Who wants to be Ramsay Bolton?!

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  1. Greetings Iwaku!

    I am looking for a very specific roleplay...
    So basically, who's wants to be my Lord of Winterfell?

    "Let's play a game!"

    I'm currently working on a plot that involves Lord Bolton after the Battle of Bastards, where things have take a different approach. This plot does involve a potential love interest, whose favorite pass-time is very similar to his, so this rp will have gore, screaming, sadism, and death. We're going with a 'Natural Born Killers' theme, if you will.
    Psycho x Psycho
    More can discussed in PM if you are interested!!

    I am super adaptable, so I only have a couple roleplay requirements:

    1) Looking for a writer who has intermediate, adept, or higher writing levels. I will probably ask for a writing sample.
    2) Please, please, please reply at least once a week! This roleplay's been in my head for a while now, and I really want to develop it further. I understand that life happens though, so if you can't reply, I totally get it. I just ask that you let me know!! <3
    3) I am absolutely down for doubling up! If anyone here can be Ramsay, I can definitely play any canon in Game of Thrones you'd like! I'm more than willing to send writing samples of that character to see if it really strikes your interest!

    I believe that's it!

    This roleplay does not involve Miss Margaery, my username here, but an OC and new House that I will be bringing into Westeros. All will be explained further in OOC.

    Thank you for reading!​
  2. ~still searching~
Thread Status:
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