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    To whom it may concern,

    Welcome, future inhabitant, to Whittaker house. Your likely very rich parents have paid your boarding here for the Summer so that you may spend it in the lap of luxury, far, far away from their very busy, important lives. Fear not, though, for we shall pretend to care better than they ever could. You shall spend your days dining upon the finest cuisine our convenient location in the Virgin Islands has to offer, tended to by our devoted staff, and enjoying our private grounds with your filthy rich friends. Enjoy your stay - and don't expect much mail!

    -Thompson Garretsburg,
    Owner and administrator

    You received this letter in the mail a few weeks earlier, handwritten in what you are able to identify as expensive ink from an expensive pen, tucked into a manilla envelope with a brochure full of sunshine and tennis courts and wildlife you doubt you'll see - topped off with a wax seal. You showed it to your parents, and they only nodded over their scones and stock reports. You aren't surprised - perhaps there's some truth to those satirical bits which were edited in as joke by a sloppy hand in much cheaper ink.

    Your parents signed you up the moment they received an identical brochure in the mail, but with a different and much longer letter. Again, you weren't surprised. Lord knows they'd pay anything to have you gone for a full three months - including the forty thousand dollar fee.

    If you're reading this, you're probably either city trash like me or just pretty damn unfortunate otherwise. Welcome to the club. You're being paid by the oh-so-gracious Tommy G to wait on these gilded assholes hand and foot for the summer. To be fair, it pays well - 15 k for the summer is a pretty sweet deal. Might even get you out of whatever shithole drove your parents to send you here in the first place. I'll tell you now - it's hell. It's hot and boring and you'll be tending to some of the dumbest specimens you'll ever meet. And if they're not dumb, they're douchebags. It's a simple algorithm, really. You're probably going to get bitten by whatever hellspawn hangs around on the grounds - snakes and stuff. Saturdays are our break day, when all the richies get to go to an island of their choosing, but they're generally pretty lame. Also, no one gets to sleep at night. Our bedtime is later than hell, for one thing, but our industrial-grade bedroom is right below theirs, and they fuck like rabbits. One time, I had to deliver a goddamned baby. No joke. Chick didn't even thank me. That's why these idiots keep hiring me. I'm the head of the wait staff by the way. I think I forgot to mention that. See you there, loser.

    -Maxwell Shipley

    You received this letter in the mail a couple weeks earlier in an industrial-grade envelope, typed in a generic font on printer paper. This Maxwell's signature was blocky and kind of stupid, you noticed, but the sealed instructions for reaching the virgins islands before the term began made you jump for joy. Your family is having a hard time - as you tell your parents, they push aside their toaster waffles and cheap coffee to hold you with smiles that contradict the tears in their eyes. A bliss that won't last, for you're leaving in a few days time.

    But Maxwell's warning rings clear in your head - could the super-rich really be so bad?

    The House
    The Dining Hall


    Bedrooms (Residents)
    These will be identical, but everyone gets their own room.



    Wait Staff Bedroom
    They all sleep in one room. Sorry.

    Living Space
    Of course, there are more rooms than this and
    you are free to make some up as you go, given
    the size of the house. This is just an example.

    A mystical land in which the wait staff aren't allowed except on break day.

    Not including the rainforest because the photographer doesn't like bugs or snakes.

    Pro-Tip: You can play a teen nurse-in-training/candy-striper/thing if you want.

