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    He didn't get it. He just couldn't comprehend why, out of all of the agents, they had chosen him to take part in this demeaning mission. Well, perhaps they decided on him because he looked as if he could blend well into the role and was endowed with the necessary aspects. But still.... He honestly wished he had never gotten into this in the first place. If he wasn't one of the agency's most credible agents, then maybe he would have escaped this particular task. Luck was not his ally today....or, perchance, it was. He had arrived to the interview approximately five minutes early, and the long skirt his bosses had forced him into was peculiarly more comfortable than his pants. Quite the disturbing revelation. Then again, it had better be with the constricting stuffed bra that clung relentlessly around his torso. 'This corset is killing me... How shall I kill those old geezers when I get back...?' he whispered both mentally and maliciously, still unaccustomed to the attire currently restricting his steady breathing. His bosses felt that the corset was needed, apparently.

    Kalen was already slender with a well-toned physique, but they had forced him into the corset in order to create the illusion of curves for increased authenticity. Kalen had merely assumed that they wanted to torture him though, all the while obtaining a good laugh out of it. He was about 5'11" in height--and of course, still growing--, so he made sure to wear faint heels in order to partially blame said height on the shoes. Though, any taller than an inch and he'd be stumbling down the halls later. Somehow, he appeared surprisingly natural playing as the role of a woman taller than average. In spite of all of his deemed qualifications for the special mission at hand, he was also the owner of countless drawbacks. For instance, Kalen was knowledgeable about the opposite sex in a scienticific sense, but he barely held any direct experience with them. As an agent, he simply didn't have the time to. Was that a trait that his bosses had expected him to learn quickly whilst living in the dorm? Sighing, Kalen took a seat across from the counselor's desk to initiate the interview.

    He possessed a peculiar talent that he didn't get to apply to his routine all that often, but for this mission, it would be rendered quite useful. Kalen was capable of imitating any sound that he perceived in a 'so similar that's it's kind of eery' way, whether it be the voice of a little girl or the sound of a dog barking. For the interview, he borrowed the voice of a young woman he had passed on the streets a short while ago. Well, 'rent out' for as long as he was on this mission. 'Alright. Maybe luck is on my side today. Who knows--they might end up hating me and if that were to happen, I wouldn't have to go through with the rest of this...' After musing once more, he focused his full attention on the interviewer. And several minutes later, Kalen was mentally cursing up a storm as he angrily headed towards the dormitory building. 'Damn, damn, daaaamn!! They loved me?!? How could they like me with how disinterested I sounded? And...! No, maybe I was too truthful with my actual credentials.' He had retained one final opportunity to slip out of this mess entirely, but he blew it by placing a portion of his outstanding credentials into the resume.

    He knew now that he had no one else to blame but himself...or did he? He could have sworn that he had brought the negative resume along with him. Did one of those geezers switch the resume when he wasn't watching? Upon reaching the dorm's entrance, the 20 year-old lad reluctantly trudged to his room while dragging the compact rolling suitcase behind him. It contained the majority of his female clothing and other various supplies even though the amount was insignificant in total. Kalen immediately dropped the black suitcase by his bed and walked up to the blank wall. His roommate hadn't arrived yet, and considering that he was still slightly fuming, he decided to endeavor in venting out most of his frustrations...with the wall. "This. Is. A. Load. Of. Shi--!" Within each pause, he had slammed his forehead into the wall as if he were attempting to knock out what little sense he had remaining. However, Kalen had bizarrely seized in his actions before a particularly colorful word escaped his mouth. Why? Because a female voice had intervened. Instantly, Kalen's steel-blue irises dilated. "Um, hello...?" the voice stated with uncertainty, nearly compelling Kalen to jump out of his skin.

    Hesitantly, Kalen swiveled his head to the young woman standing at the entrance of the large room. His lengthy silver hair mildly whipped him in the face subsequent to turning so swiftly. The girl held a much broader suitcase alongside her, in comparison to his own. "Er..." Kalen began awkwardly as he quickly recollected himself. "S-sorry about that--I was just...um..." he added, recalling to use the female voice he had borrowed from earlier. 'Damn, she probably already thinks I'm crazy... Not good.' he thought, irked at himself for standing out. "I'm Kalen. It's...nice to meet you! You're my...roommate, right?" he stated with the most sincerest smile etched into his features. Somehow, he had cleaned up his act in an instant. Must have been the agent nature kicking in. Though, his smile was a genuine one.
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    Ashela Trenton stared at the young woman she was to board with for the next couple of semesters, saying that they survived the first. She walked in, pulling her suitcase along and listened the the young woman speak nervously. "First time here too?" She asked with a pleasant grin. She relaxed a little, glad to know she wouldn't be the only one getting used to the new lifestyle. "And yeah, I'm Ashela, Ashela Trenton. It's a pleasure to meet you," she said as she put her suitcase next to the wall that wasn't taken and held out a hand.

