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    Chrystalline. Sounds like a drug, and to many, she was. She moved in and out of towns much like the will-o-wisps in her home town. She broke the hearts and necks of many. She had lived so long, she pretty much did it all to survive. Her mind was vacant and her stare was piercing. No one could resist the beautiful red-haired temptress. Her latest travels led her to a small town on the coast of Oregon. The air was nippy and the pines towered over her head. She saw a sign for a bar that read Twin Pines Inn. The full-moon emblazoned behind her as she walked into the inn, thinking of nothing but the need to feed.
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    Andantino was an odd fellow, he felt most alive at night and hadn't an issue with being social. His punk and rebel personality often got him in trouble but he didn't care the girls loved him for that so that made happy.

    But that wasn't what was odd about him. It was that on certain nights he would vanish. And no one knows where he would be, but the following morning a farmer would claim his livestock would be upset and he was missing several chickens, or sheep, or even cows sometimes.

    Word got around that Tino wasn't human but he only laughed at those comments.

    So on this night he decided to spend his time at the local bar. He entered the bar his heavy boots stomping down on the planked floor "Your prince 'as arrived, gents." He barked with laughter as he sat down at the counter "The usual mate."
  3. Chrystalline had been sitting at a corner booth, waiting for the right meal to stop by. The loud laughter that entered the bar caught her attention. It took much to do that these days, so she took notice. For about 100 years she had felt nothing but the need to feed and now she was finding something different in this stranger. She was not sure what it was. It was not necessarily pleasant...just...different.

    Her head cocked to the side as she stood up and slowly moved towards the man. She came closer as a bird of prey would, surveying the object of her fixation.
  4. Steph looked at her tracker. It was beeping; she was getting close. For the last hundred years Steph had been following Chrystalline, finding her precise location, only to uncover that she had already moved on.The tracker gave a final resounding beep, it had found her.

    In a small town on the coast of Oregon.It would take two hours for her to get there. Steph didn't know what would happen once they met, but the one thing she was sure of was that she would find her. Chrystalline won't get away this time."I'll find her, for myself, for the unfortunate souls she found and most of all I'll find her for Alex."
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  5. Andantino sensed a another being behind him but reframed from glancing behind himself. He preferred being surprised anyway it was much more fun but he calculated his attack strategy just in case he would have to defend himself.

    His fingers gripped the glass mug holding Ale and brought it to his lips drinking down the liquid.
  6. The man who had piqued Chrystalline's attention still did not turn to look at her. He had to have felt her. She floated to a seat that was open next to him. She focused on the bartender as she was sure it'd be more offensive to stare at the man next to her. The bartender moved to and fro serving beer to all of her patrons. She listened in on what the man was doing.
  7. Dora, the bartender, pretended she was dancing as she served all of the customers at the bar waiting. She would twirl, spin, but only subtly, as to not draw attention. Though Dora was accustomed to seeing a unusual person once in a while, it seemed as if there was a bandwagon full of them in town or something. There was a brightly-red haired girl at the counter, and a few seats down, a man with a mysterious aura. Although she was interested, she ignored the unsafe feeling in her gut and continued on working. She had been working here for only a year now, after her mother had died and left the inn to her.
    Dora's bushy jet black hair would flow back with the speed of how she was moving, her emerald eyes wandering around, scanning the scenery for anything new. Most people didn't notice this, but bartenders do actually hear their conversations. She had ignored the rest of the people at the bar and focused solely on the redhead and the mystery man. As her cat, Jinx, walked in to the bar area, she tripped on her. She managed to catch herself and most of the drinks, but one coke had made it's way towards the floor. She caught it with her foot, and threw it back up, catching it with her open hand. She delivered all of the drinks and began cleaning the counter, right next to the girl.
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    Adrianna frowned moving her blond and blue hair out of her face. she hated bars but she definitely needed a drink and a good feeding and who better to feed off of than a drunk man who cant remember where is is or what he is doing. That's how she got away with it. Adrianna's green eyes observed the people around her and three had caught her eye, the bar tender, the red head and the mysterious man. she got odd auras from all three of them so she decided to investigate, she quickly and quietly moved from her spot to the seat that was open next to the red head and listened to them.
  9. Bailey gripped his dagger as he headed for the bar. He was here to kill the supernatural beings that were feeding on the nearby humans. He was supernatural himself, but he needed to kill them. He wasn't a vampire, or some other creature that fed on others. What he was, was something very special indeed. But he needed to stop their killing. They couldn't control themselves. His ice blue eyes stared at the front door, and he frowned. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door.
  10. Chrystalline had only barely noticed the bartender, only following her with her eyes, nut her mind was on the man next to her. That was until the bartender accidentally touched her hand while wiping down the bar. Chrystalline's head shot up to to actually look at the bartender, but as she did, someone with blonde and blue hair sat down next to her.

    A vampire, like her. She usually didn't like to feed in the same place as another vampire-drew to much attention.

    She got up to move on, to find another town. But as she moved to the door someone walked in. Someone with the intent to kill-she was sure of it. She didn't want to take her chances so she started retreating to the back staircase that led up to the rooms.
  11. Adrianna watched the red head leave the table and walk to the door her green eyes scanning the area. that's when she noticed him 'shit" she thought as she stood up and looked at the mystery man 'should i tell him?' she thought as her eyes darted to the hunter who was standing at the door. Adrianna was always careful and she could normally seance danger, but this man was different. the had an unnatural aura coming from him and it disturbed her 'why would a supernatural hunt a supernatural?' she thought as she made her way to her previous spot in the corner that ,lucky for her, was out of sight from most angles of the room .
  12. Shit. Bailey had come here expecting one supernatural being, but instead had gotten about three or four. He definitely couldn't take them all at once. Not even being what he was. To most, his scent and aura would be unfamiliar because there was only three of his kin in the world. One of them actually wasn't in it and had since turned into a demon. It was what they seemed to do.

