White Rabbit (Insane Asylum Fun)

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  1. Basically based off the song 'White Rabbit' and the game Alice in madness but it's more like you're in an insane asylum. I think this would be fun I'd prefer it if someone else was GM but who cares right? So anyways if anyone is interested just you know tell me and I'll set up an ooc. There will also be some references from the anime Dead Man Wonderland.
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  2. I never finished the game, and I don't believe I've heard the song, but this sounds interesting. ~
    Who's the song by?
  3. The song is by Egypt Central.
  4. I updated the original post I only added a sentence. lol
  5. I'll have to check it out, and I've never heard of that anime ~
  6. You should check it out if not I can give you a brief summary.
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  7. A brief summary would be cool until I can check it out more extensively if you don't mind.~ ^^
  8. A boy gets charged for killing every member of his class since he was the only on who survived in the processed he was framed for something he didn't do by his lawyer, who is also in charge of running an amusement park that criminals were forced into. People come and watch events and think it's perfectly fine when a criminal is killed due to 'special effects' every criminal wears a collar and has to eat a special food that increases the timer on the collar if the timer runs out you are injected with poison. There is another part of the jail where special beings with special powers are and there special power is to manifest their blood into some power such a bomb or blades sticking out of your body. The boy is trying to find someone he calls the red man who is the person who supposedly killed all his classmates. I wonder if I left anything out?
  9. Oh my gosh, that sounds awesome ~
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