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    Green Merle Valley University
    Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. ______,

    We are happy to inform you that you have been selected for admission in our prestigious institution to the _____ Major based on your merit in the written examination and your consistently high academic performance. You are aware that admission to the Green Merle Valley University is an achievement for an exceptional student who aspires for a distinguished career. We are people who believe in practical teaching and making the student socially viable and useful.

    Best wishes,
    Elizabetta Bruick,

    University Dean
    Roland Bruick,

    University Dean
    Green Merle Valley University,
    Hinton, AB., CA.

    What happens once you leave GMVU, will you leave the small Canadian town and move back home? Find love, a new job, have a fresh start or start a family maybe? Life's unpredictable but that's what makes it so great.​

    Poisoned Rose's Characters
    Maverick Alexander Coates {Mav, Rick} | ♂ | 21 {Oct. 31} | ER Medicine/Nursing
    Levi Samuel Coates {Levi} | ♂ | 2 {Jun. 22} | Maverick's Son
    Skylar Rose Dunlop {Sky} | ♀ | 21 {Jun. 2} | Nursing/Bio Engineering

    Happily's Characters
    Tessa Kassidy Nicolls {Tess} | ♀ | 18 {May. 30} | Equine Studies/Business
    Maisy Lee Nicolls {Maisy} | ♀ | 2 {Dec. 25} | Tessa's Daughter
    Logan Hunter Jackson {Logan} | ♂ | 21 {Jul. 4} | Marine Biology/Zoology
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  2. Tessa & Maisy ~ 18 {May 30} & 2 {December 25} ~ Hawera, New Zealand ~ Equine Studies | Business ~ Crush:None ~ Rainbow | Sweetie | Gypsy | Cackle | Bubble | Lady | Midnight | Blaze ~ X ~ x

    "Alright Missy, it's time to go in" Tessa smiled softly at her diva daughter, Maisy, who was playing with Blaze, Tessa's large mastiff mix in the little bit of snow that was already dusting the ground. After receiving a reluctant frown, stomp of the boot and being downright ignored, Tess gave a huff of slight annoyance, slight disappointment and walked over, picking up her pace once the toddler saw her coming and started to run. -No wonder they are called the 'terrible two's- Tessa thought giving a huff of frustration as she ran after the tiny girl. It was amazing how fast a toddler could run when they wanted to. "Maisy Lee get back here, don't you dare go to the barn!" she called to the curly haired girl who was running off. Holding back a grumble of disappointment, Tessa sprinted after her tiny daughter, Blaze bounding ahead of her to help. It had always surprised Tessa how good her dog was with Maisy. She had been tempted to get him certified as a diabetic emergency alert service dog, but then the red-headed teen had found out the cost. Her parents didn't help her out much... actually, her mom had basically disowned Tessa when she got knocked up... and her father helps out a little, but when she decided to go to school in Canada she was told she would be on her own... fair enough. Tessa could have chosen an equally as nice college more locally in New Zealand, but she wanted to explore and see the world... and maybe meet people who wouldn't judge her for being a teen mom and still single... not that she cared too much about what people thought... though it still would be nice to have friends who didn't backstab you.

    Tessa had moved to Hinton less than a month after she graduated high school, renting a small yet very liveable house that was roughly a ten minute walk to the campus which allowed Tessa to board her horses and put Maisy into Daycare for a cheaper price thanks to her partial scholarship. That money made her life about twenty times easier considering all she had to worry about was property rent, basic living expenses and everything else the school didn't cover... not to mention saving up money to buy a car and get a license so she wouldn't have to walk to school with Maisy in four feet of snow.

    Within a few minutes Blaze had managed to keep Maisy in one spot by grabbing onto the toddler's skirt and pulling his head up a little every time she tried to get away. "Mama No!!!" Maisy wailed as Tessa walked over and scooped her daughter up, giving the Mastiff a quick yet very grateful pat as she adjusted her grip on the flailing child. "Maisy Lee, you played all day now we need to go home. Stop squirming right this instant little lady or no playing in the snow later" The young adult said firmly. It got Maisy attention and the curly haired child stopped flailing... but the tears kept streaming down her cheeks... typical. Letting out a soft sigh, Tess gave the tiny girl a small bounce, kissed the top of her head and headed back toward the center of campus so they could get a warm drink before heading home.
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    Logan ~ 21 {July 4} ~ Manhattan, New York ~ Marine Biology | Zoology ~ Crush:None ~ Athena | Poseidon | Mr. Meow | Squeaky | Snowbelle ~ X

