Who is pewdiepie and why is his army everywhere?!

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  2. Some Swedish guy who makes videos and puts them on Youtube. He's one of the most popular channels or something, I dunno.
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  3. Top watched on youtube because he is "semi" funny. But he gets video game at the drop of a hat and plays them...plays them well, especially under pressure. alot of the games he plays are indie games, titles you'll never hear of without watching him.

    I love some videos and HATE others...so far AMPUTEE has been the funniest of his, in my opinion.

    Here you go :) Oh he curses so, yea.

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  4. Yeah, he's the most subscribed channel on YouTube, I think by a pretty fair margin, too. I've personally never watched him, so I can't comment on the quality, but I know he's assosciated with Polaris and Maker Studios, of which I follow a lot of people, so... I guess he can't be all bad? I dunno.
  5. I used to watch him

    He was a lot of fun to watch play horror games because 1) his accent is adorable, and 2) he's a scaredy cat and his reactions were funny

    As the show went on he developed a few gimmicks, like Stephano, Evil Barrels, and Mr Chair, and his subscribers latched onto them, started asking for more of them; so they started appearing even when it wasn't necessarily funny in context.

    (EG: the gimmick of the barrels is that barrels are evil beings who want the monsters to get to pewdie. So if he was running from a monster and tripped over a barrel and started spouting about evil barrels, that would work, but it started to be that EVERY TIME he encountered a barrel (or even a box) he would start bringing up the barrel gimmick; even if it wasn't a scary game or even if everything was going well at that point.)

    He started gunning for the gimmicks and exaggerating his reactions; he would make videos that weren't anything to do with horror, just him doing silly things that the 'bros' had requested. Or playing cutesy games and making jokes about anal, periods, homosexual relationships, etcetera; it's mostly toilet humour instead of funny reactions. At this point, if he uploaded a video of him getting a haircut it would get favourited.

    I unsubscribed at that point; I'm sure he's a good person, but his show has gotten kind of obnoxious; just a lot of yelling and spouting buzzwords in silly voices.

    I think the main problem with Pewdie is his fanbase: he gives his fans what they want (sensible) but unfortunately the things this fanbase have latched onto are kind of obnoxious.

    Personally I thought it was funnier to watch him be scared if he walked into a room where blood was splashed everywhere than it was to hear him make period jokes for five minutes.
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  6. I adore him.


    That's who he is.
    He is a Swedish gamer adored by Staci. Done. You're welcome.
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  7. This is all that you need to know Diana.
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  8. Pewds is one of my favorite shows on youtube. As stated above, his brand of comedy isn't for everyone and yes, he has changed over the course of his show. I think any show anywhere would do the same because what is a show without fans?

    Annnnyway. Pewds is hit or miss with me. I like his gimmicks - they're certainly obnoxious but entertaining anyway. It's kind of like playing a round of Cards Against Humanity.

    My question is: WHY IS THERE NO GAME GRUMPS ARMY, HUH?! They're awesome too ;-;
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  9. I personally can't stand the guy. The whole rape joke thing didn't really help that much.

    That being said, I've heard he's kind of toned it down and smartened up a bit, so that's good at least. His commentary is just not my style at all, I find him very irritating. :x
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  10. We overloaded you with information yet, Diana? Because I can gladly add more. :lol: He really does seem to be something most people have an opinion on, and usually a very strong one!
  11. I never cared for pew, if anyone should be top game channel it should be my Irish nigga SSHOPCK(Spelling?) He is so funny, He is more sarcastic and don't give two fucks attitude.
  12. Can't stand that guy. Seriously, I just hear his voice and i want to chew on nails.
  13. He is a guy who's made over $4 billion from uploading 'Let's Play' videos on YouTube. I personally like Cryaotic better than Pewds. <3
  14. But why does he have an army of evil men in people's signatures? O___O What is he going to do to us when he's assimilated everyone?!
  15. He's going to take over the world! Well, he might have already done that, with over... holy crap... 21,000,000 subscribers. And considering the fact that he has already smuggled several spies into our community, we might have fallen. Good thing "bros" are supposed to be peaceful...
  16. The best defense against the bro army is the judicious application of barrels, as seen in his video of The Hidden mod of Half Life 2.
  17. He does 'lets play' videos on youtube, everyone likes him.

    I watched part of one of his videos. It was terrible, he is god-tier annoying.

    I know how unpopular my opinion is.
  18. Game Grumps fans are called "lovelies", it isn't an army because they don't acknowledge us as an "army" This seems to be a trend along YouTube. If a YouTuber (such as pewdiepie) calls their fans an army, they act like one and feel they must band together to claim that said YouTuber is superior to others. This also applies to SkydoesMinecraft's SkyArmy who go around claiming gold is "Budder"

    Anyway, about Pewds. Pewds is too much. an Overrated Swedish guy with no real humor. If you want some of the scaredy cat humor he provides without the bullshit, I recommend Markiplier instead, he does the same scaredy cat humor, but can also be decently funny too. I am not subscribed to either.

    The thing that turns me off the most is his Sexual humor. Wearing womens underwear, slinging his junk around with decently placed censor bars. He really doesn't deserve any of his fans.

    Just know that this guy is so famous, someone tried to make a RP about him, it failed instantly (its also how I found out about him)
  19. Honestly, I'm not too sure I understand what's so entertaining about them, or how he's managed to raise an "army" of "bros".

    Considering that members enrolled in the Youtube Partners program earn money based on how many views their videos have, however, I would say he's just some guy who's posting videos and making money off of all of you.

    I may not personally find any entertainment value in his videos, but I'm pretty sure he's not a dummy.
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