Who here plays WoW?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Esthalia, Feb 9, 2015.

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  1. I just started back up and it would be nice to have people to talk to and game with :)

    My tag is Esthalia#1758 , or you could add me by my email. Samantha.Perrotta@gmail.com

    I'm currently on Scarlet Crusade (RP) but would be willing to re-roll on another server if people wanted to play together (not that that's 100% necessary now that we can just join servers lol)

    Let me know <3
  2. I play WoW, I'm on and off the game at times, Right now I'm off. I'm on Thourium Brotherhood/Silver Hand/Farstriders. Gotta love those Realm connections. I have some Alts I'm looking to transfer elsewhere, (Too damned many alts). So Alliance or Horde? I play both sides. :p
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  3. Used to for nearly eight years. On and off for a few months if the content got slow and my few friends slid off.

    This is the first expansion I didn't get on release day, but I'm glad I didn't. Most people I know simply don't play..

    Miss muh resto wuggin drood.
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  4. I just started playing to. Former hordie turned alliance thanks to my husband's instance on switching servers to join a friend, who immediately quit once we moved. @_@ I miss my little gobbie lock, she was so adorable! Gnomes just aren't quite as cute...

    I'm on Anvilmar, which is most likely where I'll be staying since I forked out a small chunk to move my character there. But if anyone wants to add me, my battle tag is Nydanna#1595 or TMS78@live.com.
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  5. I was going to play WoW back when I had my dad's Mac Permanently, but the tutorial and the shattered belief that I couldn't instantly play as the character I wanted kinda shattered the want to XD
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  6. WoW doesn't have a tutorial. Just starting zones with some basic "how to play" boxes.

    What did you want to play as?
  7. Right now I'm on Scarlet Crusade. It's not very active on the RP front (As far as I can tell right now). A while a go, I tried setting up an Iwaku RP guild, but there wasn't enough people interested :(
  8. Not much anywhere unless your on Moon Guard or WRA. They seem to be the only two active Role-playing servers left. Most hard core players are RP'ing through guild custom channels, Guild channel, or officer channel. Those hard core RP guilds are damned near impossible to get into and they do nothing else. And of course, a lot of Rp'ers went to Private Servers.

    I've given up on RP through in-game. I've been able to find a few WoW RP's here so RP in-game isn't really important.

    I'll my account back up in a few days. I'm going to wait until after Maintenance tomorrow. :p
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  9. Esthalia, I actually have a guild on Scarlet Crusade at a bunch of my friends play in. Alliance side of course.
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  10. I'd love to play with you all the same. I like the idea of RPing while questing in game (doesn't need to be together, but it's something that makes the game more interesting). I feel that playing as your character while playing the game -and- playing as your character in a chat rp is very enjoyable.

    Add me when you get back on the game :)

    Awesome! what is your info and i'll add you! We can talk more about that guild! :3
  11. My main is Darinvalor. lvl 100 dk. It's not an rp guild and made up mostly of my family and friends. We're rebuilding after not doing much in MoP.
  12. Regardless of guild stuff, at least I'll have someone else to chat with while playing :D
  13. I play! I play!


    Not that it matters, All of you are on RP servers xD

    I just sit in Alexstrasza raiding all day >.<
  14. lol it doesn't matter if you're on a different type of server, the point is to add eachother so we can chat with one another and make friends! :D
  15. Hm...Oh.

    Welp, I MIGHT add you if I get the time.
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  16. God Damnit, Stop raiding all day long! (J/k) And not all of us are. I think Ny is on PvE server as well. But seriously, I'll try to get my account back up today. I've been just.. Blah with work.
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    Work is sort of like that?
  18. I hate my job sometimes. I'll never know what possessed me to think it was a good career choice. Totally cuts into WoW and RP time. lol
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  19. And those are so much more important!
  20. I know exactly what you mean about the whole work thing. I've been pretty stressed out about work and life in general. Makes me wish I had more time to do nothing and play WoW till my brains turn to mush.
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