    Sitting on a stump not more than eight or nine feet from the lake, Logan threw the yellow and blue rubber ball as far as he could towards the surrounding woods and let his gaze wander. Being outside did wonders for Logan's ADHD. His mind never had to focus on just one thing. He was able to tell that the lake was probably frigid and getting close to freezing, but it wasn't frozen yet, only a little ice around the edges had begun to form. Probably by early January at the latest it would be solid and it would probably thaw by March... if the weather was similar to last year. He heard the squeaking before he saw it and waited patiently for Squeaky and Snowbelle to bring back the rubber ball the trio was playing fetch with.

    Even though Logan was from New York City, and still lived there in fact, his step-father had taken a job at GMVU as a Biology and Organic Chemistry Professor ... along with that came free tuition for Logan... so His mother stayed in New York as an aspiring writer, currently working in the same candy shoppe she had been at for the last eight years with the cat she wanted, Mr. Meow. His dad, well technically step-dad but dad was close enough, sent mom a check every month that they weren't together to help cover the NYC rent. Thankfully, the college supplied rent for a home just off the college property for Mr. Potter Blowfish. Logan had the choice to stay with his dad... but he was also entilted to free room and board... so that's what he had done the past four years, Logan had dormed at the university. Now he was a senior with one and a half semesters left, and he could not wait to graduate already.
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  3. Maverick & Levi ~ 21 {October 31} & 2 {June 22} ~ Chicago, IL ~ Er Medicine|Nursing ~ Crush:None ~Shock ~X
    Maverick gave a smile as he watch his goofball of a two year old son flopping about in the snow dusted grass. His trusty pit bull Shock keeping a close eye on the child, she let out small barks when little Levi ventured out to far from his father. The blue eyed toddler looked back to the dog and his father and stood where he was waiting on them to catch up before he continued off again. Maverick watch as a little girl was seemingly running to them as they were coming from the barn where a friend had stored her horse and was checking on the beautiful creature. Shock let out a friendly sort of bark to the girl. He looked up and seen a rather attractive young woman chasing after her. He gave a smile and looked down to this son who had turned tail and ran into his father's leg's hiding from the new people. He loved how Shock was patient with the prodding child that was under her care, she pretty much appeared to him and he remembered it quite clearly
    It had been nearly two weeks since Levi's mother signed over her rights to him to Mav. Needless to sat he was shocked that his son was solely his now. Him and little Levi were enjoy a peaceful walk in the park, Mav just got out of his part time job at the Garage he worked out and was spending the sunny afternoon he had with his little boy. It wasn't long into his walk that a small puppy who was nothing but skin and bones was following him whimpering ever so slightly. He got curious and looked down at her, being the guy he was he began asking park goes if it was their little dog. To no avail she was an abandoned pup, Mav knew his heart was just to big to leave the puppy there so he scooped her up and smiled down at her, "Just a little shock in our lives aren't you girl?" He stated and watched the pup seem to perk up at his words. "I will call you Shock, because you just dropped right on by giving me a shock." The pup's tail was full on wagging as he spoke to her. He knew his first stop had to be to a vet where he found out that she was six weeks old, the same age as his son, he had noted at the time, she was severely under weight and it would take a deal of time until she was back to being a healthy little puppy. The vet however found something a wee bit strange about the puppy, she had no fleas or ticks and her blood came back free of parasites. At least she was mostly in good health. With spirits high they returned home after a trip to the pet store for essentials for the wee pup.
    Mav felt his world get brighter that day, he had his son and a loyal dog who he went on to register her as an emotional support animal, because Mav who on occasion had severe depression when he did not take his medicine which in his opinion was far to often. When he got accepted into GMVU he was ecstatic and cam to find out about their next to nothing daycare program on campus which was grand. Early in the year he started his grandfather had passed away leaving him close to a million dollars inheritance, he was thankful but he was smart about it he was able to rent out a three bedroom two and half bath house that was considerably cheaper because he was college student. Mav only went grocery shopping once a month buying food and drinks enough to last them that long.
    Mav grinned when Shock barked at the other dog seemingly in greeting then looked back at him and Levi then back at the dog. Shock pulled on her leash almost dragging Levi down to where the young woman and her child stood. Shock then proceeded to sit on his foot as if forbidding him to leave with out talking to the woman. Mav leaned down picking up his son in his arm and looked to the girl. "Toddlers are a handful, sometimes too full of energy." He said giving her a small smile while adjusting the leash and his son in his arms.