    Surveying the room, he noticed two of them go to hide. Well, at least they were scared of him. Less to handle, then. He could go after them later. His eyes focused onto the bartender and the man sitting at the bar. The dagger in his hand was out of sight at the moment, and he wanted to keep it that way. Especially as he moved towards them.
  13. Dora noticed the two vampires leave and began to wonder why, when she saw a man coming towards the bar. Seriously, did a carriage break down or something? A redhead vamp, then a blond, that mystery man, and this guy? At least he has nice eyes. She kept on cleaning, not bothering to warn the man still sitting there. His aura definitely proves that he can defend himself, as can I. I have no need to run. He's probably after the redhead....Yup. She plastered on a smile and continued to clean the bar. She thought back to the secret room hidden behind a cabinet in the storeroom. All of my things are in there, so they'll probably be okay. She began muttering words under her breath. Protective words. She had magic of course. She was a demon. She was abandoned in the human world, and found by a lonely widow. She thought back to her foster mom Josephine and began to get a bit sad. She shook it off and continued to clean, now washing the dishes.
  14. Adrianna frowned as she looked at the bar tender "just because you can handle yourself dose no mean that you will get out of it in one piece demon" she thought as she watched the man who had walked in to kill them "best to say here for now and watch what happens, that hunter is insane for attacking us in a crowded place like this" she thought looking at the humans in the area. Adrianna frowned and stood up and she knew she was doing something stupid but it could work. if the hunter noticed her leave he would probably follow, giving the other three a chance to escape , or if he didn't she would temperamentally be safe and she knew he was going to go with option 'a' so she left the bar as quickly and discreetly as possible.
  15. Dora watched the blond move out of the corner of her eye, and kept on cleaning, now serving herself a drink. Just a sprite though. She didn't enjoy alcohol, as it had some....severe effects on demons. She found that out the hard way. She flipped her hair back and began to sip her soda. She rested her elbows on the counter, and kept her eyes on her phone which she took out. She put in her earbuds and listened to her music. The phone was returned to the back pocket of her black skinny jeans. She readjusted the red flannel that hung above her gray tank top. She bent down momentarily to retie her combat boots. When she went back up, the blond was gone, as were the rest of the customers in the bar. She shrugged and continued to drink. The only ones left were the hunter, the mystery man, and the redhead. And herself, of course.
  16. There was a scar on the hunter's face, one that cut from under his right eye, across to the corner of his lips. It was pale gold in colour. Bailey managed to keep track of all the beings, not through mundane senses such as sight and sound but through his sixth sense, one that had taken years to develop. But years were nothing in Bailey's life for he was very, very old.

    With all the supernatural beings in the room, Bailey decided to go for the one most dangerous. One that had killed over and over again, that moved from town to town. He begs to head for the back staircase, keeping an eye on the others and wondering if they would try to attack.
  17. Chrystalline had moved past the rooms until she came upon a room that was not occupied. She had to force the door open since it was locked and stood inside, closing the door behind her. She held her breath, she didn't need oxygen anyway. She had the door to her left and the window to her right, in case she needed to escape. She heard steps coming up the stairs but she could not sense who or what it was. There were too many weird energies here tonight.
  18. Adriana sighed with relief realizing that the hunter didn't come after her but was it alright to leave the rest of the beings in their? she frowned and continued walking looking for a new victim, she was getting thirsty and it was getting harder for her to controlled her blood lust. after a minuet or two of walking she found one but she had to wait for him, the man was getting beaten up pretty bad and she cold smell the blood coming from his noes. the aroma was intoxicating and she could barely keep herself from jumping into the fight and sucking the man dry but she healed on and patiently waited for the group of men to leave the man alone and walk away so she could feast.
  19. A loud ringtone playing some top 500's pop song emanated from the unconscious man's pocket. One member of the group of men who jumped him broke off and went back to answer. The man giggled as he answered. "Hello honey?" The man slurred. "This is Vincent Chance, why are you answering my brother's phone?" The man on the line figured his brother had gotten into yet another bar fight. Damn.. What is it now? At least 3 times this month. "And while you're at it, could you tell me where he's at? I'm sure he needs a ride." The man giggled again, replying. "He's asleep. Over on.. Tarson and Creek." As the man who answered the phone looked to see the street signs he noticed a woman standing there. "Ohh Hel-lo!" He called out as he saw her. At this point he was so far gone it really was surprising that he himself was not passed out on the concrete. "Look, buddy, Viktor, whatever your name is, I'll call you back later, got it?" He hung up the phone and stumbled his way towards her. Vincent, within seconds of the man ending the call, had arrived. He hopped off his motorcycle and went straight towards his brother, ignoring the odd feeling in the air.
  20. Adriana frowned but she quickly but on a smiled at the man "hello sexy. what brings you over to me?" she asked grabbing the drunk mans arm and pulling him towards her. she kept her fake flirty attitude out as the man grinned and his buddies left and another man came to pick up the unconscious one 'good now leave and the street is mine' she thought as she gently pulled the drunk man into a near by ally way with flirty comments and reveling of a bit more skin than she normally would