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  1. Basically I am searching to find out how many people are interested in a role play with a person (or maybe a few) that take care of a whole bunch of anthropomorphic animals.
    What level of anthropomorphic am I talking about?
    Well nekomimi level but not just as cats
    like if you are a mammal you have tails and ears, if you're a reptile you have patches of scales and a tail, and if you want to be a bird you have wings and your feet are claws.
    So if you have question, suggestions, and/or that other jazz just ask or tell me you are interested
    This would be a group Role Play by the way~
  2. O-O / MEMEMEMEME!!!!!
  3. I had a feeling you would hehe l u l
  4. It sounds quite interesting. May I join?
  5. Mere please! I would join!
  6. Me* oh god haha
  7. So do you guys want it to have a specific plot or just kind of be a 'everyday life' kind of thing?
  8. Everyday life is my vote
  9. alright one for casual style
  10. Yeah. The every day life thing sounds great. When do we start?
  11. Yeah I'm up for everyday life, but we need to make sure that it stays interesting c:
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  12. Well every day life has its little ups and downs and frustrations and so on. I believe it will stay as interesting as we make it
  13. Yes I'm not saying it won't be interesting but I've been in roleplays that die out after twenty posts, I'm sure this will be awesomme though!
  14. Alright everyone who's interested fill out the following character sheets and then we can really get things rolling~

    History: (i.e. a short description of up bringing or anything else that may be important and if you have anything you want to remain hidden just allude to there being more to them)
    Extras: (anything else you need to mention)
  15. more of the character sheet I left some stuff out

    sexual orientation:
    Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams):
    Hobbies and Interests:

    (OPTIONAL) turn ons/offs:
  16. Name: Lola
    Species: ox
    Age: 17
    Sexual orientation: bisexual
    Hope\dreams: wants to be a nurse
    Hobbies: drawing, snuggling,plying pranks.
    Turn ons: innocent cute gentle
    Turn offs: aggressive loud rough.
    History: her dad died when she was a cub so she doesn't know much of him she has 2 sisters.

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  17. Fox no ox, sorry
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  18. My characters are-

    Name: Eiji Nakahara
    Species: dove
    Age: 17
    History: Eiji spent his days with his last owners in a relatively fancy house. That was at least until they were robbed and his whole family was killed right in front of him. He flew away though and has spent his days on the street still haunted by that day.
    Extras: he has an injured wing that he broke while flying away on the night the robbers came.
    sexual orientation: bisexual
    Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): to find a new family and finally move on from the past
    Hobbies and Interests: he loves chess and board games in general. He also is a neat freak so he often times is seen reorganizing things
    (OPTIONAL) turn ons/offs: his number one turn off is down talk and non/dubcon since he has had terrible experiences with violence

    Name: Ranrie Yamaguchi
    Species: Human
    Age: 17
    History: Known as the local rich girl Ranrie is the living large for her mother working as CEO for the towns insurance company. Her life was great however her mom doesn't really hang out with her so instead she tends to just allow her to buy pets and take home strays.
    Sexual orientation: pansexual prefers females
    Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): she wants to grow up and have the same job as her mother but since she plans on not having any children that won't be a problem.
    Hobbies and Interests: she loves music and is fairly good at singing but her real skills are debating. She loves coming up with arguments and bouncing them off people or even herself because of this she talks to herself often.
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  19. Name:
    Amon Emichigo

    Dragon anthromorph (form changeable)

    birthday: 9 June 1994
    20 years of age

    Amon is a well built man with wavy medium length white hair. His choice of clothing is usually formal or very simple. He is 6foot 5 and has green eyes. In his dragon form he is 8foot 6 and has a black scale color with yellow undertone. He has a large fin on his back and a long skinny tail

    His hobbies include reading, fishing, playing piano, martial arts training

    Amon Emichigo was born and raised in a small village. His family was fairly well off and he didn't have to worry much about anything. Unlike other kids with wealthy parents he didn't shun away from work. He helped his father in his stables by night and studied by day since he was 7. Most of his child- and teenage life was spent in this village. When he turned 17 he went to college and studied child psychology and also trained to be a vet. He graduated at age 20 and is now living in an apartment in the city

    Amon is a warm hearted person who loves to help others. He isn't quick to pick a fight and would gladly settle for a less violent alternative. However when he has no other choice he has the ability to retaliate with great force. He has 2 martial art disciplines under his name which makes his physical combat skills very good.

    Sexual orientation:

    Turn ons:
    Cute girls, sweet compliments..

    Turn offs:
    Violence, bad etiquette, abuse...

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