    Sky~ 21 {June 2} ~ Owasso, OK ~ Nursing|Bioengeneering ~ Crush:None ~Laila | Hades | Nyx | Cleo ~X
    Sky was enjoying the chilly weather with Cleo, her trusted dog. The said dog was now chasing down a foam soccer ball to which she had kicked near the woods that surrounded a beautiful lake that she and her dog spent most of their time around. Cleo bounded back ball in mouth with the most goofy look on her face. She was rounding up on a stump to which she usually sat on reading or sketching in her free time. She threw the ball and too late realized that someone was sitting on her stump and accidentally beamed him in the back of the head with the foam ball. She ran up to him sputtering out apologies and muttering between apologies about how much of a klutz she was. Cleo being the goof she was had got the ball again and rain back urging the girl to throw it again.

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  4. Tessa & Maisy ~ 18 {May 30} & 2 {December 25} ~ Hawera, New Zealand ~ Equine Studies | Business ~ Crush:None ~ Rainbow | Sweetie | Gypsy | Cackle | Bubble | Lady | Midnight | Blaze ~ X ~ x

    Stopping as the man stood in front of her with a young boy, whom Tessa figured was his son. She recognized the boy from the daycare center, he was probably about the same age as Maisy but she had never caught his name... even though she helped out on the weekends... then again, this toddler probably wasn't there on the weekends. Maisy certainly wasn't there on the weekends if Tess wasn't there.

    Returning the smile, Tessa readjusted the two year old on her hip again, the diaper bag on her other shoulder setting her semi-off balance... but at least her toddler had settled down enough to be held easily. Shooting a quick glance between the two dogs to make sure they were okay, Tessa gave a nod of agreement "no kidding... and they seem to be the worlds fastest runners when they don't want to be caught" the green eyed eighteen year old joked lightly, her kiwi accent crisp and clear ... and also noticeably foreign. "Are you a student here as well?" Tessa asked, having never seen the attractive male around campus before. Then again, Tessa really didn't stay on campus very much. As the young parents talked, Blaze walked over, initially stopping beside Tessa and Maisy then reaching his head forward to sniff the pit bull. He was a very friendly dog... which was probably a good thing considering he lived with two cats and two small dogs... not to mention his tiny 'puppy' Maisy Lee.

    Logan ~ 21 {July 4} ~ Manhattan, New York ~ Marine Biology | Zoology ~ Crush:None ~ Athena | Poseidon | Mr. Meow | Squeaky | Snowbelle ~ X

    Upon feeling something rather soft hit his head, Logan turned around to see what or who it was. He spotted a friendly looking black dog, much more 'manly' looking than either of his standard poodles, a foam soccer ball and a very pretty girl who seemed to be apologizing in a very frantic matter. Standing up he dusted off his lap slightly and brought his gaze to hers "Don't worry about it... it was a piece of foam, believe me I've been hit by so much worse" he said lightly, holding out his hand. "I'm Logan ... if my memory serves me correctly I think we're in the same english class ... and I think you have my dad for Organic Chem... I promise I'm not a stalker, I just sat in on a few of the classes while I was... uh... nevermind... so is she yours?" he asked, motioning to the dog and stopping his rambling. A few moments later he heard more curnching and paw steps coming from behind him. Glancing back he spotted Squeaky and Snowbelle trotting along, Snowbelle being victorious with the ball while Squeaky bounced around her, trying to get the tennis ball to drop from the white dogs mouth.​
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  5. Maverick & Levi ~ 21 {October 31} & 2 {June 22} ~ Chicago, IL ~ Er Medicine|Nursing ~ Crush:None ~Shock ~X
    He gave a laugh and nodded his head, "Its like chasing a rabbit." His green eyes sparkling some as he looked to his son. Levi put his head on his father's shoulder yawning sleepily. "Yeah I am a student its my second year here. Geez where are my manners my name is Maverick and this is my son Levi. He is usually at the day care but i just picked him up a while ago, headed to our home. You two are welcome to join us." She said offering up his home for her and her daughter to warm up in. It was cold out especially for little Levi, but the toddler was determined to be outside. Her accent was definitely not from around these parts and was fascinating for him to hear, "If you don't mind me being bold where are you from? Its just you have a different accent. Its nice." Shock leaned forward and sniffed the other dog as well. Shock was never a violent or viscous dog unless her family was harmed and he was thankful for that. She had the patience of a saint.