    Tennis Courts

    1. Please just be a decent human being. Follow Iwaku's guidelines. Use common sense. Basic shit.
    2. See, I'm very picky about Mary-Sues. I can smell one from a mile away. I'm nitpicky. You know you're just trying to make your character look cool, so don't do it. A good example of a Sue in this thread might be a supergenius wait staff member wielding a katana or a resident who is incredibly sweet and kind and smuggles the poor impoverished wait staff into his room at night so they don't have to sleep in their goddamned apocalypse bunker. Make the character suit the role, and no powers, stupid.
    3. Don't mini-mod. Mini-mods make me want to explode in hopes that I might take out said mini-mod's wifi, the pretentious jerk. Don't. Mini. Mod.
    4. If you're going to be gone awhile, don't leave us to wonder if you're dead or something.
    5. If you're leaving, either end your character's story properly or I'll do it for you, and it probably won't be pretty.
    6. I'm a little cussy, my character's a little cussy, and you're all allowed to be a little cussy. Not to mention racy. Don't overdo it, though. Moreover, don't be the killjoy who whispers from the corner in a nasally voice that we're swearing too much in a thread for which I have explicitly stated that swearing and sex are perfectly okay as long as you don't overdo it. You're free to put your word in, but I get the final say, and I'm willing to let it go pretty far. So don't get your hopes up, hon.
    7. I don't want to see one-liner posts, and I don't want to see half-assed applications.
    8. Pro-tip: "Quiet" and "Rebellious" are not flaws, so don't try to slip that shit past me.
    9. I think I'm expected to put "have fun" at the end of the rules list but that's cliche so I'm just going to leave this here.


    <Insert img here>

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  2. [​IMG]

    N a m e

    June Jerolds

    A g e


    G e n d e r


    R o l e

    Wait Staff

    P e r s o n a l i t y

    June is a humbled kid. She knows her struggles, she knows that they are struggles, and she doesn't use it for some type of pity chip. She's a modest person, someone who doesn't need nice or expensive things to get by, someone who uses their shoes until they completely fall apart before getting new ones of the same kind. She's really a nice kid, a lot of the time she is, but she sometimes comes off as a little rough - boyish, mischievous, vengeful. She has a thirst for getting back at others, giving them a taste of their own medicine, and in a job like this, that attitude can get her into a lot of trouble. It looks like she always knows something that you don't - and usually, she does. She's secretive, and playful to an extent, almost teasing to others around her. With this nature comes a temper, a nasty one, that can rear its ugly head when she's pushed over the edge. She's a small girl, but damn, she's got a venom to her words that'll sting you real good. She's somewhat fearless, even when faced with someone much bigger or stronger than her, and she isn't afraid to move to a fight - even if she ultimately loses it. She's a martyr to the end, and that's not necessarily a good thing when she's being pinned down.

    S t r e n g t h s

    Sharp Wit - She always has a retort locked-and-loaded when you talk to her, and she's always ready to whip it out.

    Courage - She'll stand up to anyone, no matter how big they are or how big they think they are.

    Versatility - She works with what she has and doesn't complain about it. She was raised that way.

    Sense of Humor - She cracks jokes a lot, and can come off as funny sometimes, whether that be with the most murderous puns to the most clever remarks.

    F l a w s

    Pugnaciousness - She'll move to a physical scuffle when faced with an argument very quickly, and she's usually very willing to put up a physical fight for her opinion.

    Vengeful - Her drive to get back at others can get her into deep trouble, especially when she's supposed to be serving others without a word of protest.

    Temper - Her temperamental states are often not pretty, to put it lightly, and it's a little too easy to drive her over the edge.

    Irritability - She gets irritated by others very easily, and she shows little respect for the people that do irritate her.

    Physical Weakness - She's a very short girl, and she's not particularly strong. These things sometimes get in the way of her actually doing a good job at something, or when faced with a fight.

    Persistence - She won't back down from something. Even when she's asked to, she won't. It can rope her into trouble when it happens.

