Who are you people!?

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  1. Also, I like puppies.

    ._. ...that should cover all the bases.

  2. Welcome to Iwaku! Have fun, enjoy yourself and pm one of the staff if you need any help!... And good to hear that you know Diana!
  3. Welcome to the site.
  4. It likes puppies? yes? *grin*
  5. All but pugs. And Chihuahuas. And anything with flat faces.

    I'm more of a hound kind of guy.
  6. Well I can already tell you are interesting......and will fit right in ha! I don't even need to warn you of the cbox. heh. Welcome!
  7. The real question, is who the duce are you? :wtf:
  8. I don't know anymore. ._.
  9. I'm going to name you "Ted" because you seem like a Ted for some reason.
  10. "Well, if Lyra wants to, you can ask him to teach her."
  11. "Sure you do."
  12. "Where?" Lyra ask curiously.
  13. And you never will! :D
  14. "That's why Alexander took her away. He removes all his daughter from society once their powers awaken and bring them back stronger than ever."