    Sky~ 21 {June 2} ~ Owasso, OK ~ Nursing|Bioengeneering ~ Crush:None ~Laila | Hades | Nyx | Cleo ~X
    "Still doesn't change the fact I am a huge klutz and my aim is less than perfect." She said as she reached out one hand and shook his."Skylar, call me Sky though. We are Professor Winsted's class... yeah Professor Jackson, he is fantastic... wait he's your dad?" She said with a smile as she reached down petting Cleo absently. "Yeah she is mine her name is Cleo, she was a gift from my parents last year. They thought I would do good with having her around... Are those cuties yours?" She asked gesturing towards standard poodles. She watched the antics of the two dogs with a smile. Cleo decided to bark from beside her getting the other dogs attention before bowing down tail wagging wanting to play with them, "Oh is it alright, Cleo loves to play and is a gently dog just sometimes to puppy like."​
  6. Tessa & Maisy ~ 18 {May 30} & 2 {December 25} ~ Hawera, New Zealand ~ Equine Studies | Business ~ Crush:None ~ Rainbow | Sweetie | Gypsy | Cackle | Bubble | Lady | Midnight | Blaze ~ X ~ x

    Stifling a giggle at the older boys reaction she waited for Maverick to finish speaking before she responded. "It's nice to meet you, I'm Tessa and this is my daughter Maisy. We were actually just about to make way to our home as well... but we were going to get a hot chocolate first. It's Maisy's favorite... and I thought I've seen him there before. I work at the center on one of the weekend days usually" she said lightly, glad to have met someone who couldn't very well judge her for being a young mother when he was a young father himself.

    Blushing slightly at his question, Tessa had completely forgotten about her accent... then again, back home she wouldn't have even said she had an accent. "We're from New Zealand. This is my first year here" she said lightly, holding back a shiver as the cold began to seep through her light sweater. Blaze wagged his tail a little and let out a rather loud yet short bark a mere second before Tessa's alarm which sounded of minions going 'bee-do, bee-do' on her iphone went off, signalling that Tessa had about a half hour to feed Maisy and test her sugar levels accordingly. Quickly she used one hand to fuddle with her buddy the elf encased phone and the other arm kept her daughter, who had stopped crying and started shivering, balanced.

    Logan ~ 21 {July 4} ~ Manhattan, New York ~ Marine Biology | Zoology ~ Crush:None ~ Athena | Poseidon | Mr. Meow | Squeaky | Snowbelle ~ X

    Chuckling slightly Logan gave a slight shake of his head "no, not Professor Jackson, that man hates me for some reason. Professor Blowfish... He's my step dad...and probably the only reason I've been at this school for the past few years. Yup, those are mine... well, technically only Squeaky, the black one, is mine... Snowbelle kinda just found us, she was wondering the city following us and we took her home one day... my dad's closest to her though" he said briefly, trying not to ramble again. Logan wasn't much of a rambler usually... unless he liked the person he was talking to... then the average heighted young man basically became a rambling idiot. "Oh and trust me, I've had arrows miss my head by an inch thanks to some kids from camp so your aim is nothing to worry about... and those two are fine, they'll play with anything that moves... so is this your last year too?" Logan asked, letting his gaze sweep over his surroundings briefly​
  7. Maverick & Levi ~ 21 {October 31} & 2 {June 22} ~ Chicago, IL ~ Er Medicine|Nursing ~ Crush:None ~Shock ~X
    "Never been there want to go though maybe when Levi is a bit older. Levin usually stays there when I have extra classes on the weekend but its rare. I am surprised he hasn't befriended your daughter. He loves making friends." He could hear himself start to ramble and stopped momentarily to hear his son, "She pretty I want chocolate too." The two year old seemed to pout about wanting hot chocolate, Mav agreed in his head that the girl was pretty and her daughter as well. "If you do not mind we will join you a cup of hot tea sounds really good right now. I am from Chicago but main does this place beat its usually frigid winters."