    H i s t o r y

    June was born and raised as many of the staff seem to have been - poor. Her parents, when they had her, were in a constant battle against their finances, and they worked a couple of jobs each just to keep their modest home afloat. Raising June alongside that made things horribly difficult, and June, in her childhood, learned to become very self-sufficient. She grew up and started to see the work that her parents had to put themselves through, and she learned to be thankful for what little they had and try to support them as much as possible. She went to a public school, a cheap one, where she picked up a lot of her personality and habits due to the dirty kids that were students there. Despite growing to be a rambunctious little thing, she always kept her grades up to passing as to not stress out her parents even more with poor grades. The family was close, always, and they understood each other very well.
    Their finances, at around age fifteen for June, started to go downhill. Her parents' jobs weren't cutting it, and they reached a low point during that year. June, desperate to help her parents, searched for jobs and found the well-paid job for wait staff at the Whittaker House. June demanded that her parents allow her to go, to make some money for them, and they were reluctant, but they arranged it and allowed her to go out. When she came back, she seemed a little different, but she had a good pay when she returned and she invested every cent of it into her parents, into paying the rent each month and whatever bills there were. She now, at age sixteen, will be going again, and she can't say that she's too excited - but it's for the best.

    O t h e r

    She's probably the only girl that she knows that'll pick up a spider and a snake willingly, without jumping around and screaming like a banshee. She's also only barely over five feet tall, which tends to make people underestimate her - that is, until they really dig in and see how she acts.
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  3. *clapclap* I love her. <3 Accepted.

    Almost forgot I'd need to submit Maxwell;


    Maxwell Shipley






    Wait Staff


    As the head of the wait staff, Max knows how to take charge, and he isn't too nice about it. He's an abrasive guy, and for pretty good reason, but we'll get to that later. Strong-willed and independent on the outside, he's very good at putting on a brave face without letting on that it's actually a mask. He's also very good at putting up with rich-people-bullshit, which is not only why "Tommy G" keeps hiring him (he started at age 15), but also why he's head of the wait staff. He's the sort of boss that wants things done the first time he says it, as he says it, when he says it. Of course, Tommy G is in charge of punishment, but Maxwell is snippish and he will get pissed at you, and that is not fun. Even in a casual setting, he's abrasive, and doesn't tolerate stupidity. But he has a secret, amongst a few others - on the inside, he's a big softie and really really cliche. Like, really. His favorite flavor of ice cream is bubblegum and kittens make his heart melt and he writes poetry in a little notebook under his pillow - and he's terrified of spiders.


    Intelligence - He didn't get much schooling, but his last job required him to be keen and shrewd.

    Leadership - Max has been heading up the wait staff since last year, and he's getting very good at it.

    Will - Of course Max doesn't like rich people or spiders or putting up with some of the fools working under him. But when has a little adversity ever stopped him?

    Physical Strength - Max can bench 175. Pretty nice, right?


    Abrasive - Maxwell's co workers, especially the new ones, are often offended by his irritability and strong language.

    Egotistical - He's got a rather fragile ego, and he's gotten himself hurt in the past trying to maintain it.

    Suppressed - Maxwell's softie side has never seen the light of day, and if you ask him, he's gonna get pissed.

    Romantically inept - Max is the kind of guy who'll fall in love, then stay home from work the next day because he thinks he's sick. He has no idea what he's doing when it comes to love.


    Max was an inner-city kid, and still is, technically. He never met his father, and his mom is a drug addict. Really, he was very lucky that she wasn't into the heavy stuff while pregnant with him, or else this story would have been very different. He skips school on most days to take care of his job as a drug runner, and you can be sure that it's gotten him into some trouble in the past. He's hoping that he can earn enough money through this summer job to send his mother to rehab and escape the city. He does hate his job, after all, and he would cater to the rich for the rest of his life if it meant getting out of that scene.


