Who would have Thought We'd Fall in Love...

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  1. Alex was one of those people that could get along with just about everyone. He was friendly, kind, and smart. Except for right now. He was walking home alone at around 4 am from a party. He knew he shouldn't have stayed out late but his friends could be very convincing. So here he was now walking back to his apartment in the dark on a deserted street. Why did I leave my car? he thought. It's not like Alex couldn't handle himself if push came to shove but he preferred to not settle things with violence.
  2. Marcus sighed, leaning against the wall of the alley he was in. He was incredibly bored and had come up to the human world to see if he could lessen it just a little but that plan had fallen through spectacularly; nothing had caught his attention tonight. The demon wrinkled his nose; he didn't like humans, they were below him and his kind but they were entertaining to watch and torment. He sighed and stood, getting ready to call it a night and leave when something caught his eye.

    It was a human male walking alone. Marcus smirked, that boy should know better then to go out at night by himself. Bad things tended to happen to people at night. Well, well, well, it looked like his boredom was about to be cured.

    Waiting until the boy came closer, Marcus reached out and grabbed him by the wrist, pulling him into the alley.
  3. Alex walked past a dark alley and someone grabbed his wrist and pulled him in. His initial reaction was to scream but he held it in and prepared himself to fight. Alex tried to pull his wrist out the person's grasp but it was no use, they held on tightly. He had no idea what he would see if he turned around but he hoped that he would be able to get away. Maybe it's just some homeless man who needs help he thought trying to think positively. So Alex stopped struggling and turned to face what had grabbed him.

    To his surprise it was a really handsome man....but wait were those horns on his head? And what were those strange markings? I don't think this guy is human he thought to himself.
  4. Marcus smirked when the boy struggled. He loved it when the struggled. It made the whole thing more fun. Maybe he was twisted but he was demon, being twisted in the humans eyes was in the job description.

    When the boy turned around, the demon got a good look at his face. He was good looking, in human terms at least, but most demons would find the boy cute too, Marcus included. His smirk widened into a twisted smile, showing his sharp teeth when he saw the boy look him over. "What? No screaming, no pleading for your life?" he asked.
  5. Alex gulped mentally when this guy, if you could call him that, flashed his sharp teeth. He knew that this guy just wanted to get him riled up so instead he stayed calm. "Would doing either of those things help me get away?" he said.

    Of course he knew that screaming or pleading would do nothing. This guy looked like he wouldn't give mercy to cute little kittens. Alex almost smiled at that thought. He looked the guy over once more. Yeah definitely wouldn't be giving out mercy.
  6. Marcus pretended to think about the question for a moment, "No I suppose not, but it makes things that much more fun, don't you think?"

    The demon was quite surprised that the human wasn't screaming or crying, most of them did. Although the fact that he wasn't pleading for his life yet was refreshing to Marcus. It would make the moment when the boy did breakdown that much sweeter.
  7. What a strange way to have fun he thought, out loud he said, "I guess so, if you like that kind of thing. I don't really see the fun in it." He guessed that this man had done this sort of thing before. Alex also guessed that he had possibly surprised this guy by not giving him the reaction he had expected. Alex mentally high fived himself.
  8. Marcus smirked when the human told him he didn't see the fun in screaming and pleading, if the demon remembered correctly most humans didn't, but if this boy was going to help Marcus get rid of his boredom, he would learn to see the fun of it.

    Marcus chuckled rather darkly, "You will by the time I'm done with you - " He paused, he didn't know the human's name - he normally bother knowing humans names but if he was about to kidnap the boy and use him for his own means he should know his name. "Your name?"
  9. Alex really didn't like the sound of that. What did he mean by 'when i'm done with you'? This night doesn't look like it's going to be getting any better he thought. He contemplated trying to fight back but he saw the muscle the guy had and well...that idea went out the window quickly.

    When the man asked for his name, Alex thought about not telling him. But then he decided that tonight couldn't get much worse and there wasn't any harm in a name. "My name's Alexander but you can call me Alex." he said.
  10. Marcus smirked, "Well, it is a pleasure to meet you Alex." And it was, he was bored - there was only so much a demon could do in a day before boredom sunk in - and seeing Alex had gotten rid of some of it and now the boy would make his dull life more entertaining.

    "I am Marcus." There was no harm in telling the boy his name, it didn't make sense not too. It wasn't like he could run for help where they were going. Smirking again, the demon snaked an arm around Alex's waist and started leading him down the alley. "Come with me." Not like the human had much of a choice.
  11. It is not a pleasure to meet you Alex thought. There was no way that this was a good thing. Although deep down , way deeeeeeeeep down, there a little bit of him that was excited. This was definitely going to an adventure.

    So when Alex felt the guy's arm around his waist that little piece of him made him follow this guy without complaint. Marcus is a nice name he thought. He looked sideways at the guy and admired his profile. Yeah I could get used to this he thought. "I don't think i have much of a choice, do i?" he said.
  12. "No you don't," Marcus chuckled, feeling the human's eyes on him. He knew the boy was scared, he'd be foolish not to be, but the demon could hear a small amount of excitement in Alex's voice. Marcus's smirk widened, this would make things easier; at least the human wouldn't be prone to running away. Not too often, anyway.

