Who Does What?

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  1. Alright, time for a semi-serious question. We have a large and growing staff who are dedicated to making the site run smoothly and keeping things fun. Most of you have probably encountered several of us. So here's the question. What do you think each of the staff you know or have talked to does? This is your own opinion, not what is listed on the Meet the Staff page or what your best friend thinks. This also isn't a place to criticize or praise. I am just curious what role you think each staff member takes around the site.



    If you don't know anything about someone, you don't have to guess, just skip over them for now. It is perfectly fine to only mention those you've actually had encounters with or seen around Iwaku. Remember, this is NOT the place to bring up disputes, criticize, or praise.
  2. Alriiight. This is shameful. But all I know is that

    Diana - Painstakingly, manually adds banners to the circulation.

    Ozzie - Runs the mentorship program(?)
  3. Of the staff I've met so far, I'd have to say something along the lines of:

    [This is the not-serious portion]
    Diana and Vay keep it sexy. I haven't really met Rory ; ;

    Kitteh makes fun challenges.
    Grumps and Asmodeus keep me entertained... personally.
    Myrn's job is to maintain an awesome dutch accent.
    Revision, you stay friendly and pop up at random times for amazing conversations.
    Iliana likes my challenge works and makes meh feel loved.
    Celestialis is essentially a giant glowing sun of happy, it's awesome.
    Layne gives me seals of approval, which I dare not break.
    If Ozzie = Ossochanter, he's the awesome guy who doesn't smack me around for being bad at reading mentoring guidelines <_<

    [This is the serious portion]
    The rest I haven't gotten to know well enough personally, but I hear tell that they are all pretty awesome. Thanks to the admins for running the site, and all of the staff members for their parts in moderating, running the different sections and challenges, and maintaining the site.
    But seriously, official assigned duties or not, every one of you is fun and does a great job keeping the site to the amazing standard of courtesy and respect that is hard to find on other sites.
    Thanks for all the work guys, always willing to lend a hand or an ear if you wanted one.
  4. Half of you are workaholics and the other half do too much.
  5. Diana - Rules over the staffers, takes care of the forum, takes care of the awesome signs xD
    Kitti - Makes creative challenges
    Iliana - Makes a lot of writing thingies in the roleplay academy
    Ozzie - makes awesome roleplays, and has done some challenges?

    The rest: Takes care of the forum somehow even though I have no idea what they're doing x3
  6. Celestialis - Creates the weekly Song challenges (which I've been falling behind on. Must go catch up soon...) And she hosts the monthly Karaoke night~

    Illiana - Voices of Iwaku. Which I keep missing due to I have no clue whenever the meetings are D: My time conversion is off. She also puts up a lot of writing exercises in the Roleplay Academy
  7. I have talked to some staff members, but the only ones I know the duties of are the following:

    Revision - Takes care of the world-building projects, plans and makes roleplays.
    Myrnodyn - A moderator of Mature Roleplays.
    Kitti - Responsible for the plot challenges.
    Celestialis - Responsible for the music challenges.
    Cerulean - Also a moderator of Mature Roleplays.

    Forgive me if I got someone wrong.
  8. Okay, let's give this a shot.

    Diana: Posts PSA's and most of the polls. Handles some bugs that get reported. Throws rocks at the rude.

    Kitti: Makes picture and character challenges. Manages the Iwaku Triad games. Does the Horoscope, I believe?
    Ozzie: Deals with most of the Iwaku Academy stuff.
    Myrn: Handles the mature sections of the site. Keepin' Iwaku sexy.
    Revision: Makes a roleplay guide/helpful tips section. From what I hear, also does way too much other work that never gets elaborated on.
    Iliana: Makes writing challenges, runs the Voices of Iwaku group.
    Celest: Makes the music themed challenges.
    Layne: Manages the Iwaku Personals.