Who wants a roleplay partner??

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  1. I just need more roleplays so I don't have to be bored.
    I have a few ideas and if there is an idea that you would like to do that isn't on the list then knock yourself, I'm all in for any ideas.
    When it comes to romance I prefer to play as female in a MxF. I do RP as male in MxM as well.
    Other than that then it depends on how good the plot if you want a FxF in a romance. I never done a FxF but I'm willing to give it a try if that's something you're interested in.

    RP ideas:

    -A kid about the age of seventeen, who is an outsider at school. Nobody knows much about him, especially not that he is a mad scientist. He has been planning world domination since he thirteen, which started off as a joke between friends. He dominates the world, everything now destroyed and the remaining humans are now slaves. One person stands up to him and tries to get him to set everyone free. They can either end up being friends, enemies, or lovers.

    -A pair of twins, about the age of fifteen, runaway from their step mother and set out to find their real mother. It's been four years since they've seen her and she already has step children herself. Their mother doesn't know how to react to them showing up. She tries to get ahold of their father but the twins came a long way and it would take some time for their father to get them, if he even wants them back. In the mean time the twins try to get along to their step siblings.

    -Childhood friends that grow apart due to new differences (Can be of anything, one found out they are more into same sex, they both ended up having diff personalities like one a cheerleader the other a rocker chick, anything) High school comes around and they want to get back together.

    -bully x victim

    -step siblings learning to get along


    -Good girl/ bad boy

    -Good boy/ bad girl

    -Twins seperated at birth see each other at school but don't find out until they realize a lot of people get them mixed up and they decide to tell their parents about it, thus having the parents confess.

    -mentally ill guy/girl (depression, bipolar, anything) x guy/girl wanting help out. It can be MxM FxF or MxF
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  2. I'm willing to Roleplay any. I have stepsiblings so maybe that one :)
  3. Alright! I'll PM you
  4. Hello I'd like to get one if thats alright. Most of my roleplays have slowed down a little, and It seems like it'd be fun. :)
  5. Alright :)
    You want to discuss in PM?
  6. Sure that would be cool.
  7. Lol, Kay you and I are about the same RP wise, but I'd be interested in doing one.
  8. Haha goodie. I'll PM you
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