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  1. (Original Poster: Razilin)

    JULY 1, 2016

    Engel decided then and there that she was never going to have kids.

    She wasn't sure how old Zeroth was, exactly, but he had the misfortune of getting lumped with Erika and Wyatt by association. She felt no remorse over that fact.

    Because all three of them were driving her certifiably insane.

    Erika was teasing Wyatt nonstop since the jumbo jet left the international airport. Whenever she needed a break, she spent it pestering either Crossfire or Engel. Usually by kicking the back of Engel's seat like an eight-year-old.

    "They're kids, Anna," Taka whispered to her from his seat beside her when he noticed her patience running dangerously thin.

    "They're monsters," the surgeon groused. "And not because they have superpowers."

    Wyatt was far less annoying, but had his moments as well. It was the first time he had ever been on an airplane, much less out of the country. His incessant questions about the modern world and Nepal were endearing...or would have been, if Engel wasn't operating on two hours of sleep and currently being robbed of further rest by her traveling companions.

    "Have you ever been to the Nepal base?" Taka asked.

    "No," Engel replied, glad to have anything to distract her from this godawful flight. "I did a little light reading about it before we took off. It's the center of our mystical research division in Asia. Lots of ley lines and salient magical energy. Having a couple of ancient monastic orders meditating in the mountains helps focus all of it down. Some researchers speculated that the monks subconsciously set up shop there centuries ago because of Nepal's energies."

    "Anything interesting?"

    Engel paused. Then, "There were a few dead end projects concerning spirits and Fae. They were only done at the Nepal base."

    Taka was silent. Engel knew him well enough to tell that he was carefully mulling over that bit of news.

    "Did the other installations have anything like that?" Taka asked quietly.

    "No," she answered, "not any projects. But their personnel...." She took in a steadying breath. Everything she learned about this case in the last few hours had left her more than a little shaken. When she and Eliza started digging, they initially intended to look only for clues about the Devilman's abilities. They hadn't expected to spend most of the night and early morning unraveling a mystery, only to have more questions.

    "Some of the personnel conducting research at Nepal had transferred to other facilities over the years," Engel said.

    Taka frowned. "Facilities that have now fallen to the Devilman," he concluded grimly.

    He spoke just loudly enough for Zeroth, seated behind him, to hear, "You know any Fae or spirits like that, changeling? Seems awfully invested in the mortal world for one of your kind."

    Before the changeling could answer, Erika shouted, "Hey, Cross, Engel! What're you two whispering about? Sweet nothings? This ain't the mile-high club, you know!"

    Engel palmed her face. It didn't matter how great in the sack Hayato had been. She was never having kids....
  2. (Original Poster: Quiet One)

    The scattered huts weren't on any sort of road. They didn't have a straight line through them and seemed to be placed in no apparent order. They did, however, all appear to face west, which was a bit odd. As the visitors came they were given a wide berth, many muttering in their native language. It was an Arabian village, definitely: they spotted Arabic writing on some of the huts, written up the doorframes as if it were some incantation, and women in full burqas, quickly ducking inside.

    "Looks like they're not very fond of outsiders here," Hayato noticed.

    As they passed Crossfire brought up the rear. A boy extended his hand and crossed the palm, pushing him away.

    "I don't think that's it."

    They pressed further inward until they came to the village elder. Their society was so small that they still used age as a hierarchy. The man's sons were interpreters not very practiced with English. Talking only became harder when it became clear the crash course in Arabic Landel had given them wasn't up to snuff. They wouldn't listen to Engel until she was given a burqa to cover at least her neck, hair and cleavage.

    Emgel had retained most of their lessons so she sat cross-legged before the man, Hayato and Taka flanking the doorway. Just when they seemed about ready to talk the old man looked at Crossfire's hand and began talking very fast and angrily.

    She looked up at him. "He says he wants you to leave the room."

    "Why?" he asked.

    After some more talking Engel put up her hands and shrugged. "He says you are not...a pure man." More Arabic. "He's apologizing, saying...he doesn't think you're evil, but..." blah-blah Arancol "he doesn't want...the Arancol's wrath on his family. What is the Arancol?"

    But he would not speak again until Taka left the hut. He went a few houses over and leaned over a well that currently wasn't being used. It wasn't long before Hayato leaned against it, too.

    "The people here seem to know something's up with you," he said in a low voice. "They seem very perceptive. Almost supernaturally."

    "Suggests there's a Fae nearby," the older sibling concluded with an unusual crispness. He looked at his hand. "Not a pure human. He didn't mean my heart or my intentions. He meant my blood. How did he know?"

    "Maybe the one that marked you knows this Arancol," Hayato suggested. "Bet they go way back."