    She had pulled her blond-red hair back in a small pony tail at the back of her neck for the day of travel though some of the shorter strands had fallen from it's place. Her green eyes were gentle as she smiled at her new roommate. She'd worn a medium length skirt having wanted to both hide her legs but at the same time not seem like a scared little girl by hiding them completely. The neckline of her black shirt that played off the grey's and black's of her skirt's design was decently low--somewhere between too low and too high to be proper. It revealed just a hint of cleavage but at the same time hid more than it showed.
  3. "Ah... Yes, it is." Kalen replied with a faint smile, relatively relieved. Okay, so his roommate didn't appear to be weirded out at catching him in the midst of one of his 'heading-banging' moments. He had thrived for a good first impression, and it'd be a let-down for a mere head-banging session to set him back so far. Above all, the young woman seemed to be pleasant enough. Though, in the back of his mind, he hoped to be a decent roommate himself. His petite smile broadened as he reached out to take her extended hand, shaking it gently. Honestly, he was close to bowing in order to kiss the back of her hand instead of shaking it. Just like he'd seen in the cheesy romantic movies he'd occasionally watch in secrecy. At least, he felt like he wanted to do so with her presence. Of course, he was swift to remember who he currently was. 'Huh. She's cute...' he began, immediately halting his notion right there on the spot.

    'No! Okay, that's something I really can't think about right now! Especially not as a woman. I might as well go back to thinking negatively....' he mused momentarily, carefully monitoring the way his eyes examined Ashela. After all, he rarely interacted with women. However, he wasn't the type of man to gawk at a lady's cleavage. Sure, he'd be tempted to glance but that's about it. He wasn't one to regard much focus onto attire either, but he couldn't help admiring the darker hue against her skintone. As he noted the medium length of her skirt, another thought came to mind: 'I think my bosses overdid it with this long skirt...'. Even so, he was also being overly cautious. Despite the length of the skirt, he had on a pair of black shorts underneath. It was merely to ensure that if anyone just so happened to catch a glimpse, nothing would look....'odd' down there. The last thing he wanted was to blow his cover, especially in such a humiliating way.

    Subsequent to withdrawing his hand, Kalen took a seat on his bed and looked up to Ashela with a lingering smile. He was happy that the introductions weren't as awkward as he thought they would be, which definitely placed his disposition into a more relaxed mood. "I hope we have a great year here together." he stated contently prior to pondering. It was already obvious that she was also a new student here, so he couldn't ask her that. What about...? "So what's your major Ashela?" he queried curiously. Well, he was genuinely curious about that...so why not ask....? Though, the question made him wonder about another situation: his major. While he was in here posing as a student, he might as well possess a major to pass the time. Who knows. Maybe he'll even have some sort of epiphany about another career he'd always wanted to engage in.
  4. Ashela had smiled back at the girl when she'd shook her hand before she turned and started to unpack her suitcase on the bed. Seeing as she thought the person across from her was female, she had no problem putting her undergarments on the bed as she sorted things to be put in the small dresser that was at the foot of her bed. Skirts, pants, shirts and sweaters along with the school uniform were all set out as well before she pulled out a pack of hangers and began to work on that as she pondered his question. "To be honest, I haven't really chosen a major," she admitted with a smile over at Kalen, "Though I'm leaning more towards music or literature. I have mostly first level classes this semester which should introduce me to the topics and help me decide. What about yourself Kalen? Do you have one picked out?"

    As she spoke she worked, putting the clothes away in their rightful places until it came to the shared closet that they would have. Hesitating, she then put her clothes in and smashed them to one side so that the other girl could have more room if she needed. She then went back to her suitcase and pulled out two bags before looking in each and settling on the one in her right hand. She first pulled out two book ends. One was in the form of a book open to a page with the words 'Once upon a time'. The other was a mix of different instruments--flute, violin, piano--and a music sheet behind them. She set these up on the top of her dresser and then took the rest of the contents of the back and put them in between the two ends. Romance novels and a few romance movies now decorated her side of the room.

