Who will win? Zayn/Taylor/Niall?

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  1. Taylor Summers woke up at 6am on Tuesday morning so excited for the day ahead. Her best mate Zayn was going to arrive home at last from his one year tour with his band mates One Direction, an international, world wide boy band who came third on the X factor, a UK singing competition. They had been best friends since primary school, when she was by herself and he came along and played in the sand pit with her.

    She rushed into the shower, stripped and stepped in. She threw the towel on the shower door and began to wash her hair and wash her body. Then she shaved her legs and cut them a little, it hurt like mad but she didn't care. Taylor stepped back out and wrapped the towel round her. She opened the door and then stepped into the bathroom.

    After her hair was dried and her body was dry, she got dressed in a pale blue tank top and skinny jeans. Then she put her matching pumps on and a white cardigan. Then Taylor applied some make up, mascara and lip gloss then eyeliner and was finished. She checked the time and then realised she had five minutes to spare.

    Taylor made some hot chocolate and a piece of toast. Then the doorbell rang and she rushed to the door. She opened it and with a wide grin said,"Hello stranger."
  2. Zayn had a huge smile on his face, it was the end of the tour and he got to go home soon with the guys, Zayn couldn't wait to go home and see his best friend, okay maybe more like a huge crush, Zayn had always liked her but he knew she saw him as a brother and nothing more

    Zayn had all his clothes pack ready to go, he got into the car with the guys, they was staying at a hotel, but Zayn wanted to go see his best friend first, but he hadn't told her he was coming to see her and it was going to be a suprise, Zayn has missed his best friend not seeing her for six months but knew he would be able to spend some more time with her as it was now her summer holiday

    Zayn got out the car "See you later boys" He said and then smiled walking up to the front door of the house he knew oh so well, and got to the door and leaned against the door frame and had a Rose twirling in his fingers and pressed the door bell, and looked down at the ground, waiting for his friend to answer and smiled a wide grin when she did "Hey Taylor"
  3. "I hope that's for me, and not some stranger you picked off in the street, get over here,"she smirked and grabbed his arm to give him a big hug. Taylor loved the smell of his aftershave and deorderant. It made smell like a man. She was so happy to see him. She was that excited she practically jumped on him, "Being gone a year from your best friend definitely deserves a big giant hug."

    Then afterwards, she went into the kitchen and grabbed two beers. She saw his concerned look and said,"I have drank before don't worry, so tell me all your tour,"she wondered what he been doing that whole year except singing with the guys on stage. He probably picked up a couple of girls along the way and that would been so disappointing.

    The truth is she had a major crush on him, she had ever since he became so manly and got taller. He was so kind and sweet and loving but he only saw her as a sister, she knew that and that's what broke her heart but it mostly her heart when she saw him with other girls whom he saw more than just girls.
  4. Zayn smiled as she spoke and had the smirk on his face and he nodded "It sure is for you Tay, don't worry about that it isn't going to any girl i have meet apart from you" he said smiling and laughed when she grabbed his arm and he gave her the rose with a smile before hugging her tightly to him and burying his face into her hair and it smelling just how he remembered it and he loved the smell of her hair and even loved the smell of her which he could never in his life get tired of. "I know, we have been apart too long and you do deserve this giant hug" he said smiling as he hugged her tightly to him with a smile

    He smiled as he follwed her into the kitchen and did give her a concerned look because he hadn't seen her drink before, not beer anyway and was a little worried. He shrugged at what she said and smiled "Well i haven't seen you drink it before" he said smiling and grinned and then raised an eyebrow "Sing on stage?" he asked smiling and laughed "I'm joking, sometimes go out and get drunk, smoking, seeing Perrie Edwards from Little Mix for some sex in a hotel, you could say we are sort of together but that's about it" he said smiling

    However he was with Perrie but she didn't mean a lot to Zayn because his real love and crush was Taylor, she was the one that he wanted to have sex with and do things like that, she was the one he wanted to be loved by and show his love for but just never had the guts to make a move on her at all because he thought she saw him a sort of big brother
  5. "Since I turned 18 two months ago when you were on tour and Perrie Edwards, yeah I know who she is and wild sex, just kidding, I am happy for you but for me I have been single another year,"she said with a smile, she was happy for him but couldn't believe he had already found someone to love.

    Taylor took another and he was staring at her which made her choke,"hey Zayn you know my weaknesses so don't use it against me and I see smoking still is a problem for you, that could be your new years resolution, mine is to find someone to fall in love with and spend my life with them."