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  4. Is this rp just for the blue star members?
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  5. All are welcome, come right in.
  6. What are the different roles available?
  7. Well, resident and wait staff are our main options, but if it makes sense in terms of the RP (e.i. cook, nurse, administrator, etc.), you're free to get creative. :)
  8. *thinks* Can lifeguard be one?
  9. Absolutely!
  10. " Why are you staring at me? Don't you have something to do?"
    Daniel K. Ghein



    Somehow they got around to knowing that he's a fast swimmer...and rumors say
    that they just want to see him without a shirt o.O

    Danny is a person who does way too many things that could kill him if he isn't careful. To really be honest,
    half of his actions were pre-learned from his mother who would do the most wild crap in front of him. He
    always dreamed to be like her but knew that he shouldn't be exactly ( Like for example, he started smoking
    because he thought it was cool since his mother was doing it. ). He doesn't believe in the word "no" because
    he believes that whenever something is impossible, it either hasn't been tried or they didn't try enough. He
    doesn't believe in loving just one gender so... you can say that he's pansexual. He can't stand people who
    complain to much, just do it and get over it.

    - Can easily read someone
    - Endurance
    - Running
    - Swimming or anything related to it of course

    - He thinks without doing, most of the time it ends badly
    - Trusting
    - Heavy lifting
    - Danny always goes with Plan A and never has a backup plan

    Daniel, or Danny if you're close, was born with a drug addict for a mother and an "always at work" dad.
    He knew at a small age that his at home family was dysfunctional but he didn't care, he still loved them
    no matter how many problems they faced. He didn't have much wants growing up like other children might
    have had such as game systems, Christmas presents, or even birthday gifts. Though this is true, Danny always
    kept a smile of his face and thought of the brighter things in life. Later down the road Danny's mother had went
    to jail for illegal use of drugs and was sent to jail for a long time, leaving his father to watch over him alone. There
    struggles were far worst than before, Danny even had to go out and beg for money a few times because dad didn't
    have enough to supply food sometimes. His summers would consist of being overly hot in the house or having
    to duck and dive from bullets that were often shot near or around his home so his father took action. He actually
    made Danny go on some stupid trip to a house which Danny knew wasn't going to be all that the brochure said it would...

    His mother is still currently in jail.
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  11. Accepted! Ahhh I'm loving these characters. *aggressively ships everyone*

    And to anyone else thinking of applying, you're free to make any character you like, but we do need some rich kids. I'll probably be making one of those once I get on my PC.
  12. [​IMG]
    Name: Cassie Finn

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Role: Rich Bitch

    Personality: Cassie is low on emotion. She hardly ever smiles or frowns, her constant facial expression seeming to give off the impression that she is bored most of the time. And by God she is. She doesn’t care about your life or problems. Cassie only cares about Cassie. She is lazy about pretty much anything, which is too bad considering she was the ‘smart girl’ or ‘nerd’ through middle school. She likes parties and having fun, but to hear her laugh is still a rare thing. She spends most of her time lazing around, by the pool on her phone, shopping, driving to get lattes. Way way way deep down, Cassie cares. But she got so used to being bullied and no one caring, that she became apathetic to everything as best she could.

    Confidence – You could pretty much call Cassie any name in the book and she wouldn’t blink an eye. She thinks she’s hot and smart and has no problems admitting it out loud.
    Decisiveness – Cassie is not one to waste time taking forever to make everyday decisions. She knows what she wants.
    Affectionate – Cassie has been called a slut more than a few times for the brazen way she can flirt. She isn’t an angel, but she does like charm, affection, and being close to someone.
    Honest – Cassie has no filter between her thoughts and lips. She will say whatever is on her mind, even if she might regret it later.
    Tolerant – Having been bullied in the past, Cassie does not put down others intentionally to make them feel bad. She has an open mind about everything pretty much.

    Uncaring – She will never ask how you are doing or what’s wrong. She just doesn’t care.
    Unreliable – She will show up when she wants to show up, wearing whatever she wants to wear.
    Lazy – If she shows up at all.
    Rude – Her honesty can sometimes be very rude and abrasive, and has sent girls away in tears and guys with veins pulsing in their necks. All she says is “Truth hurts”
    Selfish – She would trip a baby if zombies were chasing her to get away.

