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Do you enjoy creating new characters just because you can? Do you need a new character for your next story or roleplay, but you're not sure where to start? Do you enjoy using images to get the writing juices flowing? Do you just like hoarding character images? If so, this thread is for you, and anybody else who takes an interest.

Use the image below to create a character. You may use the optional form provided, create your own form, write an introduction for your character, or whatever else tickles your fancy or comes to mind.









Abilities and Skills:



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"A fool such as yourself is not worth my time, nor my blade--hm? Why yes, I have a blade, you miserable cretin. How else will those who oppose me and King Remus meet their fate?"

Name: Charles Dox

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Occupation: Duke of Regalus

Species: Human

Personality: A man who is strict, straight to the point and business like, but has a cruel and cunning side as well towards many of the other races and the poor. He has an odd obsession with the King of Regalus and keeps his name in high regard despite whatever blunders the king might make.

Due to this he is willing to go to any lengths to earn the King's favor and rise in the ranks--and maybe one day take Prince Jomei's place as the King's confidante and advisor.

History: A man born into nobility, he has great pride in their nation and thinks it better than any elven kingdom or wereperson's. He didn't have a gift for magic like most, but that was fine. He learned his way with the sword, and how to host parties and what to do and not do when attending a party at the castle.

At the age of 26, he attended the coronation of Prince Remus, first born son to King Regal the 3rd. He found the young king interesting, due to the fact that je was kind enough to open a school where not only women could learn magic, but Werepeople and Elves of all things. Coming to the conclusion that the poor King needed guidance, he vowed to do what he could to help make their nation strong by using his status influence the army and the other nobles who would listen. He had no qualms with even silencing those who opposed the King and his kin once learning that they knew magic to some capacity.

Equipment: He has a dagger he keeps hidden on his person.

Abilities and Skills: He has some charisma and charm with the ladies, but doesn't care for them really. Despite losing part of his leg, he won't let that stop him from dropping someone who makes the mistake of thinking he's weak.

Strengths: Skilled with a blade, has a certain charm to him, is actually pretty strong and ripped

Weaknesses: King Remus he's wanted to strangle the man but also hug him. Does Charles is gay?, his limp from his peg leg.

Other: He's pretty crazy, but in a kind of calm before the storm sort of way.
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There once was a little boy.

The little boy lived in a big mansion with his father and his seven siblings. His father would sing, his brothers would dance, and his sisters would laugh their pure, innocent laughters, and they were all happy. Except, of course, for the little boy, for he felt something was wrong, a detachment, disconnection from the joy his family so freely gave. He could smile and laugh with them, and enjoyed the contentment of their lovely home, but something nagged at his senses, whispering doubt.

So one day, the little boy left the mansion. He walked out into the alien wilderness, chose the furthest mountain on the horizon and marched towards it.

The first day, he came upon a small pond of ephemeral tears of dawn. On the surface of the pond, there was a lily pad, and on that lily pad sat a king. Curious, the boy stopped and started a conversation.

"What land are you the king of?" he asked. And the man with the magnificent emerald crown replied: "The land of Choice, dear child. Would you like to have power, like me?"

"Absolutely." said the boy unthinkingly.

"But power, child, has a price. Are you willing to pay it?"

"Of course." uttered the boy eagerly.

The Jade King waved his hand, and in a flash of emerald light, the boy's beautiful white wings were gone, along with his left foot. And so he had the power to make choices, to have control over his own actions. Shivering from the cold and unbalanced by his missing foot, the little boy moved on from the pond, now empty and dried as if it had been that way for a long, long time.

The second day, he came upon a clearing in the wood. The canopy opened to the sky, letting the sunlight stream in and illuminate a priest sitting in the middle of the clearing. In front of him were two items, an empty bottle and a golden chest carved from the most beautiful gems he had ever seen.

"Who do you worship?" he asked the priest, whose compassionate glowing silver eyes regarded him fondly: "Kindness, dear child. Before me is a jar of happiness, and the greatest treasure in all of the land. You should take the jar."

But the boy couldn't take his eyes off the majestic chest, and imbued with the power of choice, he picked up the chest instead. Opening the breathtakingly beautiful lid, he found himself granted the greatest treasure in the land, knowledge and wisdom, and so he knew that he should have done as the priest had suggested. In a stream of luminescent white light, something was plucked from the boy and sealed inside the jar, and he felt an echoing hollow where something vital had been.

Heart heavy with knowledge and regret, the little boy exited the clearing full of dead leaves and rotten vines, a sight to strike fear into the heart of even the strongest of men.

The third day, the little boy finally came upon the mountain he had seen from home. He climbed it four days and four nights, until he found a cave near the peak of the mountain wherein a dragon resided, crimson scale the colour of his sister's lips and the sunlight at dusk.

"What would you ask of me, child?" grumbled the massive beast, its breath the wind of a summer storm.

"Rightness." said the boy. Rightness to fix the wrong he had always felt in his life.

"And what would you pay for it?" asked the dragon.

Everything, the boy whispered.

And so he fell in fire, for nine days and nine nights until his form was burned away and his Star was no longer of the Morning, until his name was lost to the howling gale of the abyss. Until the frozen landscape of Hell ignited in his arrival.
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Name: Captain Ambrose Brandenberry

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Occupation: Merchant, Sea Captain, Member of the King's battalion of defenders

Species: Human

Personality: Commanding presence that almost seems to overpower those of lesser inner fortitude though he can be kind, even merciful when circumstances call for such a thing. He's also known to have a wicked way with a witty comment. He is a fearless man of action and decision which have made him a very good living since he'd entered the private sector as a trader of goods over the high seas.

History: Ambrose was born to a life of servitude. His father was an indentured servant to the wealthy laird of the county they lived in. Housing was provided but most of his father's wages went to the laird as repayment for 'all he'd done for the family' and made leaving that life almost impossible. Most children of indentured servants ended up taking up their parent's debt when they died, but he'd been fortunate in that his father was a strong man who was able to keep working longer than most. That gave him the opportunity to join the King's defenders when he was sixteen years of age. He worked hard, showed himself to be loyal and brave beyond measure and was quickly promoted through the ranks. saving the king's life when he was only 24 years old cemented his position of honor in the defenders and set him in good standing for the rest of his life. He freed his father shortly thereafter from the debt he 'owed' and five years later bought the land that the laird owned from under his nose. It was a personal act of vengeance that he felt proud to have accomplished. He set his father up as the overseer of the land, and forgave every debtor. The land he gave them for free but asked only that they give what they could spare for three years. He gave that to his father to distribute as he felt right. He began saving his money and investing wisely and soon he had enough money to set up his trading company. He retired from the defenders and began to sail the seas bringing good s and people across the waves. He is content and happy for the most part. He has found retired life to be a bit boring and longs for the days when there was a cause and battle around every corner.

Equipment: He's resourceful and will use anything at hand as a weapon but he does carry a short sword and a small pistol that is easily concealed.

Abilities and Skills: Experienced fighter, Master of strategy and warfare, Experienced sailor and navigator, Above average endurance, loyal, hard working, disciplined in almost every area of life.

Strengths: Intelligent, perceptive, physically strong and deceptively agile considering he's lost part of his left leg

Weaknesses: He does love ale, and the ladies just a bit more than he should

Other: The scar on his face was a gift from a would be assassin that was thwarted by his sacrifice. The sloppy job of stitching had been performed by a chamber maid who had no idea how to sew the flesh together but her efforts did keep him from bleeding to death. he thinks of the scar as a badge of honor.