    All of this took less than five minutes for her to complete. She then turned and crossed the room and held out the bag that had been in her left hand. "I hope you don't mind. Mother always told me it's wise to give those you must share a room with a present as a wish for good tidings and well, I do home we have a good year together, so I bought a few perfumes and lotions for you. I went with rather generic scents that most people like because I didn't know what kind of girl you were," she explained with a friendly smile.
  5. "No, I don't have a major picked out yet either." Kalen replied, shortly after perceiving her own response on the matter of choosing a major. "I thought I was the only one that hadn't chosen." he added, taking heed not to glance at the undergarments placed on the bed. Although he didn't have much of an idea just yet, he was faintly considering double-majoring. Yes, that would certainly pass the time. With that aside, he possessed more than one interest, of which he didn't want to pass up either of them. After looking up from the compact suitcase, he noticed that Ashela was currently smashing her clothes to ones side of the shared closet, in order to preserve room for her roommates clothing. "Oh, I don't have much with me, so please feel free to take the majority of the closet space." Kalen stated with a smile, prior to feeling the vibrations of her cellphone.

    Blinking, he turned his attention to the smallest compartment of his suitcase, unzipping it to retrieve his phone. He had received a text message, but from who? Well, despite that he kind of had an idea, he opened the message to read it anyway. 'Are you in?' The message was short and to the point. Kalen's brows burrowed into a mild frown, though he attempted to hide his apparent annoyance to the message upon waiting for a response from his roommate. 'Yes, I'm in already. By the way, prepare to die when I see you three bastards again...' Message sent. After sending the text message, he turned his smartphone off completely and stuffed it right back into the small pocket of his suitcase. Kalen was a nice guy. Really, he was. He wasn't usually violent, and had always preferred talking over violence, but...his bosses were probably capable of converting the kindest person into a cold monster when having to deal with them.

    Kalen sighed; what was he going to do with them? Well, no matter. Upon attempting to focus back onto the situation at hand, he surveyed Ashela as she decorated the top of her dresser with the two book ends. There were also romance movies and novels decorating the rest of her side. When he had mentioned that he didn't have much with him, he really didn't. Thus, decorations for his side of the room were certainly not in his suitcase. Eventually, a surprised expression hit the lad's features when he realize that Ashela was holding one of the bags out to her. Honestly, he wasn't expecting to receive something from his roommate, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. Well, it would have been even more so if he were actually her female roommate and if he was actually a genuine student of the college. In spite of being taken aback, Kalen beamed in Ashela's direction and modestly took the bag she was giving to him.

    "Oh wow~! Thank you Ashela, this is really nice of you! I could definitely use this." Kalen replied gratefully, peeking into the bag. He had never really received a gift before, so he was happy for it nonetheless. Besides, he could really use it even though he never used lotion...or perfume. However, the scent of the perfume would make him blend in well with his disguise. It would be more believeable that way, even if the scents were generic. "Aww, but I didn't get you anything." he said thoughtfully. He felt that if a gift was given to him, it was appropriate to give one in return.
  6. Ashela grinned at the other person and shook her head, making a few of her bangs fall in front of her face. "No, you don't have to get me anything," she said quickly, raising her hands as if she was trying to stop whatever was happening. "Then I'd feel obligated to get you one to repay the one you gave me and it would just keep going until one of us ran out of ideas." She was giggling a little as she explained this, having gotten into one such situation at her high school and it had not been