    History: Cassie grew up with no mother, just her father. He was a good dad when he was around, always looking out for her best interests. But the older she got, the further her father pulled away into work. Just because she was growing up didn’t mean she didn’t need her dad though. She relied completely on staff her dad employed for everything, and by the time she was 12, saw him about once a week. She was still a timid, good girl, but once she was sent to junior high, she began to change. She made different friends who talked about smut and drank and ran around all night long with those older than them. But becoming friends with the people she chose also led others to assume things about her that weren’t true. She endured intense bullying that led to physical violence against her more than once. She had to stand up for herself because no one else was coming. Her dad sure wasn’t.

    By the time high school rolled around, Cassie was developing her apathetic attitude quite nicely. She’d also developed quite a taste for gossip, but when she got caught in one of her rumors, she withdrew, realizing she was slowly becoming the girls she’d hated. Eventually, she stopped caring. She found when she didn’t care about anyone, and told the truth to everyone, she didn’t feel guilty. And so that was the person she became. She would look out for number one and well, not screw everyone else, but just forget everyone else. They didn’t really matter.

    When Cassie found out she was being sent away for the whole summer, away from her dad, by her dad, the last thread of caring snapped inside her. It wasn’t that he was too busy. He didn’t want to see her. So away she’s going. If he doesn’t want her around, fine.

    Other: nopies!
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  13. Accepted! Woo, we got us a rich kid! An app or two more and I'll make the IC thread.
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  14. [​IMG]
    Name: Mahli Anderson.

    Age: 18.

    Gender: Female.

    Role: Rich bitch.

    Personality: Mahli usually spent most of her school life playing volleyball and doing ballet. Her parents were both too snobby to give a damn what she was doing, but she didn't mind as long as they paid her way and stayed out of it, for that matter. She didn't really appreciate people getting in her way, since she was so used to being the leader of her pack, after all

    Loyal: Once a strong bond has been made with someone, it will take a hell of a lot for Mahli to break her loyalty to said person.
    Eloquent: Mahli is a good talker and can get her way in almost any situation.
    Graceful: being a dancer has gifted Mahli with the ability to move with grace, this only helping her not look like a fool if she were clumsy.
    Good Listener: Since Mahli's parents never paid much mind to her, she found she was a good listener to anyone who felt like they needed an ear.
    Tidy: Always trying to look her best, Mahli keeps everything in her life clean and tidy the best that she can.

    Obnoxious: Mahli needs to be heard, always.
    Pompous – She is used to being the leader, enjoying the spotlight which often causes trouble.
    Sarcastic: Mahli often responds to idiotic questions or other stupid suggestions sarcastically.
    Impatient: Mahli wants things done for her right NOW. Not in a minute, but right then and there.

    History: Mahli was the baby girl out of five older brothers. She was always given everything she ever could want, without a second thought. As soon as she was old enough, she was put into a private school, one of the most prestige schools in the city. She felt she had a pretty good relationship with her parents when she was younger, but the older she got, the more she realized that she could do whatever she pleased with her parents footing the bill. And she often took advantage of it. Being put into ballet when she was young, she continued it, along with volleyball any chance she got. She loved to shop and often spent thousands on herself on her parents' cards, since she was still too young to have her own. Plus, no one wants to work for that. Eventually she pushed her parents out of her life, just enough she wouldn't have to deal with them except to ask for money, and they obliged without hesitation.

    Finally though, her parents received a long letter about the housing available to Mahli over the summer months. They sent the application and money in, not wanting to be used and abused by their daughter, at least for a little while. Once she received the letter back, she was ecstatic, happy to have them out of her hair.

    Other: She's vegetarian.​
  15. Hello? *echo..echo..*
  16. Oh, I'm sorry about that. I wasn't able to reply due to work and forgot about the alert I received. Accepted!

    Ladies and gentlemen (?), are you ready to rumbleeeeeeee? (and by that I mean are you ready for the IC?)
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  17. It's okay, I was just hoping to be accepted :D
  18. i'm ready whenever you are, Snowday.
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  19. *whispers* Is this still open?
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