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Fantasy and Sci-Fi are my two major favorites. However, I tend to be quite the picky player. I prefer an RP with a great deal of development...the world, the lore, everything. And for those GMs looking for help with lore, I love to world build!
Hi, all!

So, I'm here in search of some fun and exciting ideas for a dragon-centered roleplay. In the past, I've had many dragon rider RPs, and I don't think I've ever NOT had fun with them. Many of the novels I've practiced on and the one I'm currently working on involve dragons and dragon riders. To keep my juices going and my fingers flying, I want to add a roleplay to the mix. So, I wanna know if there are any dragon or dragon rider RPs that are currently going on. If so, are they accepting new players? I'd love a link!

If not, I have a few ideas. However, because I am not the type that will be on every single day, I would not be the correct person to guide the story - at the very least, I would need a partner. And I tend to be rather...well...picky. That being said, I want to get a feel for the dragon-lovers of the community, say hi, and brainstorm a bit!

Here are my ideas so far:

[tabs][slide_header]Falling of the Leaves[/slide_header]
  • Setting: Ancient forest, its name lost to legend. Time, itself, has been lost, as all who grow within the forest stay within the forest. It seems endless, almost as though it encompasses the world. There are all sorts of races, both humanoid and others. Dragons mostly live within their own societies, but they often trade and communicate with the mortals. However, they often look down on those who are not their kind.
  • Plot: The story would begin with a dragon leader dying - something that never happens. Perhaps an ancient one tied to the forest, itself. The death of this dragon sends others of its race into a panic. If we choose to do a dragon rider plot, we could bring in a mortal leader who has been given a vision from the trees, who states that the races must come together to save the forest, as the death of the dragon is a mere symptom of the disease wreaking havoc on their home. If it's just dragons, perhaps they come to this conclusion themselves, or they attempt to find help outside of the forest -if that's a possibility for them.
[/slide][slide=Heart of a Mountain]
  • Setting: This story would be more of an open world with varying landscapes and cultures spread all over the place. Many wars have raged in the past, but one thing is absolutely certain: in all the years that the world has endured, the active volcano that is at the heart of the landmass has never once gone dormant. It is in the heart of this volcano that the dragons are said to live.
  • Plot: This story would begin with that volcano going dormant. Dragons - once creatures of myth and legend - have suddenly invaded all parts of the known world. Villages have been burned, and fires rage across varying countrysides. For this one, if we choose to do a rider plot, it could be people chosen from different societies to go and slay the dragons. Instead of slaying, they learn of how the heart of the volcano has suddenly gone cold, and the dragons are searching everywhere to find a cure, for they fear that if the heart doesn't reignite, the whole world will go cold. For the dragon-only story, we simply remove the rider aspect.
[/slide][slide=Finding a Song]
  • Setting: The only known world is floating in an endless sky. Nothing but a myriad of light and darkness seem to hold up this floating landmass. Those who fall from the edge of the world are doomed to an endless fall until they inevitably die - that is unless they can fly. Everything on the island seems to hum and sing with the sound of a wind that always blows around the edges from seemingly nowhere. Buildings are often made of a strange, glass-like crystal that sings hollow notes as the air blows through it. The world is always bathed in an endless twilight, so time is kept via sparkling candles.
  • Plot: The wind has stopped. There is no sound, no breeze. And all those who were originally capable of flight, primarily the revered dragons, have lost their ability to do so. The world quakes and shudders with nothing to hold it in place, and the twilight that has been their nights and days is suddenly getting darker. All seems lost, and everyone is waiting for the inevitable demise of their home when young dragons choose to find the source of the winds again and bring back stability and song to their home.

For any of these, I was thinking to allow open creativity in building the dragons - as in what the dragon looks like, how it acts, its breath weapon, etc. Of course, there would be some limitations. Everything would need some sort of explanation. For the roleplays where the dragons are built to fly, for example, having a dragon without wings would need an explanation of how the dragon flies with the others. Breath weapons can't be this thing of ultimate destruction. In any good roleplay, there is always a balance of strengths and weaknesses, and the characters are supposed to be built with flaws that can be developed throughout the story.

For those who wouldn't simply wish to create your own dragons, I have a website (that's going through some remodeling right now) that has all of my written dragon species on their own dedicated page, which I would be happy to provide here.

Please, let me know what you think! If you have any suggestions, I am happy to build into any one of these three stories or even create a new one!​