    "If you really want to give me a gift though," she said after a moment, "You could say that you don't mind romancey stuff and won't tease me when I read romance novels and watch the movies." She was smiling almost sheepishly now, thinking back to the last room mate she'd had that had not been int he least understanding of the romanctic part of the books. She'd been so intent on feminism and how women couldn't and shouldn't fall for such 'droll' creatures as men that did the things that Ashela read about in books because they were all 'fake anyway'. The girl before Kalen had counted the days she'd been away from the woman with an almost reverence, as if praying that she never met the woman again, though she knew that she was indeed going to meet her again because she went to this college now. "Do you like romance novels Kalen?" she asked as she slowly backed up to her side of the room and finished pulling things out and putting them away before closing the suitcase and sliding it under her bed.
  7. Before noticing, a chuckle pushed past Kalen's lips merely thining about the scenario Ashela had placed into his head. Endlessly repaying one another with gifts would be...comical, but somehow unnerving simultaneously. If anything, he'd surely be the one to run out of ideas first if that were to ever happen. Hopefully, it wouldn't. And it would all be avoided by taking Ashela's word of not hurrying off to buy her a souvenir or something along the lines of that. "It sounds like you have a bit of experience with such a situation." Kalen stated jokingly, a smirk reforming onto his lips. By now, Kalen had partially unzipped his suitcase, gradually preparing to unpack. In all honesty, he didn't want to be bothered with it altogether. So...call it 'stalling' if you will. It wasn't like he possessed anything suspicious-looking within anyhow, considering that he literally had nothing but female clothing on top. The black shorts he wore beneath the skirts--along with his underwear--were packed at the very bottom.

    Kalen perked up instantaneously though, when Ashela began with, "If you really want to give me a gift though,". He looked up from his suitcase again, steel-blue irises filled with attentive curiosity. Although he was still stalling with the packing, he did genuinely want to hear what he could give to her in return without triggering a year-long gift exchange program. His optics dilated faintly as he heard the rest of her statement. Her request was certainly easy enough to fulfill, especially since--well, he was interested in the same thing. However, he didn't say anything about it. At least, not yet. Though, even if he hadn't been into romance movies and novels, he wouldn't have bothered her about it anyway. "Oh, of course! I would never tease a fellow roommate about their interests. Everyone's entitled to their own hobbies. And the truth is I really don't mind romancey stuff..." He trailed off, as if he wanted to say more about that but didn't...until Ashela asked if 'she' liked romance novels.

    Swallowing hard and stiffening up, Kalen subconsciously began to tug at the collar of his white button-up blouse as he averted his eyes from her. Old nervous habits. "Er...well, I'm a little picky with my tastes, but yes, I do like romance novels. ...But I pretty much love all kinds of romance movies. Even the considerably cheesy ones..." he admitted with a sheepish smile of his own. And by 'picky', he meant that he usually tended to read the romance novels that were somewhat...'explicit' in its content. There was something about romance movies, though, that made him adore nearly every one of them. Perhaps Kalen was a little embarrassed about admitting his little secret because it was his first time openly admitting it to someone like so. Maybe it was a bit easier to do so posing female? After all, the probability of being ridiculed for it as a female was much lower than if he were male. Though, as Kalen's words were: everyone was entitled to their own hobbies and interests, right? Pausing, he realized that she was already done with packing and would have liked to as swift as she was with it. Oh, how bothersome--he hadn't even begun yet.
  8. The young woman across from him slowly sat on her bed and giggled. "Good. I think we'll be getting along great at this rate," she said happily before pointing at Kalen's suitcase. "Do you want some help unpacking? Or would you rather I just leave you be? I can be rather chatty when I don't really know what I'm supposed to be doing or when I'm don with that. Forgive me." She waited for his answer, ready to help but at the same time also posed to grab a book and lay back to pick up reading where she'd been at.

    She had to admit that the young woman wasn't anything that she had imagined for a roommate, not that she was complaining. She had feared she would get another male-hating woman that would discount her reading of romance novel's as folly. What was wrong with having a daydream of some happily ever after for as long as one read the book? Was it so hard for a woman to once or twice in her life find those fictional men that did everything right even if they were going to hurt them int he end by doing something wrong? Why couldn't she save herself to the trouble and just enjoy her romance through a book instead?
  9. Kalen relaxed slightly more when his roommate merely replied with a giggle and stated that they were going to get along great. Why was he expecting to be laughed at or ridiculed?? Perhaps, for a moment, it had slipped his mind that he was cross-dressing. He needed to get into the complete mindset that he was a woman. Not a man. Or else, trouble would certainly follow him. Eventually, a relieved smile curled back onto his lips. “Ah, I’m glad.” Kalen said, chuckling lightly. “Hmm...” He began to hum softly, as if considering the consequences if he accepted her help. It probably wasn’t a very bright idea to do, what with his more secretive belongings resting at the bottom of the small suitcase. “It’s alright, I can do this myself. I’m just being very lazy about it.” Kalen grinned.