    Taylor smiled and took off her pumps and she grabbed his arm and pulled him outside and pushed him into her pool. "Well lucky for you Zayn I know what your weaknesses are too and that's too surprise, oh yes I remember the wild times we had together, for my 16 th I remember you spiked my drink and dared to go skinny dipping with you, yes maybe my body is insercure for you,"she giggled and smirked as he hair was flat for once.
  6. [i got a RP idea, i don't know if you would like it or not, it's in the idea on the mature part, take a look if you like :)]

    Zayn smiled at her "I need to give you a real present for your 18th because i'm sure you got the one i sent but it was only small, expensive but small, yeah Perrie Edwards, seriously she is amazing in bed you have no idea, even just thinking about the sex with her turns me on, thanks and you will find someone you love because you are a beautiful girl Miss Summers" he said smiling and so wished he could be that dream guy of hers

    Zayn couldn't help but stare at Taylor, he knew it was a weakness of hers but he didn't even know he was doing it but blinked when he heard her choke "Sorry, sorry, i didn't know i was doing it babe, honest, yeah i'm still smoking but it isn't a lot that i smoke now, i smoke like 8 or 9 a day and that isn't a lot really if you think about it" he said and raised an eyebrow "It could be but i don't know if i will stick to it and you will find someone to love" he said smiling

    He watched as she took off her pumps and raised an eyebrow as she grabbed his arm and pulled him outside and he fell into the pool and luckily enough it wasn't that deep and he could touch the bottom and he pouted that his hair was flat and he took out his box of cigarettes that where soaked "You just done so many weaknesses of mine there you know i can't swim, you know i hate my hair being messed up and you can now buy me a box of cigarette's" he said as he grabbed her arm as he pulled her in with him
  7. (What is it? Is it the turning on part)

    Taylor smiled,"I don't think I will, there has been no real man in my life except you as my best friend."

    She laughed as she hurt many of his weaknesses,"how about I make it up to you somehow? Whatever you want,"she said with a smile.

    Taylor just kept smiling but on the inside she was hurt that he had already found someone without telling her and she felt terrible that she reck 1 his perfect hair and 2 his cigarettes which she doesn't want him doing.
  8. [it's in the planning part it just say teacher/student RP]

    Zayn smiled at her and nodded "Trust me, the perfect guy will come along for you and i will always be your best friend hopefully, i will always be a real man in your life" he said smiling a wide grin
    He raised an eyebrow when she laughed at him and looked at her in the water and moved closer to her as he pushed her up against the pool wall with a smile "Make it up to me?" he asked and went to her neck and kissed along it with a smile and along her jaw line "What would you say to having a one night stand with me? and i'll give you me and some nice sex?" he whispered into her ear with a smile as he nibbled on it

    He couldn't help but want her badly and even her body against his was turning him on and he was getting aroused just the feel of her body "I know you want to Taylor, don't worry about Perrie, she won't have to know a thing" he whispered again

    [i think i might have an idea for this, Zayn carries on going out with Perrie and then Taylor end up going out with Niall but Zayn and Taylor still have sex with each other and one night stands in secret?]
  9. (So friends with benefits but going out with people as well I like it)

    Taylor stared at him when he said to make it up to him and she felt a shiver go up her back as he kissed her jawline.

    "But Zayn I want to but you sure you want to in a pool and what if Perrie does find out, she would hurt me,"she said worried, but she didn't like the feel of his lips on her wet body.

    Taylor was unsure about it but it was making shiver or tingle inside. She had never done a one night stand before and she was scared she would do something wrong.
  10. [you know i could of just said friends with benefits but yeah it would be like that :) and we can also do it so i play sometimes Niall for you and you could play Perrie maybe]

    Zayn noticed her stare at him but he just carried on kissing her jawline and neck, biting on it gently as he went along and leaving small marks on her skin and really wished she agree to this.
    He looked at her and put a hand under her top and trailed his fingers up "It's nearly dark, no ones going to see Tay or we could go to your room, it's your choice and trust me, this will be our secret, Perrie won't even know about this at all, i promise you" he said trying to get her on his side

    Zayn kissed her cheek as he moved his hands more up her body "Trust me, i know what i'm doing and you will love ever second of this sweet sex, i will be more careful with you until you get used to it, i'm not going to lie but it might hurt at first" he said as he grinded a little on her lower with his
  11. (Yeah I'll play Perrie and maybe Niall and Taylor and Perrie and Zayn don't interact as much as Taylor and Zayn do if you know what I mean)

    Taylor giggled as he kissed her neck and made bite marks as it tickled her. As he kissed her she wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed his face then his mouth slipping her tongue.

    She loved it when he ran his soft fingers up and down her chest. "Messy pool sex sounds better so yeah I'll stick with that and know that Perrie doesn't get to know let's get too it."