    Pulling him down to end of the alley, they stopped in front of a wall with runes drawn on it. The demon pulled out a knife and with some difficulty, since he still had an arm wrapped around Alex, he cut his palm and smeared some blood on the runes, causing a portal of crackling energy to appear. With a smirk at Alex, Marcus tightened his grip on the boy and stepped through the portal. Not even 30 seconds later they were standing in Marcus's living room.

    "Make yourself at home," he told Alex, letting go of him
  13. Alex just rolled his eyes mentally at Marcus' comment. Alex knew that he had no choice. Oh well he thought. You know that this will be fun! a little voice in the back of his min said. Alex was still looking at Marcus and noticed his smirk widen after his answer. Does he know that I think this a little exciting? Course not. He couldn't know that.

    Alex finally looked away from Marcus when he felt him pulling him down the alley. There didn't seem to be anything down there except some old runes on the wall which they stopped in front of. Alex didn't really see anything special about them, just pictures. That was until Marcus cut his hand and rubbed it on the wall transporting them to what appeared to be his living room maybe. Alex silently looked around when Marcus told him to make himself at home. "Don't worry I will." he said.
  14. "Good" Marcus let go of the boy, confident that he wouldn't run away at the moment as he had no clue where he was currently, and took a moment to unfurl his wings a tad. It was uncomfortable keeping them pulled in so tightly for long.

    Marcus looked at the human standing in awe in his living room; the apartment was not what one normally expected of a demon. It was light and airy instead of the dark and stuffy places humans thought they lived in. Marcus looked the boy over again. He looked pale and tired and the demon remembered that the fragile humans needed more sleep then him and his kind.

    "The bedroom is down the hall. Sleep. We well talk in a few hours after you are rested." Marcus told him, directing him toward the bedroom.

    ((Marcus's apartment: http://www.friendlyrentals.com/en/apartments/barcelona/apartment-441-1.htm ))
  15. Alex never thought that this guy's apartment would have as light or airy as it was. He was thinking more along the lines of black and grey everything. Alex looked around some more inspecting the bathroom and the kitchen. This place was really nice. I could get used to this Alex thought.

    Alex turned towards Marcus about to ask him something but forgot when he saw...wings? Alex rubbed his eyes and thought, I must be more tired than I thought. Alex just nodded and walked down to the bedroom. He took off his shoes before laying down and closing his eyes on the softest bed he had ever laid on.
  16. Marcus watched as Alex caught sight of his wings? Why was the boy surprised? Wasn't it obvious that he wasn't human? Maybe Alex had noticed but it hadn't clicked yet. He heard the bedroom door slide shut as Alex disappeared into the bedroom

    Rolling his shoulders back, Marcus sighed and walked over to one of his many bookcases and pulled out a random book and sat on the couch. He wasn't tired, he didn't need much sleep anyways so he decided to kill the time until Alex woke up.
  17. Alex slept peacefully for a few hours. When he first woke up he was completely disoriented. The last thing he remembered was walking home from that party. Alex looked around the room he was in and went to the door. Walking out, he noticed Marcus reading and it all came back to him. How Marcus took him dow nthe alley and back to his house. How this guy ,creature?, had horns and wings and sort of magic.

    Might as well get this over with he thought. Sitting in one of the chairs opposite him, Alex said, "So i've realized that you aren't human. So what are you?
  18. Marcus smirked at the boy's question and closed the book, placing it on the end table. Straight to the point. Marcus liked this human; usually they cried and pleaded and begged to be let go, but not this one, he got to right to the point. It was refreshing.

    "I'm a demon in the court of Hell," he said, looking calmly at Alex, "does that answer your question?" Snapping his fingers a plate of human food appered in front of the boy. "Here. Eat." Humans had to eat often right?
  19. "Yes it does answer it...Thanks." Alex said. So this guy's a demon? Interesting he thought. Alex didn't know why this fact didn't really bother him. It probably should have, he knew that any other person in their right mind would be screaming and trying to get away. But this guy-demon person hadn't done anything super bad yet so Alex didn't feel the need to leave. Adventures didn't come around often.

    When the guy snapped his fingers for food to appear, Alex inspected it for a moment before taking a bite. He really was hungry and this food was the best thing he had eaten in a while. "This is really good." he told Marcus before swallowing his last bite.
  20. Marcus held back a chuckle as Alex inspected the food, Clearly the human was smart enough to realize that screaming would not help him in the slightest and to be suspicious of any food placed in front of him at the moment.

    "I'm glad you liked it," Marcus said, snapping his fingers again, making the plate disappear into the dishwasher. "Do you have any other questions?" the demon asked, "You must; its not every day you get kidnapped by a demon and live through the night after all."