agreement will only lead us to continue causing problems for the environment. Going back to using coal is also a bad idea. We need to move away from fossil fuels, not revert back to our reliance on them.

    His ideas on crime are ineffective and unconstitutional. Stop and frisk did not reduce crime and only pulled a small percentage of illegal guns off the street. The fact that it would target minorities specifically only makes it a sore point for communities that are already angry with how the police deal with them. Not only would the policy increase tensions, but it would endanger the police as well.

    Aside from that, his temperament is not one of a president. I would not trust that man near a baseball bat let alone nuclear weapons. He has no working knowledge of how the government works. He continues to say that Clinton could have changed things while she was a senator, but ignores that fact that she is only 1 senator, and one vote. If the majority does not agree, things can't get passed. He lies, all of the time, and it's on record. He claims he has no relationship with Putin in one statement when there's statements dating back months prior where he's having dinner with Putin. The fact that he's in contact with someone like Putin is nerve racking enough, without adding his admiration for the man along with Sadam and Kim Jung-un.

    Let's not forget his threat to imprison Hillary during the debates, which is what Nixon did to get impeached, and he thinks absolutely nothing of it. He continues to bring up Clinton's emails, but does not mention that 22 million emails were deleted during the Bush administration.

    He has threatened the first amendment, claiming that if he gets in office he will make it easier for people to sue journalists. He's threatened to confiscate guns in Chicago, and he wants to repeal marriage equality.

    So no, even if Trump wasn't a first class douche, I wouldn't vote for him. But since he is, it makes it a whole lot easier for me to cast my ballot for Clinton.
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  12. A lot of what you're saying could be applied to Clinton as well. She flip flops on everything that it's hard to tell what her true feelings are (along with her stating that she has both a 'public' and 'private' position on things). Her fainting on 9/11 doesn't look very good on her as well; she wants to assume one of the most demanding jobs in the world and faints on a fair day due to health related reasons? As for the Putin statement, he didn't know Putin personally was what he was saying.

    And yes, she would be in jail if Trump was in charge? I can see how that can be interpreted as a threat, but that's grasping at straws to me. Comey's statement stated that they DID find Hillary guilty of crime (but not intent) and that no "reasonable prosecutor" would prosecute her. But because she's a Clinton she got off scot free. "To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions. But that is not what we are deciding now."

    And seeing Hillary's track record and "experience" as SOS, I can't say she's competent either.

    As for the first amendment threat, I'll take that as valid since I don't feel like fact checking that now. But even if it were true, there is no way in hell he would get anything close to that passed in Congress. Along with gay marriage and the gun thing. No way in hell he would get those passed. It's just posturing.

    Trump's presidency at worst would be an ineffectual one. Hillary's would be continuation of the status quo and more money going to the 1%.
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  13. About the Putin thing, don't see how he lied about that; he doesn't have a personal relationship with Putin he just likes the dude a lot. And to say that everything he says can be disproven/disbunked is a bit of an exaggeration. I wholeheartedly agree with the Hillary is a criminal. But yeah, he won't get those things passed even if he wants to. Thanks for providing links though.
  14. This is either going to turn into a burning dumpster of a thread, or a liberal shitfest. Political threads are never a good idea.

    Anyway, Giant Meteor has my vote. The fraud and general bias surrounding Clinton scared me off ages ago, and I don't trust Trump any more than I trust my dog to come when I call.
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  15. And this would be why I'm encouraging people to vote third party . . .
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  16. I would choose Mike Valentine, the Man from Mars a la Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land.

    But barring a superior human being I'll settle for the only serious option, Hillary. Don't particularly trust her, but I think if you ever trust a politician you're an idiot. Their world is so full of double-dealings and having to sell some of your principles to realize others. Ridiculous. But I would rather have an unproductive Congress and a few media gaffs than Armageddon and countrywide bankruptcy.
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  17. I personally am feeling the Johnson.

    With that, I am out. O/
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  18. Trump is perhaps the dumbest possible candidate I've ever seen. The reasons for voting for him are perhaps the dumbest I've seen in a US Presidential Election... Ever. Even Bush Jr has more credibility for the office than Trump.
    • He's Beholden To Nobody: Because he is the top 1%. At this point, a vote for Trump is a vote for the puppet master instead of the puppet.
    • Anti-Establishment: The only reason he's anti-establishment is because he doesn't get more power in it. He's openly dodged and evaded paying taxes at every available opportunity and has admitted as such--he doesn't give a fuck about you. He gives a fuck about his wallet.
    • Anti-Globalization: Works great for North Korea, eh'?
    • The Wall: Let me give a list of reasons why this is dumb.
      • Maginot Line 2.0
      • Airplanes Exist
      • Shovels Exist
      • Overstaying Visas are a thing
      • Forcing another country to pay for your infrastructure is an Act of War
      • Both Oceans exist
      • The Canadian Border exists (they can simply fly to Canada and illegally cross there.)
      • Border Guards Are Corruptible (how the fuck do you think so many drug cartels operate with impunity? Aside from the private airplanes they use. You know, the ones entirely unaffected by the wall.)
    • Because Shillary Is More Corrupt: Oh, I'll grant you, Hillary is a crooked, corrupt piece of shit. If she's the first female president, she may end up doing so much damage to the idea that you won't have another for a hundred years. Trump is just as corrupt as Hillary is--he's just more blunt and blatant about it.
    • Because Businessman!: Sure. 42% is a passing mark in your world, maybe, but not mine.
    • Because I want to see the world burn: Okay. Go for it.
    I could not, in good conscience, vote for Trump. I thought about it, for a while. Between Hillary or Trump, he seemed like the more appealing candidate in a competition between two vile evils.

    That being said, I'd have only voted for him then because I thought he was a containable sort of stupid, whereas Hillary is not.

    His stupidity keeps escalating. He made Mike Pence his VP nominee--the same fucking moron who defunded Planned Parenthood and compared health care reform to terrorist attacks. Trump keeps making more and more outrageous and disgusting statements by the day. To even bother grabbing one particular quote of his does a massive disservice, but hey, here's a couple of em'.
    I hate Hillary Clinton. I do.

    But whoever the next President is going to be, is going to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice. The same Supreme Court that is the one and only consistent line of defense for human rights in the United States.

    Giving that power to Donald Trump is like putting a fox in the chicken pen.

    Four years of Shillary Cunton is preferable to a President who could knock back LGBT rights twenty years or more. Yes, Shillary is beholden to her corporate masters, but that's really no different than the other presidents that have come before.

    Bernie should have won this. Easily, hands down, won this. Unfortunately, the New Left and the DNC destroyed his chances because of his gender and anti-establishment positions.

    As for third party candidates, Jill Stein is fucking psychotic. Gary Johnson is tolerable, but his policies tend to swing further right than I'd ever be comfortable with, and knocking out Donald Trump is the priority at this point.

    Blah. Shillary Cunton. It's come to this.

    I'm glad I'm Canadian so I don't have to vote in this shitshow.

    Also, final note.

    I will be glad when this election is over, so my American friends will stop ripping out each other's throats. I'm watching the extreme polarization fucking up some of my friends. It sucks. It really, really sucks.

    Normally I'd make some sort of joke now to lighten the mood, but there's no joke to be made of this. It's just sad.
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  19. #I'mWithHerOnlyBecauseAmericaDidn'tFeelTheBern
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