    “And I don’t mind at all if you become chatty. You’re just quite friendly and I like that. Besides, I’m usually more a listener anyway. This is probably the most I’ve ever spoken to be honest with you...” And that’s when it hit him. He...really was talking much more than usual--well, for him. But it was probably due to the kind roommate he genuinely wasn’t expecting to get. He had definitely always been more a listener. He simply enjoyed hearing what others had to say. Er, scratch that. He loved to hear all except his bosses and/or guardians, thus why he had shut his mobile phone down. After Ashela grabbed one of her books, he proceeded with unpacking. Best to get it over with rather than continue to stall, right? After all, leaving everything in the suitcase would render it far more difficult to find suitable clothing to wear for class tomorrow. He was just happy that they possessed a bathroom to themselves and no suite-mates to share with, which would make it much easier to share and have adequate time in it.

    Thankfully, Kalen didn’t have too many blouses and skirts to hang up in the closet, so that didn’t take him much time to put away. And for the time being, he chose to keep his underwear and shorts in the suitcase rather than placing them into the dresser. Upon zipping up the suitcase, he swiftly slid it underneath the bed and released a small sigh. ‘Huh. Well that wasn’t too bad...’ he thought to himself before glancing at the time. He would have liked to simply ‘crash’, but at the same time, he felt like he didn’t want go to sleep just yet. Besides, he couldn’t go to sleep now and skip dinner in the dining hall, which was just around the corner. That was a no-no for him, what with his insatiable appetite. And with him being in a such an embellished college, they were bound to possess gourmet foods of all types.

  10. While Ashela read, she also watched the girl that was unpacking. At least, she pretended to read. It was hard to read when there was someone moving around and doing different things that would eventually just distract the young woman anyway. Eventually she was simply watching the other girl as she tried to figure out just what she was going to do about her new roommate. Like she said she didn't think there would be any problem, they'd probably get along great. It was more of Ashela's probably with girl's in general. Most could ignore her eccentricities--from her apparent lack of interest in men that were of flesh rather than of page to the fact that she didn't spend thirty minutes a morning on make-up because it would require her to get up thirty minutes earlier than absolutely necessary. That wasn't to say that she wasn't the kind of girl that wore make-up. She'd wear it... if it were for an absolutely required reason such as dances or dates or the like. Otherwise she felt it was just a nuisance.

    When she noticed that Kalen had finished, she snapped out of her thoughts and then shook her head as she rolled off her bed and then put her book away, spine facing the wall so that, if the other even looked, they wouldn't know that she was reading rather non-school-appropriate romance. Being at an all girl's school they had stricter guidelines than she liked about what the girls could bring on campus. It was obvious by the title that the book she was reading wasn't exactly pure romance but one of the more erotic books on the market at the time. SHe didn't mind. She felt that it enhanced the book and story-line rather than take away from it like most people seemed to think.

    "So, I heard that we live maybe two halls from the cafeteria. Have you had a chance to get to know the halls? To be honest I'm not all that great when looking a maps. After I've been somewhere, I've can normally get there, but the map they gave me is all jibberish to me," she said to bridge the slowly widening gap of silence that was starting to rise between herself and her roommate.
  11. ‘I wonder what book she’s reading...’ Kalen had pondered on this mentally while he had unpacked. He was curious about her specific tastes in romance novels. Was she as particular as he was, or did she enjoy most novels as he did movies? He wasn’t so sure about sneaking a peak at the title either. He didn’t want to invade Ashela’s privacy by doing so, and with the way she was positioned in, it would be quite apparent if he had tried stealing a glimpse. So he merely quenched said curiosity by making a fun guess about what kind of romance novel she was reading. ‘She seems like she wouldn’t read erotica, but...I’m going to guess and say that there is some erotica in it. Or maybe....it’s a sweet, but to-the-point romance novel?’ He took a seat on the edge of his bed as he playfully continued to ponder...until he had looked at the clock and instantaneously became distracted by the notion of dinner.

    Kalen surprisingly didn’t take note of the gradually expanding silence that began to form after completing his unpacking. Most likely because he was still daydreaming about dinner or the like. Of course, his mind snapped back to the actuality of things when he heard Ashela’s voice. Steely blue irises seemed to brighten at the first statement she had made about the cafeteria being only two halls away. “Really?” he began with a pleasant faint surprise tipping his tone. He shook his head, just now becoming aware that he had...no idea where anything was for that matter. He had taken the time to research all about the school and yet, he had paid little to no attention to the map of the campus. ‘How smart and resourceful of me....’ he thought with mild sarcasm as he stood up to his feet. He had already taken off the mild heels, figuring his feet could use a break from them. “No, I haven’t. I never even looked at the map they gave me....” he admitted, trailing off as he shoved his hand into the pocket of his long skirt.

