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  1. "So he does have a conscious."
  2. *casts spell on you to make you feel better and huggles* <3 Don't worry about it, hon~ I feel lonely too~
  3. "Thank you princess." He lifted Ashley to his shoulder and patted her back.
  4. "She's distracted. Has she ever been to earth?"

    Melody yawn softly.
  5. "I think she's curious about the outside. I doubt she's seen any color besides red and black in that castle."
  6. "I'm saying that heaven should hold him more accountable for it."
  7. "I have to see what happened." He stood up and continued to try and burp Ashley.
  8. "It's so different, huh." He said as he carried her to the window.
  9. I've seen some of the first part of the first episode, I'm in willing to watch it with you x3
  10. Don't hug me, I'm scared
  11. Honestly, I'm probably going to save up for a Cintiq tablet later on. It's at least a thousand, but I'm starting to do sketches, paper, and painting commissions to earn so I can start with digital art. ;; So far I can do several digital art on Adobe Illustrator, but it's not going to look as good as actually drawing digitally. I plan on figuring out where to have all my commission requests and work stuff located online, but so far school has been holding me off on doing this.

    I have a website on Wixsite that shows the work I've done the past semester with my three Graphic design classes... So, yeah. Eventually I'll have my own domain and create an online shop to purchase artwork and poster designs..

    I should probably make another website containing work with commissions and personal projects... But I'm still working on my art style...

    Artwork (open)

    Cherry from Studio Killers (Sketch)

    Rose Quarts and Steven from Steven Universe (Sketch)

    DETERMINATION from Undertale (Painting)

    Here Comes a Thought from Steven Universe (Paper Comic)

    Over the Garden Wall (Sketch)

    Most of the art that I do isn't original, but I like to call them "interpretation" art. I won't be selling these since obviously they're not mine, but I like to practice on recreating other artist's work to figure out my own art style, but I'm still working on this. ;; Hence why I never really commissioned art in the first place until I have a specific art style..​
  12. Ashley look around the hallway curiously.
  13. We're in Chapter 3, lol.
  14. lmao. I was trying to sound like a whiny teen.
  15. "I know beautiful. It's why I have never held a grudge." *john smiled as he gently kissed her hand
  16. I'm a day late, but I finally got my driver's license.

    Not that I'm actually going to leave my house or anything

    Also, today I started learning German, so now I can feel like I'm actually doing something productive with my time.
  17. "Well, I mean I could have killed you from that distance... I missed on purpose.... it'd be stupid if you didn't figure that out.." Kunari babbled, she remember she took the risk, she knew she grazed his heart, any closer and it really would have meant his life. Kunari had often had nightmares of actually getting his heart instead of a near miss, nightmares that scared her off sleep for decades, "My aim isn't that horrible, I knew you'd survive..." Kunari lied nervously.
  18. Guys, my hardcore roleplayer adrenaline has kicked in and I'm freaking hyped and pumped! As I was working on this new guide, I just had this crazy idea of actually throw out the open-world roleplay this whole series was meant to be. This is it while you guys wait for the Main Story and Special Event to come in, so you guys don't get bored and start your interactions with your characters.

    What do you guys think? Should I do it?
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  19. um, hello! my name's hayley- i joined this clan cause... idk im new, i should probably talk to people right?

    anime is cool even though i dont watch it as much now cause of school and all, but HxH will always have a special place in my heart and yuri on ice was great tbh

    uh... i like anything that catches my interest, tbh. ^^