    Sky~ 21 {June 2} ~ Owasso, OK ~ Nursing|Bioengeneering ~ Crush:None ~Laila | Hades | Nyx | Cleo ~X
    "Oh professor blowfish... stepdad that explains it." Her face flushed bright red as he said that. Then again Professor Jackson hated just about everyone who wasn't her. She smiled as he talked about his dogs and then proceeded to watch Cleo run up to them rolling on her back tail wagging furiously. "Yup its my last year, boy am I happy to say that. I never thought I would finally get to this point but its good a little bittersweet leaving the friends I have made, but we all grow up right." She gave a smile and picked up the foam soccer ball. "Its still embarrassing you know hitting someone with an object. Not to mention the nearly seventy pound german shepard seeming to charge at you." She smiled her face still bright red. The rambling though she thought that was adorable.
  8. Tessa & Maisy ~ 18 {May 30} & 2 {December 25} ~ Hawera, New Zealand ~ Equine Studies | Business ~ Crush:None ~ Rainbow | Sweetie | Gypsy | Cackle | Bubble | Lady | Midnight | Blaze ~ X ~ x

    "I'm surprised as well, they again, Maisy ccan be a little diva sometimes ... I've collected her from daycare and been told that she was in time-out for a long time on more than one occassion" Tessa said gently, placing Maisy on the ground and taking the young girls hand, the young mother was getting tired of carrying the child and she lacked a stroller, she hadn't even brought one with her, figuring she wouldn't need it. Tessa smiled at the little boy then at Maverick "I don't see why not, the more the merrier, right?" she said more so than asked. Heading towards the Cafe again, Tess glanced at her new friend "New Zealand is lovely ... especially when it's warm... but it's not as much fun as many people think. You can't really go past the giant fishing nets if you want to go for a swim or anything... unless you want to risk being eaten by a great white or poisoned by a box jelly... among other things" she said lightly, trying to make Maverick feel as though he really wasn't missing much. "What's Chicago like? I've never been to the states ... actually, the only places outside of New Zealand I've been are Australia and Madagascar... so I'm very curious" she said softly, a sweet tone to her voice as they approached the doors of the building. Maisy tottered ahead to try and pull the door open "It no open mama" she sighed, tugging at the long, vertical handle bar. Tessa walked up behind her, trying to hold back a chuckle as she helped her small and apparently Weakling daughter

    Logan ~ 21 {July 4} ~ Manhattan, New York ~ Marine Biology | Zoology ~ Crush:None ~ Athena | Poseidon | Mr. Meow | Squeaky | Snowbelle ~ X

    Rubbing the back of his head with a hand, Logan chuckled slightly "yeah... I probably should've said step-dad off the bat, huh?" he sighed lightly "and hey, just 'cause you leae college doesn't mean you leave your friends. That's what most people have phones and facebook for right?" he asked lightheartedly, ignoring her last comment about hitting him. "So, We're you from?" he asked walking over to a longer log and sitting down, making room for her so they could talk and watch their dogs if they wanted.​
  9. Maverick & Levi ~ 21 {October 31} & 2 {June 22} ~ Chicago, IL ~ Er Medicine|Nursing ~ Crush:None ~Shock ~X
    Mav chuckled at her comment about Maisy being a little diva. He sat Levi down as well and held his hand walking with them to the cafe; of course he had left Levi's stroller at home because he didn't really think of bringing it with him. "Its not really that I wanna co got the tourist things though. I feel like it would be a culture experience that I just want to do. I want to travel see some places, I mean I know over 6 languages have to put them to use somehow." He gave her a smile. He smiled when she mentioned Chicago. "Its beautiful pretty much year round. Its a tourist place though so during the summer months it gets a little bit crowded but its peaceful if you know the right places to go." He kneeled down next to Maisy and Levi who was now attempting to help Maisy with the door. "Looks like Levi wanted to help, I am sure if you think really hard you can open the door all by yourselves." He stood up and looked over at Tessa and gave a wink to her and put his finger at the top of the door and slowly opened it as if it was the little ones doing it.

