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Who would you like to meet from Iwaku?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Zen, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. As I lay on my bed shivering from sickness and cringing from pain (read: food poisoning is a bitch) my addled brain turns towards the people I've met from Iwaku. I got to wondering about those I would like to meet in person. So here's my list:

    @fatalrendezvous @unanun @Red Velvet @Asmodeus @Tegan @Pastor Choi @UltimaCircuit @Eternalfire61 @Elyd @Kitti @Kooriryu

    Anyone else have a list of people they want to meet that they met on this site? I for one have had some touching and heartfelt relationships that sprung online and I'd like to know yours.
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  2. ... It's just going to be non-stop eating with me.


    Resting off the food baby.

    More eating.

    RELEVANCY EDIT: I already hung out with you motherfuckers over Skype, ain't no need to meet and start attaching scents to faces.
  3. Psh, I think the last time I hung out with you over Skype was two years ago Koori. And I distinctively remember you eating a baguette... I don't even remember the conversation. XDD
  4. I'd be cool to meet @Zen. Though, I'm sure I will be taken in as your child and I will never see my parents again.
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  5. I'm sure I'm gonna forget people so I'm not pinging everyone! Some of the peolle I want to see sooner rather then later: Vay, Rory, Grumpy, Koori, Tribs & Kehv, AsmoTegan, Cammy, Dawn... So many people!
  6. Aside from most of the people that came with me to this site? @Diana would be nice to meet, we seem to get along extraordinarily well. @Asmodeus because the madness and yet genius contained within the fibres of his being would be both torture and enlightenment to try and understand. @Razilin is the kind of person I could sit down with anywhere and end up having a five hour long discussion about philosophy, life, video games, and every random potential thought under the sun. He's also a doctor, so if I drank myself under the table, he could help with that. Supposedly.

    Aside from that, any friend of a ferret is a friend of mine.


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  8. It'd be weird... Mainly because I usually, for whatever reason, only speak to people older than me...
    And clearly, Meeting up is something that couldn't be done.
    Cause, Awkwardness.
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  9. @Ferril, @Gawkin, @Ceridwyn, @Riley

    All really cool people I wouldn't mind meeting face to face. Or, you know, face to screen. Because I am horrible at actually conversing face to face ._.
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  10. The next guy who posts.
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  11. Me? I'm not that interesting.

    @Aine and @T'Shara for sure. They are my closest friends. @Diana and @Ozzie Chanter as well. @unanun would be on the list, except we've already met. I'd happily talk with him again, though. I would like to meet @Zen and @fatalrendezvous as Ilium GMs. It would be a wonderful conversation.

    That just about does it for me. I'm not really big on meeting people. I like the security of having time to think before I actually give anything that someone else will read/hear.
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  12. I'd probably hang out with anyone here IRL if they were down for it. @Alan especially has to come up and have a day of indulgent Canadian-ness with me!
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  13. I've already met a fair number of Iwaku people, really: Diana, Gibs, Isabella Hime, Ocha, Alarice, Asmodeus, Tegan, Jinx, Myrnodyn. I've been lucky in that.

    Some of my friends I have yet to see in person:

    @October Knight and @Fijoli
    @Blind Hemingway
    @The Butterfly and @Fluffy
    @Jack Shade
    @Red Velvet
    @Moonlit Blade and @Anglkate

    and more people who will probably kill me for not mentioning them. THE LIST WAS ALREADY LONG.

    Some people I don't know too well but seem like they'd be fun to chill with:

    @Beatrix and @Genghismike
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  14. Oh that's very kind of you Ozzie! I would like to meet you too. Thank you to everyone who has tagged me. I would love to meet all of you.
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  15. "
    Everytime...I feel the urge to enter a thread and behold. FERRETS.

    I'd bro it up with Ya Brovo. Just talking about ferrets all day. I can see @Razilin and I discussing RACKS. @Diana would be fun...but at the same time also scary. @Asmodeus would bea damn blast, I can just tell. @Zilo is a pretty cool guy...He gets all the bitches. ALL OF THEM. And last but not least...All of you because everyone here is great.
  16. :blush:

    And on the topic of the thread, ehhh... I dunno, I think of everyone on the internet as being solely internet entities that I'll never meet. I never have met someone IRL that I first met on the internet, and I don't intend to change that any time in the near future. The easy answer for me is "nobody" because of that.

    If I were to instead translate it into something slightly broader like "who from Iwaku do you think would be fun to hang out with in real life?" then I can formulate an actual list, which I guess I'll go ahead and do.

    First off, people who I know from before I joined Iwaku:

    Then a few people I met here on Iwaku, all of whom I barely know so I'm judging on general impression:
    @Ozzie Chanter

    I think that's it. Might've missed one or two people, but whatever, if you're not good enough to come to mind when I think of cool internet people then you're probably not worth adding to the list anyway.
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