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  1. I have trouble finding other people who like these two franchises, and I'm pretty sure my friends are sick of me yapping about franchises that they don't care about xP

    -Godzilla. Both the Japanese and the 1998 American version, but admittedly I like the American '98 Zilla better *prepares to dodge a barrage rotten fruit* and the cartoon Godzilla: The Series that followed the '98 movie. The 2014 Godzilla was okay. Godzilla 2000 is probably my favorite of the Japanese ones that I've seen, but Godzilla vs King Kong is right up there with it.

    -Rise/Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I've seen the original Planet of the Apes and it was interesting, but I like the two new ones a lot better~ I have things about Rise/Dawn that I'd love to discuss with somebody else who likes the movies!
  2. Rise and Dawn were awesome films!

    I also thought you were talking about the Film the Thing, which is why I clicked since that was an awesome film. Both the remake/sequel, and the original. The Game as well.
  3. @The Silver Paladin Ahh, sorry about the confusion! xD;;

    I didn't expect to like Rise, but its one of my favorite movies and now Dawn has beaten Rise into submission. They are such great movies nnnngh.

    D'you think you could help clear up some of my confusion about Rise? There's one thing that had me confused. IMDB says the Ape that Caesar had to fight for control of the group was named "Alpha", but I thought that was Rocket? Maurice asked Caesar why he gave Rocket a cookie, as though Caesar should have an issue with Rocket. I don't remember Caesar having problems with any Ape except for the alpha male??
  4. Did somebody say Godzilla?

    Man the nostalgia with those movies.

    I saw the remake of rise of the planet of the apes but haven't seen dawn yet.

    Every time I try something comes up to stop me.
  5. @Lucifers Sairen I wish I had nostalgia for the Japanese films! The only Japanese Godzilla movie I saw as a kid was Godzilla vs King Kong. I grew up with the Godzilla: The Series cartoon, then saw the 1998 American movie as a teenager. I didn't start to actually watch any Japanese movies until last year, but I don't have easy access to many of them. I forgot all of the names of the ones I have seen, but I've probably only seen five or so. As far as Rise/Dawn, I really hope you get a chance to see Dawn! I don't know what it is about it, maybe its getting to actually see the Apes living in their own society, but I like Dawn more than Rise, and that's saying a lot!
  6. Hated the 98' Godzilla movie, but I liked the newest one quite a bit.

    Also a fan of the newer Planet of the Apes movies and the originals. Eff the one with Wahlberg in it though. My buddy bought that one on dvd, watched it once then returned the movie claiming the disc was defective, lol.
  7. @Seth Bloodmoon Most people in the Godzilla fandom seem to hate the '98 movie, so no surprise there. I just didn't like the newest one very much. I wasn't interested in the human characters, and when they make the movie mostly about human characters that I'm not interested in, well, you know. I also would've liked to have seen Godzilla in it more, but that atomic breath was the best ever. So there's that.

    Is the Wahlberg the one by Tim Burton? I haven't seen that one, but I haven't heard very good things about it.
  8. Destroy all Monsters.

    Gave me a fear of earrings.
  9. @Asmodeus I haven't seen that one D: How is it??
  10. @CozyCoz I don't remember what channel use to do marathons of the japanese Godzilla movies. But me and my mom would sit and watch each and everyone of them that came on. I've never seen the series one, didn't think they could come up with a series about him. The only American one I saw was the 2014 one. I do know they are making another one and the japanese are making another as well. The japanese movie will come out before the American. As for the sheer size of movies theres a lot of them. I don't think I've seen them all though o.o
  11. I think it was the first Japanese movie I ever saw. It's got alien dopplegangers and an entire island of monsters kicking the shit out of King Gidorah.

    And Godzilla TALKS... psychically... to his little armadillo buddy....
  12. @CozyCoz I can't say I was overly interested in the human characters either in the new Godzilla and the big guy definitely needed some more screen time. Still, what we got with him was pretty awesome, imo. And he wasn't just a giant, mutated iguana like in the '98 movie.

    As for the one Planet of the Apes movie, I'm unsure who directed it. I just know it was pretty horrible, imo.
  13. @Lucifers Sairen There were two American Godzilla cartoon series that I know of, one older one called "Godzilla and Godzookie", and "Godzilla: The Series" which came about in the late 90s. Godzilla and Godzookie hasn't aged well to me, but its not super awful. I actually like Godzilla: The Series more now than I did as a kid, I didn't appreciate how 'grown up' it actually was, back then~

    @Asmodeus I've never heard of Godzilla talking, this is something I absolutely must investigate! xD

    @Seth Bloodmoon I really hope he gets more screentime in the sequel, their design for him is interesting and I need to see that atomic breath again! I like the 'mutated iguana' thing much better either way and I highly doubt the next American movie will top it for me, but as long as it has more of Godzilla and less of the uninteresting human characters, I should enjoy it ^u^ Has there been any leaked info about it, do you know? I think I heard a rumor awhile back that it was going to have Mothra in it, but I could be totally wrong.
  14. @Asmodeus ...Oh my goodness xD Godzilla actually talking... that's a new one!
  15. @CozyCoz I may have to look up the series just to see what they were like ^u^

    Though I can't wait til the newer ones come out. Wonder how those will go, especially with the American version. They won't come out with it til 2018 or possibly sooner. Though thats a long time to work on it. Maybe they just want to make sure it'll end up as a good movie.
  16. @Lucifers Sairen I was pretty sure the newer American one was intended to be a trilogy, but I could be wrong. Either way, its great to see the big guy being revived~ ^u^ I know a lot of people who are super excited to see Godzilla in the spotlight again.
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