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"You'll never be alone."
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Do you enjoy creating new characters just because you can? Do you need a new character for your next story or roleplay, but you're not sure where to start? Do you enjoy using images to get the writing juices flowing? Do you just like hoarding character images? If so, this thread is for you, and anybody else who takes an interest.

Use the image below to create a character. You may use the optional form provided, create your own form, write an introduction for your character, or whatever else tickles your fancy or comes to mind.










Abilities and Skills:



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Something like this?
I decided to make him a space cowboy. Maybe he should name his space ship the "Jolly Jumper".

Liam O'Donnal

Age: 41

Gender: male

Occupation: captain of a freighter spaceship

Species: human

Personality: Laid back, down to earth, loner, dry sense of humor, adaptable, not easily afraid.

History: Liam is the eldest son of two career oriented parents, who had little interest in their son and daughter. When he was 16, Liam dropped out of school to work on the space port. He spent some years having all sorts of low profile jobs, living at the attic of an old lady.
When he was 20 he started dating Mary, who was attracted to him because of his carefree way of life, but left him three years later for someone with education and a good job. A few months after she'd left Liam started following classes in the evenings.
He shared his first freighter spaceship with his friend Syndall, an insectlike alien who had a little more experience then he had. The two made a good team.
During this time period he had brief, but passionate, relationship with Ciara, a biologist he met on the spaceport of an Earth colony. Things didn't work out due to their different life styles, and they parted as friends.
Seven years ago Syndall got severely injured, and could only be saved by allowing a parasite from Tetrinea to join his body. Syndall's personality changed drastically after the procedure, and eventually he decided to stay on Tetrinea to continue the scientific work his Tetrinean part had started when he was joined with another body. Liam has run the freighter by himself ever since.

Equipment: He runs a freighter spaceship, which is operated by an intelligent computer that was named Larna by the previous owner, Syndall. The ship has three spacesuits and fifteen small droids. Liam owns several guns and lasers that he keeps at various places on board and on his body.

Abilities and Skills: piloting, navigation, shooting, engineering, rudimentary programming, first aid, several languages, rudimentary fighting skills, cooking, guitar playing.

Strengths: He's good with his hands.

Weaknesses: He's bad at programming, has poor social skills (not very tactful, not very interested in others in general), out mostly for his own interest.

Other: Liam is no longer in touch with his parents. He doesn't talk to his sister very often, but he does make a point of always knowing what she's up to, and he is always ready to aid her, should she need help.


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Drake Needham, 6'4" 220 pounds, lazy with style and usually looks a bit rumpled with a cigarette hanging from between his lips giving off an attitude of I don't give a damn, which is a ruse because he is always highly aware of his surroundings and heavily armed.

Supernatural Bounty Hunter

Personality: Jaded, cautious, seriously distrusting of everyone and everything. He sees things that most cannot so he has very different opinions of the world and the way it functions.

he happened upon his current line of work after being struck by a car while building a retaining wall along a highway. He was thrown against a power pole and electrocuted. He did not die, but was in a coma for several weeks. Once he emerged from the coma he could see emanations coming from people. Some were good things, joy and happiness and some were dark and evil. Over time he began to see more and more until he was able to see spirits, demons, and other normally invisible beings that walk among us. Initially he tried to tell someone, but was immediately placed into a psyche ward. He pretended to be cured to get out, and has since offered his services to people dealing with 'special' problems.