Who is Shakespeare?

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  1. So who would you say is a modernday Shakespeare? Be they a book author, or movie writer or anything in between. They don't even need to be English! Just tell us who you think is an inventive storyteller.


    Dan Simmons.
  3. in truth, Modern literature doesn't hold a candle to Shakespeare, this man's literary skill is one of the few ways man can concentrate Raw Awesome into Pure Awesome, rarely is a human with such skill born into the world that they spend their entire lives formulating but the smallest piece of raw awesome into pure awesome, but Shakespeare, this was a man who manufactured Pure awesome faster than they could manufacture paper for him to write it on.
  4. That's why I say Dan Simmons.

    He's the closest modern-author to effectively blend poetic theme with prose. Granted, he had a lot of help from more 'classic' authors (Keats and Proust, anyone?), it's still a wonderful read.

    And his stuff is SCIENCE FICTION, on top of it!
  5. Christopher Paolini ~ or Sarah Dessan <3


    Well Shakespeare for YA Literature
  6. In terms of leaving a lasting legacy, reaching out to all parts of society and producing iconic stories that are re-interpreted and spun-off through the ages, the closest might be someone like Spielberg or Lucas. These are stories that endure cultural shifts and even direct cultural shifts.

    But still, I doubt anyone's really a match for Shakespeare. None of today's so-called 'great' artists have had to operate in a time of massive social change. So it's hard to leave such a mark as Shakespeare did.
  7. As irritating and as painful it is for me to admit this, Asmo has called it spot on.

    Spielberg and... *sigh* ... LUCAS.
  8. QFT.

  9. Say what? Say what?

    I look at it like this:
    We won't be able to have a respected comparison until we're(the people of our time) all long time dead and gone. Let "us" wait 150-200 years :P