White Man, White Land. Savage Man, Savage Man

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  1. The Colonies, The beginning of America. This was a great time, a time of a new nation being born, the beginning, of the greatest nation of all time. This time period is romantically known as the exodus of persecuted pilgrims daringly exploring lands never before seen by European eyes, and taming the savage land so that they may thrive as their own, free of the tyranny of the Roman Catholics and Anglicans. This time is famously known for the first Thanksgiving, when the Indians came with food and dined along with the Pilgrims, and they lived peacefully together.

    But this is not true, far from it. The Pilgrims were a foreign invader, along with the Puritans. They came from nowhere and possessed for them what was of the spirits for no known reason, and defend it fiercely. They practice customs far removed from what you knew, and they take what they want, and refuse to give it back, preferring to kill, rather than share. Worse still, the White man spreads like a plague, and poison those you know and love by their very presence. You don't know what these things are, but what you do know, is that they bring death and destruction to wherever they roam, and you must somehow find a way to make them return from where they came, or risk losing all know and love through their corrupting touch.

    The Savages though, they live to their namesake. They lie and steal and kill without remorse, from anyone, to even their own kind. They practice demonic customs, and may be the demons that book talks of. They scalp your friends, burn your homes, and lie in wait, until your guard is let down, to destroy all you know and love. They speak odd tongues, possibly cursing you through their own demon ways. To you, they are more like demons than human, and you know that you must hold steadfast, or return to the persecution you left in the first place.

    White Man, White Land. Savage Man, Savage Land.
  2. She was born here. She was going to die here.

    Leesana wasn't backing down for nobody. Typical wife, perhaps, but being widowed by the White demonic-like creatures was the last straw. Her children would not grow up living in the pain their father was molested, she had decided that. She wouldn't let them win, they wore strange items of clothing.

    Mikarni frowned, "Why should we wait for them?" she asked. The oldest child of Leesana could not believe how hungry she was for revenge, and her three sons, Kikum, Poez and Crimji, did not either. Yet they did not complain, they trusted this woman. "To frighten them," she replied simply. They couldn't get away with it. She picked up a stone, throwing it at the camp in her fustration. The family had bows and few arrows, but that didn't stop her. "Come out, you cowards!" she called out in her own native tongue. She wouldn't speak their language.
  3. Mary peered out a window to the grassy fields of the colonies. It was April and she was happy that the harsh winter had ended. She couldn't bear the thought that she had to take care of her sister, Elizabeth, until her aunt arrived. "When is auntie going to arrive?" Asked Elizabeth, in the garden planting seeds. Mary opened the window and replied, "She'll arrive soon, I'm sure." Mary was only sixteen, but she had a lot on her hands with caring for her thirteen year old sister in the colonies.