    Eventually, he had pulled out a folded piece of paper. His poor excuse of the map that was given to him. Swiftly opening the small map up, he scanned it until his eyes spotted the dining hall. “I’m not too bad with maps. I should be able to figure out how to get there exactly.” he replied to her, squinting faintly. All of that reading in the dimmest of lights must be weakening his eyes due to the strain he tended to burden them with. “Okay, I see. We would just have to take a left coming out of the room, turn right at the end of the hall, and then...another left I believe.” he said, glancing up from the creased map in his lap. It was merely a requirement for him to adapt to maps quickly. It was the required skill of an agent, that is. It was a necessity to learn where everything was as swiftly as possible, whether it be for escaping or simply blending in. “It’s very convenient that it’s just two halls away though.” Kalen commented with a smile, gently brushing the map aside.

  12. Ashela giggled and stood from her bed and stretched, "Do you think you might navigate the two of us there Kalen? I could use with a little snack and personally I don't want to be at the dining hall when most other people are going to be there. You walk in and it's like some kind of fashion show of who is going to the school. Who is related to who, what this girl is wearing, what that one isn't," she asked, her eyes rolling at her description of the other women. It was then, as she considered the other woman that she remembered the thing at her home that could have saved her the need to put her book with the spine against the wall.

    "Oh mama, an clúdach leabhar! Ba chóir dom a thug an clúdach amaideach a cheilt ar an teideal an leabhair!" she exclaimed in rapid Irish, her palm striking her forehead. It would have saved her so much trouble and yet as she'd been packing she hadn't even considered it.

    Sighing she blushed as she looked over at Kalen, "Sorry," she said with a cough.


    Translation: Oh mama, the book cover! I should have brought the silly cover to hide the title of the book!
  13. “Oh, sure! If we go now, there should be barely anyone in there since dinner hasn’t exactly started yet...” Kalen replied, eventually standing back up to his feet. He chuckled at her description of the other woman, but in the back of his mind, he was now hoping that that was a bit of an exaggeration. However, he had an excruciating feeling that it most likely wasn’t. The last component that he desired right now was attention. He needed to keep as little attention to himself as possible, and if he’d have to go to the dining hall an hour early to avoid said commotion, then so be it. It would work out for the both of them to go now. Suddenly, Ashela began to speak in rapid excitement in a completely different language. Instinctively, it caused him to swivel his head into her direction. He gave her vacant stare, because clearly, he had no idea what in the world she had just said and hoped to goodness sake that she wasn’t expecting him to comprehend that.

    Sure, he had been forced to become bilingual because of his duties, but Irish was not on the list of languages that he was fluent in. “Huh??” he said in a rather stupid tone of voice, evidently relaxing when she apologized with a cough. Okay, good--so she wasn’t expecting him to understand that. He didn’t know why he tended to freeze up whenever he thought someone was speaking to him in another language. It could have been due to the nervousness that had always occurred when his bosses would give him pop quizzes on a particular language and ‘punish’ him for failing said surprise test. “Ahaha, phew--I thought you were talking to me...” Kalen partially joked, noting her blush. ‘Don’t know why she’s apologizing. The way she suddenly did that...was kind of cute anyway, even if it did catch me off-guard...’ he mused to himself with a faint smile. Of course, he mentally slapped himself thinking about that and continued on with the conversation.

    “I have no idea what you just said, but that’s such a beautiful language. It is...Irish, right?” he asked curiously as he walked to the door, prepared to leave for the dining hall. Although he didn’t know the language much at all, it wasn’t too difficult to decipher what language it was nevertheless.
  14. Ashela giggled and shook her head at her words of taking to her. "Oh, no. I wasn't. Sometimes when I remember something suddenly I slip into a different language, and you are right, it is Irish," she said as she bounced over to stand next to Kalen with a brighter smile. "My mother was Irish and liked to sing me stories in Irish when I was a child so I picked up on it and then took that in high school." She explained that as she walked to the door, a bounce in her step.