    Sky~ 21 {June 2} ~ Owasso, OK ~ Nursing|Bioengeneering ~ Crush:None ~Laila | Hades | Nyx | Cleo ~X
    She chuckled, "Yeah step dad would have been helpful... true but its just I don't know we will all be busy with our own lives you know our own jobs... Heck I'm studying to be an er nurse. I know I am going to have a really hectic schedule." She sat down next to him her leg touching his barely. "I am from Owasso, Oklahoma. A littel piece of nowhere." She said with a smile. That is what everyone there referred to it as and well its was an apt description for the place, but it was the place she loved where she grew up. "What about you Logan where are you from." She asked watching her dog chase the poodles around in a circle.

  10. Tessa & Maisy ~ 18 {May 30} & 2 {December 25} ~ Hawera, New Zealand ~ Equine Studies | Business ~ Crush:None ~ Rainbow | Sweetie | Gypsy | Cackle | Bubble | Lady | Midnight | Blaze ~ X ~ x

    Tessa let out a small giggle as Maverick pulled the door open secretly so the toddlers would think they did it. "Mama it opened! That guy right!" Maisy turned around, bouncing excitedly before she saw a big bean bag chair in the corner "I race you" the curly haired girl smiled at the Levi, bounding off towards the squishy and fun red seat.

    Turning to Maverick she gave him a grateful smile "thank you, you seem to be really good with them" she said lightly, walking in through the door and stopping to wait for Maverick. Normally Tessa wouldn't have let her child go sprinting off like that, but Blaze was carefully following Maisy and there was literally no one else in the building, just the four of them and the cafe staff.

    Logan ~ 21 {July 4} ~ Manhattan, New York ~ Marine Biology | Zoology ~ Crush:None ~ Athena | Poseidon | Mr. Meow | Squeaky | Snowbelle ~ X

    Logan gave a little shrug, "texts are quick, perfect way to keep in contact with people between emergency surgeries" he smirked slightly before listening, his gaze darting around again. Sitting around was beginning to prove increasingly difficult for him right now, sure, Logan had taken his medication today... but even that had it's limits. It helped but it certainly didn't perform miracles like making an ADHD young adult normal or anything. "Well, I'd like to say I've heard of that town, to reassure you that it's not a little piece of nowhere, but it's the first time I'm hearing of it... sorry" Logan said a hint of both sarcasm and sympathy in his voice. "I'm from New York. I was raised mostly in New York City, but I lived on Long Island until I was seven" Logan said simply. He was a New York boy through and through. He had been to Florida once, New Jersey and Pennsylvania a few times but his family really didn't have that much money so he never really left the city.​
  11. Maverick & Levi ~ 21 {October 31} & 2 {June 22} ~ Chicago, IL ~ Er Medicine|Nursing ~ Crush:None ~Shock ~X
    Mav gave a wide smile, "Well when you have a infant practically dropped into your lap by an ex, you learn to adpat quickly. Besides I have always loved children." He said his eyes following his own sprinting toddler with Shock following behind him dutifully. Mav watched as both of the toddles flopped into the beanbag chair at the same time both of them giggling fiercely. He could vaguely hear his son say that it was fun. His boy was nothing but energy 90% of the time. He walked up to the counter, "I will have two children's hot chocolate's a earl grey tea, and what do you want Tessa?" He said looking to Tessa with a smile. "Three ham and cheese melts as well." He needed some food and he knew that Levi would only eat half of a sandwich and figured that Levi and Maisy could share one and he ordered one for Tessa as well just in case she wanted some food. Mav knew that the cafe's melt were amazing and wanted to have one.

    Sky~ 21 {June 2} ~ Owasso, OK ~ Nursing|Bioengeneering ~ Crush:None ~Laila | Hades | Nyx | Cleo ~X
    "Texts are quick way to keep in contact, for some strange reason my brain just flubbed up there for a moment." She said with a small blush as she berated herself in herself for being so stupid. She shook her head, "No one really hears of it really until they visit. Its really quaint and has the most perfect weather never to cold or never to hot." Her eyes traveled back to her Shepard playing in the snow with the two poodles. This was Cleo's favorite weather snowy and cold, not to mention the dog had the perfect fur for it as well. "I also have two cats and a horse who stays here at the stables. I take her out ever so often and the cats aren't a big fan of the snow." She smiled at him and noticed he was getting a bit antsy, "Lets go follow the dogs yeah?"

