Who Will Save Us?

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  1. This idea is based on a dream that I had.

    No one knows how it happened exactly or why it happened. Was it a natural cause? Or was it a science experiment that had gone terrible wrong? No One knows really. Giant mutant monsters- creatures, that are called Goliaths(I really don't like the name, if anyone has a better name, go a head an suggest it). They began to wreak havoc upon the world as well as the human race. And they sot only to destroy the human race and maybe the earth as well. The world's militaries tried defeating them but failed. All attempts at destroying the Goliaths seemed to fail. And it seemed that they would take over the world, leaving destruction in their wake. Years go by and it seemed that the human race is going to be completely destroyed and wiped from the face of the earth. That is until the last of the world's governments find their answer in destroying the creatures for good. The human race's fate as well as the world lies in the hands of less than a handful of young people. Which the governments are trying to recruit and call them simply by the name of Shifters. This young people have the strange ability to transform anything they touch into a weapon as well as transforming themselves into a giant creature as well- and maybe have more powers than that...
  2. This actually sounds pretty interesting I siuldnt mind joining it. Also why not try Behemoths
  3. Interested. Maybe we could call them colossi? It's plural for colossus.
  4. Alrighty, if no one else joins in then it's us three. And I like the Behemoths one. So I guess that is what they will be called. xD
  5. So, Shall I create an OOC then?
  6. Yea go ahead I think that we can make it work.
  7. Still looking for people?
  8. Yes I am still looking for another person. If you are interested in joining this, please do. Then I shall create a OOC. But should this go under Fantasy or Scifi?
  9. If you want to have awesome technology for us to have sci fi if we just get basic stuff fantasy
  10. Well I was thinking of maybe some awesome technology, but it has fantasy elements too. So I'll put it under Misc rps.
  11. That's a good idea.
  12. Well I am down with the idea
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.