    "I was just saying that I should have brought a book cover that I'd gotten for my birthday so that people wouldn't bother me with their opinions on the books I read," she explained. She had never really liked it when others would say something in another language and then not explain what they said. It poked her curiosity a tad too much and left her wanting to find out just what the other had said. Of course that led to some other annoyances as well such as finding out that a 'friend' had called her a stuck up snob in Spanish once and then said she'd simply been commenting on someone else's dress.
  15. Instinctively, the young lad had opened the door for her, waiting for her to go through the doorway before he had. It could have merely been regarded as common courtesy though, even if he wasn’t currently a male. Women opened the door for one another every now and then, didn’t they? He wasn’t so sure, but he figured that that was probably the case. Intently, he listened to her words all the while closing the door behind them. He turned on the heels of his feet, recalling that the dining hall was to the left of their room. Kalen had also remembered to slip on his heels prior to heading out of the room with her. He found it intriguing that her mother would sing stories to her in Irish, and as a result, it influenced her to learn about the language in depth in a high school course. One could tell that he was apparently interested with the thoughtful expression on his features as he glanced in her direction. Kalen nodded faintly, as if to say, ‘Ohhh, I see’ in silence, which allowed her to explain what she actually said in the Irish language.

    It had peeked his own curiosity, as to what she’d said, so he was grateful for a translation. “I suppose that can get tedious after awhile huh?” he commented after hearing her state that she didn’t want people to bother her with their opinions on the books she read. “And I guess you won’t be able to read it in public if it’s erotica too...without the cover, that is...” he said quite casually as he looked up rather innocently, despite that he was now thinking of erotica books. A smirk suddenly surfaced to his features. “...Luckily I have plenty of book covers for that sole purpose~! I would be happy to give you one.” he added in cheerfully. Well, hey, she was most likely going to know about his fondness of erotica sooner or later, what with them being roommates and all. It was the reason he was ‘particular’ about what kind of romance novels he read in the first place. He felt that erotica...‘added’ to the depth of the romance novel. He didn't mind the ones that lacked the component, but for him, it was preferable for the author to write all of the romance in detail.

  16. Ashela came to a stumbling halt as Kalen spoke about erotica books. Her eyes were huge as she stared at him, trying to see if the girl was trying to test her or not. Her cheeks were a bright pink as she stood there. But then, as she stared at him a sheepish smile appeared on her lips.

    "If you could lend me one I would greatly appreciate it. E-" she started to say before falling silent as they passed a couple of girls before she looked down and away. "Erotica books are the precise reason I wanted a book cover. So many people think that women like us that read them are foul or degrading the female species. I just find that it makes the story seem more realistic, if you ask me that is."

    She knew she should be worried that the other girl might just be testing her out, but in truth she was tired of hiding her likes and dislikes from a roommate. So what if she preferred the dirty books instead of the 'clean' romance books? What was so wrong with that she wanted to ask them. Was reading books that portrayed reality more really all that bad?
  17. Kalen blinked with surprise as Ashela came to a stumbling halt. He fell silent, pondering if maybe he had said something he wasn’t supposed to say? Or perhaps he had just been a bit too blunt mentioning erotica, according to her flushed cheeks and the way she was currently staring at him...? The tall ‘woman’ looked temporarily uncertain while staring back, but the faint expression vanished into a light smile of his own spotting the sheepish one that had formed on her features. He nodded after she said that she would greatly appreciate it if he could lend her one. He would remember to give her a cover once they were back from the dining hall. However, he arched a brow, wondering why she had stopped speaking so abruptly. Upon turning, he became aware of the group of girls passing them by. ‘She really is concerned about what they think...’ he mused, momentarily wondering why that was. Then again, he knew he didn’t have the right to question anything in the matter.

    All this time, he’d hid the fact that he was fond of the genre of romance because he was afraid of what others would think of him being a male that enjoyed a good love story no matter how sappy. But, still, he didn’t want anyone else to feel that way. To feel that they were ‘restricted’ by another individual’s opinion on what they liked, which included Ashela. She must have been tired of worrying over something like that. “I totally agree. I mean, it is a natural part of life.” Kalen replied, referring to the fact that the erotica factor of novels tended to make the story more realistic. “But I had no idea that that was what people thought of women that read erotica books. No one’s ever mentioned that to me before...” If he had been an actual woman, it probably would have been highly unlikely for another girl to comment about his taste in books, seeing as his larger than average size would have...unconvinced them. Though, as a guy, he didn’t think it was bad for women read erotica books. He even thought it was ‘cool’, since they would be among similar interests.

