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  1. As usual, Maxwell Shipley spent his first day of Summer on a plane.

    Subliminally, he knew that, at that very moment, ten or more private jets were touching down all at once in the Virgin Islands, each worth millions, just to drop off a child who was likely worth billions to everyone but their parents. Figured. Max flew in a passenger plane that ol' Tommy G. had rented out so he wouldn't have to fly all the wait staff in individually. Now, that's not to say it was a bad plane, and it was hardly crowded - there were enough empty seats that all his fellow commoners could prop their feet up on the arm rests and trade seats at will. The pilot, who worked for Whittaker, was probably used to flying rich kids and their bratty friends, so he didn't object to anything. Not the abuse of the seat rests, or the walking around, or even their breaking into the cabinet that held the champagne.

    Max just watched them with detachment, indifference. This happened every trip into the islands. Breaking into the liquor cabinet was fun the first time, but he'd done it so many times, and the perverse died out when he realized that the pilot wasn't going to try and stop them. He sat with his feet stretched out beneath the seat in front of him, arms crossed, eyes smoldering with annoyance at the screaming antics of the younger wait staff. A few hours earlier, he'd snapped at a boy, no older than fifteen, who'd been jumping from seat to seat, and the boy had replied with an unceremonious Up yours!. Inwardly, Maxwell had laughed. Aw, he was gonna make that kid's job hell. Did he even realize that Max was his boss? No matter what way he looked at it, the kid was an idiot, anyway.

    When he grew tired of watching his future co workers act like idiots, he turned his attention to the plane window, and watched the puffy clouds pass by, right by the window. He could see his reflection, a vague impression of a square jaw, of rumpled brown hair, of frightful eyes in the sky, and he tried to see past it.

    Meanwhile, the private jets of the rich and beautiful touched down in the Virgin Islands.
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  2. Mahli played on her phone most of the time, since the huge Jet had wifi. She watched out of the window as the jet began to descend towards the ground through the thick, white clouds. She leaned back in her seat, letting it recline gently. She sighed, wondering to herself if she really would like being away from her friends and stuff. She shook her head. Not like her parents cared though, so why should her friends care. They probably only liked her for the money she had and the fact that she was popular.

    Mahli got up from her seat and headed to the bathroom, taking out her portable straightener, which ran off of batteries, and turned it on, straightening her hair over again to make sure it was perfect. Once she finished, she fixed up her natural makeup look and went to sit back down. She checked her phone; no messages. She shrugged a little and pulled up her nose. She heard a ding from above her head, and shortly after, they touched down, coming to a complete stop a few minutes after that.

    Finally, the door to the jet opened up, and she made her way outside. he was wearing a comfortable outfit, but something that still showed her style. Her heels clicked against the runway pavement and she was greeted by a staff member, who brought her to the house and towards a room, where she would be staying. The room was gorgeous. It had light tanned walls, accented perfectly with dark wooden furniture. The bedroom was huge, and she smiled to herself. It wasn't her room, but she could get used to this. She began unpacking her bags, which a worker brought to her shortly after being guided there. She organized everything in a color coordinated fashion in the closet and dressers. She set up her shoes and accessories in the appropriate places. She wondered when she would get to meet some other people. Would they be just like her? she wondered.
  3. The Bee Gees blared through the private jet Cassie was taking to… where ever the hell this place was. She’d already forgotten. But at least seventies music calmed her when other people would start to get on her nerves. The stewardess with too much makeup on, and botox, had learned that already when she’d turned it off earlier in the flight.

    Sighing, the girl with bright lilac hair and warm skin picked at her crème colored nails. She had no idea why she had them done. She always had to go back in a week instead of two because she messed with them so much. She sighed again, very loudly, and looked up as if annoyed, thick dark eyebrows betraying her true hair color and emerald green eyes wide, looking around. “Does anyone know how much further?” she called out, not smiling or frowning, but just bored to death. The stewardess from earlier gave a thin, forced smile.

    “We’re landing momentarily. The captain said so but the music…” she said, before clearing her throat and turning around.

    “But the music what?” Cassie said, wanting to see if she had the balls to continue that sentence. The blonde woman turned back around, sighing between pursed red lips.

    “Nothing ma’am. Anything else I can get you?” she asked with nice words dipped in poison.

    “Nope,” Cassie smirked, right eyebrow flickering up before she slid on her favorite sunglasses and readied herself for the captain’s surely atrocious landing.

    Cassie made her way out of the plane, wearing a slouchy crème sweater that looked like it might fall off her narrow shoulders at any moment, paired with skin tight black leather pants and pointed black pumps. She scratched her head through her long hair before yawning and descending to meet her welcome wagon. Anytime the staff member said anything along the lines of ‘welcome’ or facts about the Virgin Islands, Cassie just continued to look around bored like, eyes hidden beneath her glasses and giving the occasional “Yeah,” even when it wouldn’t make sense to say so. But at least they eventually reached where she would be staying. It was decorated in a very… beachy way. Navy, white, sand…

    “Um… any black and white rooms?” she asked simply looking to the person, who hesitated, as it was quite an impressive room before stumbling over their thoughts trying to recall if there was such. Seemingly flustered the guy began opening vacant rooms until he found one to Cassie’s liking. “Oh… and here, Ace,” she said, tipping the guy and walking in while her bags that had been dragged behind them now found a home.
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  4. Daniel~

    "This is bullshit dad and you know it.." Danny was complaining all morning about going to this place where one person is saying it's hell while another person is saying that ti's paradise. Of course he was going to believe it was living hell, when did anything in brochure's look the same in reality? Exactly, " Now Dan, it's just for the summer....Who knows, maybe this will take your mind off of other things.." he told Daniel, Danny being well aware of what he was aiming at. " You know, mom isn't just an accident that you can forget..." he said looking at him before grabbing his bags and slamming the door shut. He strapped his bags on the passenger's seat on his motorcycle before leaving with his father watching him go from the door. Reaching the airport a half an hour later, Danny boarded the plane to hell...at least that's what he was told. Besides the fact that the plane smelled like wet dog and smelly socks, he enjoyed the chaos and drunk people who seemed like they didn't want to go either, I mean come on...who would? "A bunch of stuck up whores and coward guys? Yeah...this is gonna be such paradise." he said to himself as the plane took off.

    The plane landed sooner than expected, it was like he had just feel asleep and woke up to the plane touching down at a whole new place. Danny sat up straight and stretched then stood up and took his bags down from the compartment before leaving the plane. Taking the crumpled up brochure out of his pocket, he took a look at the address then hopped onto his motorcycle, which came in before he did, and left the building. Soon enough the house was in full view and quite big compared to any other house he had seen before. It was too quiet down here, he knew that he could never permanently live in a place like this...he would go mad or try to think of ways to disturb the peacefulness of this place. He turned up the radio on his motorcycle and smiled as the waves of sound echoed throughout the whole neighborhood, hopefully annoying someone. His brown hair flew in the wind as he road down curved and steep roads. Maybe this won't be so bad after all...well at least the ride there wouldn't be.
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