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Who is in your survival party?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Fijoli, Jun 11, 2014.

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  1. image.jpg

    Myself (Fijo), Dexter Morgan, Spock, and Seth MacFarlane.

    I totally am cool with my team :D​
  2. Hmmm. The people in my Party areeeee

    The Doctor, Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion) andddd Darth Vader
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  3. Dexter Morgan, Gandalf, and Will Smith. So I've got a killer, a Wizard, and a man known for his onscreen adaptability. Gandalf help take down a flaming eye how much worse could the end of the world be?
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  4. Looks like I'm hosed. Kim Kardashian (goes without saying), Batman (who doesn't kill), and Tyrion Lannister (as much as I like him, he's far better at the political intrigue instead of the killing).
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  5. What kind of flowers would you like on your grave. Also what sort of religious figure should we get to do the funeral?
  6. Hm. Call me classic, but carnations seem the best for death. Let's get an eastern religion to send me out, Taoism maybe?
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  7. Dr. Gregory House
    and whoever Slash is.

    Looks like I too will be dying, unless Spock comes with the Enterprise, then I'm getting off this planet.
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  8. Slash is a musician. So if you thought he was anything like his name implied, I'm sorry, that hope is gone.
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  9. You seriously don't know who Slash, have you been living under a rock or are fourteen? Next to Jimi Hendrix Slash is the greatest guitar god out there.

    We should have him do J_" Kraken" funeral.
  10. Captain Picard, James Franco, Spock.

    T__T Such a cool team except for the James Franco.
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  11. Haha. Well, 100% screwed then eh?
    Oh well. That pretty much fit with my expectations. Honestly I'd rather be a Zombie. Who wants to live though it anyways?
    Ouch. I have no idea who these people are you're talking about. And no i'm not 14. But who cares about who makes music, as long as it's free over the radio.
  12. Abby Sciuto, Iron Man and Jackie Chan.

    Who the hell is Abby Sciuto?
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  13. Wait a second, that's the goth chick from NCIS, not CSI!
  14. Well, he should play Run to the Hills for a song that inspires people to both remember my memory and run from the enclosing undead.
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  15. Dexter and George Takei....I don't know if I'll be safe or not, but at least I'll be amused! Oh my!

    Wait! My phone took forever to load up the image. Darth Vader as well! Star Wars and Star Trek...just need someone from Stargate and I can have a nerdgasm.
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  16. The Doctor, Darth Vader, and Jon Stewart. I think I'm going to do pretty well. :D
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  17. Dexter Morgan, The Incredible Hulk and Miley Cyrus. So, I have a killer who I know nothing about, that is always nice. Then you have the Hulk, he'll just kill everything. Lastly, a girl whose just gonna twerk at every damn thing that moves. I shall be sitting in the back, holding my sword and gun, laughing my ass off as a man plans out his killings, a big green man breaks all and a girl scares things away with her dancing.
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  18. Dexter's good at making complex plans and is very logical. Miley can provide a distraction or act as bait (or a food supply if it comes down to that) while Hulk takes out literally anything that gets in your way.
    Sounds like a good team to me, as long as you can keep Dexter from offing Miley in a fit of irritation, or Bruce Banner from going sentimental and peaceful like he does sometimes.
  19. Unfortunately I think they'd avoid Miley Cyrus, which still serves her purpose I suppose - better to avoid them then bait them?

  20. I sure some ranch dressing and sheep blood will turn Miley into perfectly good bait.
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