    So, for a moment, he thought that maybe the majority were other women that bothered other women about it. “I only have the book covers because I thought it was against school rules, but I’m not concerned about what the other ladies think otherwise. Of course, everyone’s entitled to their opinions but...well, I don’t really care if they think I’m ‘foul’ or ‘degrading’ for some reason. I’m not sure if I get how reading erotica makes a girl any of that anyway.” Kalen commented with a shrug, having no idea that Ashela was worried about this conversation on erotica being apart of a test. Eventually, the lad looked away to shift ahead of their pace only to realize that they had arrived at the dining hall. “That was quick...” he murmured aloud, absent-mindedly opening the door to the relatively empty cafeteria.

  18. Ashela smiled and followed Kalen along, liking that maybe she had passed whatever thing the other girl had set up before her. Maybe she would fit in here after all. With a grin the woman shook her head as she came to a stop just behind Kalen. "Unless one is actually caught with one most women don't think about it," she admitted as she slipped in past Kalen into the cafeteria. "I want to say that the reason my old roommate told me that was because she felt that romance novels degraded women since most of them portray the woman as weak willed or too promiscuous. I wanted to ask her just what books she was reading but didn't. I think it's more on opinion, and if you would rather I shut up just tell me so because sometimes when I'm nervous I can just talk on and on like I'm doing now. I'm sorry."

    It was true. She tended to ramble if she got extremely nervous and this cafeteria was the epitome of fears for her. What if she wasn't wearing the right clothes and she became the laughing stalk of the entire school? She gave a small shudder before her shoulders hunkered forward and she shuffled towards the area that would offer her the food she wished for. What if this school just proved to be like the last couple of schools?
  19. Upon stepping into the cafeteria along with Ashela, he took note of the way she shuddered slightly and hunched her shoulders forward, as if trying to hide herself. He blinked blankly and took a glimpse around the cafeteria. There weren’t too many people in here because it wasn’t dinner time just yet, so... What was she concerned about it? On a regular basis, Kalen had never really paid much attention to whether others were paying him any mind or not. It merely wasn’t a concern for him--except now because he didn’t want too much attention on himself--, but perhaps there was a reason for Ashela’s own apparent worries...? Hopefully, this college would prove to be completely different from high school--at least, in that field. Subsequent to hearing out her last statement on the topic of erotica, she began to say that he should just tell her to shut up if he so desired it. Though, in all honesty, he hadn’t even realized she was rambling until she mentioned it. Alright, so maybe in his mind, he was hoping for a situation in which he could say, ‘Alright Ashela, just shut up...and kiss me. Now.’ And--okay, where did that thought come from??

    Mentally frowning, Kalen shook his head, which was apparently quite filled with random thoughts. He had promised to stop such rash notions, so then, why were they still occurring? Too many erotica books...? Nah, he figured one could never read too many of those. However, he knew he was going to be in deep trouble if he were to form feelings for her, so he would make sure not to but...that was much easier said than done. “Ashela, it’s alright!” Kalen reassured her with a warm smile. “I don’t care if you talk a lot. It doesn’t bother me.” he told her honestly. “So stop worrying about it...and apologizing because you don’t need to.” he added in a playful tone prior to turning his attention on the available selections of food. Oh, how distracting food tended to be when one was hungry... When Ashela shuffled her way towards one of the food aisles, Kalen chose to move into an alternate direction as an item had caught his steely-blue irises. Stepping onto the short line, he gathered a generous amount of the primary selection of food.

  20. The young woman had appreciated his 'It's all right' remarks before she became absorbed in creating a plate of food that would be good for her own tastes. Grinning she grabbed her plate and looked around before her eyes sat on a table that was freak of used food and free of others. Figuring it would be better not to run up to Kalen and ask if she wanted to sit with her and appear needy, she simply headed towards the table and sat down with her plate and food. Suddenly she wished she had brought her book after all.

    As she ate she found her eyes drift up to where Kalen was before she quickly looked back down. There was no reason to be so selfish, the girl decided. She would simply talk with Kalen when the other girl wanted to and when she didn't she'd sit away from her and figure out some other way to entertain herself.

    With that thought she sat straighter and busily ate her food which she admitted was really good, though it didn't keep her from glancing around a few times to make sure no one was watching her.
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