    (I am god awfully sorry that I hadn't replied to you!!!!!!)​
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  12. Tessa & Maisy ~ 18 {May 30} & 2 {December 25} ~ Hawera, New Zealand ~ Equine Studies | Business ~ Crush:None ~ Rainbow | Sweetie | Gypsy | Cackle | Bubble | Lady | Midnight | Blaze ~ X ~ x

    "I'll have a hot chocolate as well please, small, thanks" the young woman said lightly, digging a ten dollar bill out of her bag along with her student ID. Student prices were about a dollar or two less than non-student prices... depending on what you were ordering. Reaching her hand out she waited for the cashier to take the money and the ID before handing it back with the correct change. Once the food and drinks were ready she grabbed the small tray with the four drinks and set everything down at a table by the bean bags so the kids could keep playing. "You mean, your ... uh... Levi's mum didn't stick around? She just gave him to you, no explanation or anything?" Tessa asked appalled and astonished at the same time as she watched Maisy scamper over, grabbing Levi's hand, trying to pull him along as she went. It was blatantly obvious that the tiny tyke had made a new best friend... regardless of wether the 'new friend' knew it or not.

    Logan ~ 21 {July 4} ~ Manhattan, New York ~ Marine Biology | Zoology ~ Crush:None ~ Athena | Poseidon | Mr. Meow | Squeaky | Snowbelle ~ X

    "Yeah, my mom's cat hates the snow... actually, he generally just stays inside on the windowsill or tearing up my pillow" Logan chuckled slightly as he stood up "that sounds like a great idea" he said, a barely noticeable sigh of relief escaping as he stretched a hand out, offering to help her up as his two dogs scampered around, playing what seemed to be some odd version of tackle, tag and keep away with each other and the shepherd.​
  13. Maverick & Levi ~ 21 {October 31} & 2 {June 22} ~ Chicago, IL ~ Er Medicine|Nursing ~ Crush:None ~Shock ~X
    Maverick had pushed Tessa's money back and handed the cashier his card, "No worries this one is on me and Levi." He said with a smile to her and led her to a table that was nearby watching as his son was happily being pulled by the little girl. Levi toddled after Maisy laughing the entire time happy that she was his new best friend. He had gotten up and got the tray when it was ready spilt one of the ham and cheese melts in half and handed one half to Maisy and the other half to Levi. "You need to eat son, since you decided that you didn't want Breakfast this morning." Mav said staring his kid down, Levi however pulled Maisy to the red bean bag chair and began to chow down on his ham and cheese melt. Mav put one of them in front of Maisy and the last one to himself. He sorted out the drinks with ease adding honey to his earl grey tea.
    "Well me and my ex were high school sweet hearts and she was about a year younger than me, I don't remember if we had protection or not. When she told me she was pregnant I nearly couldn't believe it I was scared and excited to be a father; however she was less than thrilled about the whole notion of having a child. Levi was born eight and a half months later, and I had some how convinced her to keep him. A month after he was born she called me up saying her and I had a court date." He took a deep breath in and looked towards his son with nothing but love in his eyes. "My dad called his lawyer and we went down to the court house, I was clueless at the time to what was happening but when we got there she told me before we went in that she was giving me custody of my son and that she couldn't handle him anymore and that she didn't want to be with me anymore. That day though was the start of a new life for me and him. That boy is everything to me." He finished with a sip of his tea and looking back at Tessa. "Can I ask if her father is in the picture?" He asked in a hushed whisper so the kids wouldn't over hear them

    Sky~ 21 {June 2} ~ Owasso, OK ~ Nursing|Bioengeneering ~ Crush:None ~Laila | Hades | Nyx | Cleo ~X
    Sky put her hand in his and smiled as she stood up. She started walking towards them watching their dogs play like they had been friends their entire life. "You know I noticed something, most dogs are like young children they will play with any other dog because hey that is a new friend and new friends are awesome in their eyes. I wish adults and teenagers were the same way with other people." She watched as her black Shepard tackled his black poodle and gave a snort of laughter in the process. Her hands then flew to her mouth realizing that she had in fact snorted and that was one of the most embarrassing things to do in front of such a cute guy in her opinion; her face flushed a deep red color.​
  14. Tessa & Maisy ~ 18 {May 30} & 2 {December 25} ~ Hawera, New Zealand ~ Equine Studies | Business ~ Crush:None ~ Rainbow | Sweetie | Gypsy | Cackle | Bubble | Lady | Midnight | Blaze ~ X ~ x
    "Well thank you, we appreciate it" Tessa said softly, gratefully ... holding back the 'it's not necessary though' part. She figured Maverick was only trying to be nice and that she could always return the favor in some way. Breaking the sandwhich in half for Maisy, Tessa gave her diabetic child half and took the other half. Ham wasn't her particular protein of choice, but it wasn't bad... it was actually pretty good for a ham melt. Taking a small bite or a sip of hot chocolate every so often as she listened to Maverick she felt bad for the child and father but also felt that maybe it was better that way. If his girlfriend hadn't wanted to be part of Levi's life then, then what kind of mother would she be now? It was very obvious that the child had lucked out in the father department.

