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  1. Looking to open some new Roleplays... I'm looking to play a female, happy for a female or male partner.

    I play sub or dom characters and happy to mix things up.
    My only hard limits are scat, incest, and child molesting.
    I write pretty explicitly and expect the same from my partner.

    Role plays id like:
    Prostitute x police officer
    Virgin x mr grey type
    Striper x bouncer
    Dance teacher x student
    Student teacher x student
    Doctor x patient
    Friend x friends brother
    Dancer x singer

    Vampire diaries
    True blood
    Game of thrones
  2. I'll do student teacher x student
  3. I'm interested in the Prostitute x Police Officer one.
  4. I'm interested
  5. I'd love to do the friend x friend's brother.
  6. Thanks for the replies, drop me a pm
  7. Bump.. Anyone interested please pm me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.