White Sand Island

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  1. The remake of my original best playing RP.

    You've all won a grand cruise on a discount boat and promptly sunk, sucking you into the ocean with little hope of survival.

    (PM me with your Character Sheets)
    Race: (we do allow monstery-types heeere)
  2. The water rolls over your back as you lay facing upwards at the sun, a figure is standing up the beach from you. Watching you stir.
  3. Mike opens his eyes, looking up at the figure looming over him, his eyes needed to adjust to the light, his head ached, everything was so...blurry, what had happened to the boat...where were the others? all these thoughts raced round his head, but all he did was stare, trying to make out the figure over him

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.