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  1. Raffi's my bitch! I love him! He's amazing! I'm getting my 4 year old neice hooked on him and her dad's all like *facepalm*.


    AND SKINNAMARINK TV! I grew up watching this show!


    What old shows do you remember growing up with?
  2. Barney :[

    Omg, I hate him now, but I grew up with that big purple guy.

    Also, Dink the dinosaur.

    The title makes me snicker now X3
  3. I listened to Raffi growing up, and I play/sing his songs to my preschoolers now! Did you know he's still writing songs and such? I follow him on Twitter. :) He's a big-time Canuk fan, apparently.
  4. I remember that guy! O___O And the Elephant Show!
  5. I don't remember either of these.


    Y AM I SO BABY?!
  6. It's otay. :3
  7. I miss Zoom.

    And Zaboomafoo.

    And Legends of the Hidden Temple.

  8. Zaboomafoo is awesome.