    She smiled as he kissed her cheek and she replied,"okay I know it will only hurt a little and I trust you with my life and prove to me I will enjoy it,"she said with a giggle.
  12. [yeahh i know what you mean, like Zayn and Taylor do it way more than the true couples they are with? like that do you mean?]

    Zayn smiled as he heard her giggle as he kissed her neck and did leave bite marks but they would go anway. He smiled when she wrapped her legs around his waist in the pool and he kissed her back and moaned a bit when she slipped her tonuge into his mouth. He chuckled at what she said as he massaged one of her breats and kissed along her chest "Mmmm exactly what i was thinking messy pool sex, sounds amazing to me and it being with you makes it better" he said smiling

    "I will be careful, i'm your best friend you can trust me and i will prove to you that you will enjoy it" he said as he slipped her top off with a smile and put it on the side of the pool and moved his fingers down to her pantie line with a smile
  13. (Yeah like if one of them is bored or something and they need someone exciting to make them happy)

    Taylor moaned as he massaged her breast,"oh so you want to be teased,"with a smile and raised eyebrow she teased him back by brushing her hand against his crotch which she could feel beneth his jeans,"although how messy are you willing to go."

    She slipped her tongue back into his mouth as he took of her top and she unbutton his shirt and tossed it to the side. Taylor ran her hand down his chest and giggled as he touched her panty line but at the same time she kissed him and unbuckled his jeans which she slipped off him in the water.
  14. [yeahh that's cool :D]

    Zayn smiled as she moaned at what he was doing "I'm not really teasing, well you could say it was" he said smiling and felt her hand brushing over his aroused area and he couldn't help but moan at the feeling of it and it turned him on a lot "I really don't care how messy" he said smiling.

    He gladly let her unbotton the shirt he was wearing and explored her mouth with his tongue and moaned against her lips when she ran her hand down his chest and smiled when she giggled and took off the trousers she was wearing and carried on kissing her as he put her trousers on the side and pushed his body against her more when she took his jeans off and grinded against her with a smile "I hope you are ready" he whispered as he moved his hand under her pantie line
  15. Taylor smiled and slid off his trousers to reveal nothing underneath,"does someone not like under garmets?"She asked smiling. She giggled and nodded,"I'm ready for you to touch me, feel me."

    It was sore a little bit as he grinded against her but it was a good sore, she trusted him with her life and he said it would only hurt a little.

    When he slipped his hand under her pantie line, she nodded,"take them off Zayn, they won't be needed right?"She said with a innocent look. They were both now naked in the pool and it was an exciting and awesome feeling to her, something she never felt before.
  16. Zayn smiled as she slid off his trousers and he laughed "No i do wear boxers of course, it's just we was on the tour bus for a very long time and i just couldn't be bothered because i was going home anyway but look how easy it made it for you" he said smiling as she giggled "I'm glad" he said smiling

    He wouldn't hurt Taylor on purpose because he loved her a lot and that's why he promised to be careful with her and not what he would be like he had been with Perrie seeing as it was Taylor's first time. He laughed at what she said "Then you better be ready for this and yeah it will hurt at first but after you will be feeling the pleasure" he whispered with a smile as he took them off her and placed his lips on her mouth as he entered her slowly
  17. Taylor smiled,"You did make it easy for me and there is also one thing I'm glad about, that your first and not some weirdo,"with a smile she kissed and she loved the feel of his body against hers and it made her feel so innocent but she was tired of being innocent,she wanted to get this done and over with, once and for all. To make him happy, she ran her hands up his face towards his hair and made his quiff appear again.

    "Oh will I, will be yourself after this one,"with a raised eyebrow, she smirked. She had a tingle sensation as he took them off her and she enjoyed it as he placed his lips on hers and she kissed him back wrapping her arms round his neck. She moaned as he entered her but it was a good moan
  18. Zayn smiled a wide grin and nodded "I have made it easy and, i will be your first but you really won't regret me being your first at all" he said smiling and kissed her back and it felt like his body was craving for Taylor's but when he did have sex with her he would actually do it with love and not like he did with Perrie which was just a mess around and meant nothing to him. He smiled when she felt him do his quiff again "Thanks babe" he said smiling

    "You really will" he said smiling as she smirked and he really couldn't wait for this at all and had his arms on her and smiled against her lips as she moaned "I told you" he whispered as he started to move his hips with hers and started thrusting in and out
  19. Taylor smiled as he thrusted in and out. She moaned louder as he thrusted harder. Before he did anything else she asked,"is there love in any of this or is it just for pleasure?"A question she never thought about before.

    Taylor used her hands to straighten back her hair that falling in front of her face.
  20. Zayn was seriously enjoying this and he was also moaning a little and let her ask the question "It's all love Taylor, all of this is with pure love, not pleasure, Perrie is used for that because i love you, you get all my love" he whispered
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