Who Dunnit!? (forum games version)

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  1. The game is simple, a man has been murdered and you have to convince us that you are not the culprit! Find as many wacky reasons as possible as to why you aren't the murderer.

    I'll start: "My glasses were fogged up at the time of the murder, so I couldn't have done it" (Actual quote from the game Clue)
  2. "I couldn't have done it, because I was busy getting rid of the corpse of my mother-in-law. What, witnesses? Well, my wife was there too, so..."
  3. "I was busy skinny dipping in the Potomac River because I wanted to find the quarter lost in it about 25 years ago. However, last I heard the murderer was most likely a butler."
  4. ''It couldn't have been me, for I was in the bathroom letting out last night's horrific dinner. My buttocks still hurts a little..''
  5. "I couldn't have done it because I was at the birthday party for my squirrel. My moose can vouch for me as to where I was."
  6. "Can't be me I was busy doing your mom."
  7. "Killing? Me? Of course not sir. I couldn't have done it as I was having my neighbor for dinner during that time. His name? That doesn't matter much now as there's not much left of him any longer."
  8. I only harvest the souls of children.