    "Yeah..." He closed his fist. They probably did. But he doubted the history was friendly.
  3. I'm too unique and too much of a self-insert. -_-

    (Paorou is covering up his LACK OF MOVIE ACTOR KNOWLEDGE)
  4. I'd probably be voiced by Banjo Ginga (Japanese), or James Earl Jones (English).

    Now an actor.... I'll have to think about that...

    Ricardo Montalban maybe?
  5. uhm... i might be asking for too much, but... it'd be Gotoh Masafumi.
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    And no, he's not an actor... He's a singer and songwriter.

    If it must be an actor though, it would be Miyu Irino.
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  6. How many space goat-dragons do you know?

    Actually, I do have a few voice actors in mind though. I'm kinda tied between Yuri Lowenthal and Troy Baker.

    Lowenthal is known for his work as Cecil Harvey in the DS version of Final Fantasy IV and Dissidia, Haseo in .hack//G.U., and various other animé english dubs.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSb6ammdAfY"]YouTube - .hack//G.U. Vol.1 Movie 5 - Tri-Edge [English][/ame]

    Baker is known for a lot of miscellaneous roles, but he voiced as Yuri Lowell, the main protagonist of Tales of Vesperia.

    (Unfortunately, I can't find a good sound sample for him :<)

    Lowenthal has the "emotion" for the voice but can get a tad high in pitch at times, but Baker has the tone of voice but not exactly the "emotion" I'm looking for.

    In the end, I lean towards Lowenthal simply because he sounds so Gar.
  7. Anyone gonna post actors that people actually know?
  8. Sorry, voice actors aren't the most known of folks...I wouldn't choose a real actor to voice him regardless; that would be fail I'd think in my case.
  9. I need to make this
  10. Hi I Dawn I like da animu and da mango :B

    My favorite anime genre is horror. Specifically psychological and paranormal.
  11. I'd be played by Daniel Radcliffe. I've had people mistake me for him before. At least until I spoke and they found out I wasn't British.
  12. I don't know. DX (I don't know any actors)
  13. having seen Inglorious basterds, i think Til Schweiger wood make a good Warmaster Death.

  14. I'd like to play myself, but if it has to be an actor...
    Yui Makino (when she was younger, though)

    We have the same blood type, hair color and if I had bangs, hairstyle too X3.
    And she used to sound like a kid, too =] Teehee

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    I can't think of anyone else. XD
    I got her on FaceRecognition for 73% =] IT WAS THE EYES THAT THREW THEM OFF I KNOW IT XD

  15. Right, so there we get to the cause of a gem's cause. Are gems designed with that single goal in mind, or are they just assigned whatever they are good at?

    Because she has really no strong side in combat.

    And true that with Rose. Can't believe I didn't think of the most gracious person in the show.

    EDIT: After browsing Superpower wiki for plant-based powers (please make my obsession end), I got an idea. Her powers are based around the growth and manipulation of plants, say for traps or armory. Which wouldn't need her Jasper-level buff.

    On to her backstory. Without plants, or for that matter organic life altogether, on Homeworld, she would appear to be powerless at first. Which her being one of the earlier gems being made, explains, at a time when HW was less technologically advanced, and had to try out each gem to see what they were good for. Assuming Moss Agates are powerless, production of those was discontinued, until the colonization of Earth. She could have been under some sort of emergency, accidentally discovering her powers, leading to her taking close attention to plants... Which led to her being captivated by them, and interested in Earth's survival.
  16. "Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude"

    Sorry, younger Keanu Reeves memory.....ah the good old days.... I might get back into IW


    I want to be played by.........


    Elena Temnikova

    She's a singer for Serebro, but DAAAAAAAAAMN! She's hot.
  17. [​IMG]

    Dante Basco.

    We're both Filipino. He's got a few years on me, but its not like Filipinos age remarkably fast until their late 40s to early 50s anyway, my family especially. I'm probably related to this guy by some weird method requiring fifth cousins thrice removed. Probably.

    Like Razilin/The Batman, he's charmingly, nay, dashingly, handsome and has great hair. Admittedly, Razilin's hair has grown out quite long and shaggy lately, but will eventually get it trimmed back to its original woman-swooning style. Basco lacks Razilin's medium build and cut physique, but that's all right; what he lacks in tone, he makes up for in boyish good looks. The biggest physical difference is that Basco is somewhere near his 30s, but still has no facial hair (or just has a better razor than Razilin). Razilin prefers the goatee.

    He's been pigeon-holed by the geek community as RUFIO!!! RU-FI-OOOOOO!!!! (the exclamations are a necessity) from the movie Hook and Prince Zuko from the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender. In the Filipino community, he's especially known for the lead role in The Debut.
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