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White Sand Empire Forum

Welcoming Address, Strongly advise you read.

Hello, I am known as Matsu, I have posted this entry with the hopes of eliciting potential wayward roleplayers. This is a call to adventure and intrigue set in a fictional universe, loosely inspired by Middle eastern and Mongolian culture and myths. The setting is a Darwinian arid landscape, where one may traverse the rolling dunes of bleached sands, hearing the distant call of sandworms as they rise to the surface to mate. A world where magic catalyzes society, inspiring tech and the cultures of its diverse denizens. It is a realm without Gods, as the verse is merely a dream, where Elder beings keep the originator asleep and serve as representations of the human psyche. From the emerald city, a capital of monolithic spiral towers of white stone, emerald glass, and golden roofs. To the heart of innovation, a massive bronze sprawling metropolis of clockwork and steam vents.

Beyond the mountain range, known as Bandit pass, lies the Beastkin territory. Sandslout is the breadbasket, a large farming community protected by walls and armed sentries with their gear-based automatons. To the south, a canyon of obsidian, where the Kitsune hail, known for its sakura trees. Within the center, a magical volcano spewing ash into the heavens, surrounded by a bone city known as Nirvana, the structures composed of their fallen, prey and the once plentiful remains of Dragons. Along the northern coastline, is a sprawling abode of fungus, a forest of sorts, where the roots are alive and the residents formerly venerated their spongey overlord. Living within the carved remains gifted from their dictator's carcass. To the far east, a settlement tucked within a crystalized woodlands, serving as a port town for goods to be ferried. Nuzzled between this hamlet and the fungal forest, is the center of arcane/chi knowledge, the Whitestone college.

You may play whatever you wish, be it an offworlder or a local. The canvas is ripe with treasures, secrets buried by the granules of time, and threats prowling the very umbra inundating the Sands inhabitants. Beyond this harsh world, lies a mysterious primordial jingle, ruled by Aztecian Moth folk, Drumvar (Bettles), Ape humanoids, and Giants, where within the river slumbers swarms of leeches and the plant life release toxins and flesh-eating bacteria. Using magic, these folk never moved beyond the wood and bone age, finding creative methods of keeping their “primitive” tech useful against the Empire and the Beastkin union. The Empire is run by a cephalopod Queen, it’s territories consist of Clockwork, Emerald City, Bandits pass, Sea of Dunes, and Sandslout. Their ranks are composed of Humans, Elves, Oni’s, and Dwarves. While Matsumota, the Khan, forced the beast tribes into a singular faction, composed of Goatkin, Kitsune, Wulfgar, Gnolls, Rakatta (Large rats), Ysstmar (Lizard people), and Jackalfolk. This faction claims dominion over Obsidian Canyon, Fungal Forest, Crystal town, Ashlandian Mountains, with all the wilderness in between.

Our community’s core Mantra, which is an ethos that guides every facet of our community is simple. “Everything earned, nothing given.” In short, you will not start as a noble, wealthy merchant, a master samurai, grand politician, or Archmage. Everyone here has strived to earn their claims and altered the history of the Sands. This doesn’t mean you must be weak or useless, think of it along the lines of Middling. We are an MP community, this being stated, if you work and become quite powerful, that was earned, and what is merited none may strip from you. We pride ourselves on unbridled player freedom, in short, you can play the villain and destroy society or run it with a cruel hand. Exterminate entire factions or species, or usher in a golden era of stability, we are an RTK server. We define RTK as “Possessing an IC motivation, that denying it based on another character's offense, would result in God Modding your creation.” In short, you can’t murder someone because they smell funny, or ”My characters insane.” But disposing of a character due to a cultural offense, theological infractions, or if they are belittling your character as a proud warrior (honor killing) is all permitted. (Plus more.)

The White sands have been around since 2000, we are proud of our lore, so we suggest you peruse it at your earliest convenience. I advise specifically looking at the Culture, Magic how it works, and Castergun portion of our Lore section. We welcome players of all skills, as long as you're willing to read, improve, and have fun, you’ll be a natural fit. When it comes to sheets, we don’t care what template you use, though, we loathe ambiguous powers. In short, everyone should be able to understand your character's strengths, weaknesses, and limitations with clarity. Given this stance, we have a zero-tolerance mindset regarding Metagaming. So do not fret, anyone caught meta gaming will be given a singular warning, followed by them forfeiting the fight, or banishment if it should warrant such extreme actions. We are not like 99.99% of rp communities on Discord, we see ourselves as the last bastion of literate Roleplay nested within a consistent, believable fictional universe. If you have any questions, concerns, complaints. Contact me, or any Mod. Either over DM or @ us. I hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to the narrative you may weave.

Sincerely, Matsumota.

White Sand Empire Forum

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