Who would be interested in a witch hunt

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  1. I want to know who would want to be in a Roleplay based on Witches and Witch hunters.

    Witches are born with magic abilities and have familiars. They know 3-2 types of magical abilities. They must also have familiars.

    Witch Hunters are given the ability to harness Raw Mana and increase there strengths. The process is deadly. Witch Hunters can use one type of magic and can use raw mana to increase there physical power. They also might have a familiar. They gain this power from The Good Witch Eve, A witch working for good.

    We can work on the story more just need to see who would like to join.
  2. So, witch hunters are really just Glindas with crosses and crossbows?
  3. Lol
    Na, Bro. They are people picked and train to use magic. Even they can use more the bow,blades and what ever, Even guns. This idea formed from me reading
    a Manga called "Witch Hunter."

    I am using some info from that like I plan to make a the Witches Female.

    The witch hunters are really just Arcane Warriors but since they target the witches, There Witch hunters.
  4. Oh man, I've been reading "Witch Hunter" and it is a great series. I'd love to do this role-play if it ever became a thing.
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  5. I am interested!! Sounds like fun!

    hahahaaha i looked up witch hunter cause the name sounded familiar and as soon as I saw the pumpkin guy, I was like 'OH THAT ONE!!'

    Been FOREVER since I have even seen that anime, let alone read it. Going to have to sit and re-read it.

    Def interested in this RP
  6. I'd likely join.
  7. wow cool, like 3 people intrested.
  8. This sounds like it would be really awesome! So excited
  9. I love witch hunter! So it sounds like an "inspired-by" and not fandom RP, right?

    I'd love to see the fleshed out story/background for this. The direction that it could sounds interesting!
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  10. if any one wants to work on the story with me, pm.

    whats the progress?
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