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  1. Describing your character is absolutely not necessary to this RP, but if you want to hash out your character, you can do so here. This is a story set in modern times and involves mythical creatures as well as humans. We can also talk about what we'd like to see happen, but that doesn't guarantee that it will head that way. Other than that, let's just role with it (get it??) and see what we can come up with!
  2. (OOC @Hiiro-Sama most people would get upset about you making their characters doing/have done something, but I'll go along with it since my character is oblivious anyway ;))
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  3. (Gahh I'm sorry @misspriss! I'll make sure not to in the future ><. )
  4. Oh, I'm not sure, but are we allowed to swear?
  5. Sure, only in excess if it's part of your character lol
  6. Alrighty thanks :)
  7. So what mythical creatures are you limited to?
  8. Any! I know I personally like variety...keeps things interesting. :-)
  9. I was thinking about a wraith. A wraith is a spirit wronged in life and feels compelled to wonder the earth and can physical appear. They are powered with hatred and can manifest themselves in different forms. They particularly manifest around people who's actions resemble the ones that lead to their death. They are practically unkillable but they can be banished back to the spiritually realm and forced to wander. They're basically embodiments of revenge. They can and will harm living beings.
  10. Ooh...do it! We have a hunter and it'll be interesting to see how he responds.
  11. OOC: Just so you know...most of us have moved out of the bar. I love that you're a fae though!
  12. ((OOC: Sorry if my posts are somewhat short, I'm used to gauging it from my phone, it looks way different on the computer..))
  13. ((OOC: its fine, I do that a lot too!))
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  15. Holy shit. What the actual fuck. The roleplay wasn't alerting me at all to the new replies so that's why I haven't replied at all... Now I have no idea how to jump back in.
  16. Perhaps a pussy admit coMing into the ruin realizing she isn't there then running up ti the subside to realize she's gone. This way you See the wraith and can learn she's on the run. This would send your character in a chase just in time to see the flashing lights and big banishing of my character which you'd instinctively follow. You run into the group and then you're caught up.
  17. Hm, the last time I posted was when Bailey was in the inn. That was like, 5 pages ago? I'm not sure what's happening now.
  18. I've been banished so I'm eating the souls of people traped in the spectral realm. We have a fae in love with some light welding guy. Oh crystalline ran into another vampire and to save her life they're being ask buddy, buddy. It's all they're just a few lovely pages of reading.
  19. Yeah, when you didnt show up, a wraith did lol we are in a big group now, and chrystalline is trying to make an alliance at least with the fae and the other vampire.
  20. Man, I think I might drop out of this one. You guys seem to have a pretty solid plot here.