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  1. The images.. they flash before you.

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  2. No! Were not about love!
    Were all about
    That feeling that you get
    When you reach the bottom of the pool.
    ~"Final Meaning" - Forgetting You


    Gerard sighed as he read the paper sitting on his cello case. He had just walked into the practice room at the college downtown that the band had reserved for the practice tonight. Hey, sorry I can't make it. Job interview. -Ashton, read the paper. Ashton, Topher, and Arrhen had been his fellow members- and too have their singer quit... uh. At least the guitarist (Topher) and the percussionist (Arrhen) haven't quit on him. He read the short note over and over again trying to make sure that what he was seeing was not some illusion that his mind had been tricking him into- like the visions. Finally, he realized that what he read was no mistake- just the fact that Ashton would have not been at practice. Gerard kept on thinking about Ashton, and how she kind of reminded him of Jake. Sure, she was the only girl in the band and Jake was a guy, but they had the same shaggy black hair, brown eyes, always wore Converse, and both always wore red or black sweatshirts. The things that they had in common seemed to shock him, and he tried not to think about it. The thoughts of Jake were just way to much. Suddenly more thoughts about Ashton ran into his mind: What kind of job is she applying for, for God's sake? Since when was she interested in working? What is she gonna do, work at Sheetz? He never hated Ashton, but he was very ticked at the moment.

    He finally put down the note, and opened the case's latches, pulling out the wooden cello inside. He grabbed the wooden part of the bow, and held in his right hand; cello in the left. He sat down on the stool that was set up. Behind him was a drum set, and in front a microphone. That microphone would not be used tonight, due to the leaving of Ashton. Sure, she was only gone for one night, but Gerard made it sound like she was quitting forever. Sitting upon the stool, he ran the bow across the four strings, warming up.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.