    As Mav asked about Maisy's father, Tessa struggled slightly to swallow the sip of hot liquid that had just gotten poured into her mouth. She hated telling her story... it was generally how she lost friends... or it resulted in people calling her a slut amongst other things... which may have been true if you looked at it from a certain angle... but she had only been 15 at the time, still a naive child. Setting the hot cup down Tessa let her gaze wander over to the children for a moment before returning to Mav's gaze and giving a small shake of her head "He's not around. He has the option to see her if he wants, but he hasn't shown his face since her first birthday. Actually he's only ever seen her twice... the day she was born and her first birthday... a really Jolly Christmas if you ask me. I completely love seeing the man who told me, word for word, to 'make it disappear' when I told him I was Pregnant with Maisy." Although sarcasm wasn't something Tessa usually used, her tone was practically dripping with it now. "Maisy you had better eat that" Tessa said strictly just as the little girl was trying to shove the food off to Blaze. "Her father and I kinda just ended up with a summer fling. I was stupid and naive ... and frankly, I kinda just thought we were in love because that's what everyone told me I guess, I'm not even sure where he lives anymore. I tried sending him pictures after Maisy and I moved to Canada ... they got returned... so either I didn't send foreign mail correctly, which is very possibly, or he's MIA again. But yeah, Maisy is everything to me as well" she said softly, a warm, half smile forming on her lips.

    Logan ~ 21 {July 4} ~ Manhattan, New York ~ Marine Biology | Zoology ~ Crush:None ~ Athena | Poseidon | Mr. Meow | Squeaky | Snowbelle ~ X

    "I think some of them are like that... but you just can't be afraid to let anyone know who you really are" Logan said lightly, smiling slightly when Skylar snorted. It was cute... but what was he suppossed to say? They had only just formally met. "Race ya" he offered, trying to get her mind off what she seemed to have gotten embarressed by. Logan didn't know too many people that didn't look completely ridiculous when they got embarrassed, but Sky, in his opinion, was adorable... and very pretty. Too bad he would probably not figure out how to tell her without making a major fool of himself.​
  15. Maverick & Levi ~ 21 {October 31} & 2 {June 22} ~ Chicago, IL ~ Er Medicine|Nursing ~ Crush:None ~Shock ~X
    (Mav split the third sandwich between Maisy and Levi)
    Mav gave her a smile, "It's nothing really, my pleasure." He listened to her story eating and sipping his tea as she told him about her ex. "Maisy is lucky to have you as a mother; she is very well mannered." He said turning to the children watching as Levi would occasionally offer more of his sandwich to Maisy. Mav chuckled some at his toddler shaking his head. He watched as his pit turned around and seemed to give him a look to remind him of his medication. He pulled out the pill bottle from his jeans and pulled out one of the pills; it was his habit to take it at lunch and the dog knew that. He popped it into his mouth and took a sip of his tea, "Medicine I have to take daily." He said with a simple explanation.

    Sky~ 21 {June 2} ~ Owasso, OK ~ Nursing|Bioengeneering ~ Crush:None ~Laila | Hades | Nyx | Cleo ~X
    Sky looked over at him with a smile, "You are so on!" She said laughing as she took off with him close behind her. She laughed as her feet carried her to the dogs, but on her way due to her own clumsiness she tripped and fell, landing on her belly and face she rolled over laughing as she stared up at the crystal blue winter sky. This was brilliant and cold, which was her favorite weather. She closed her eyes and took a couple deep breaths before she felt a wet tongue assault her face. Sky rolled away wiping her face and looking at her black dog, "Cleo no more please your breath is all stinky."
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