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  1. Young Delphine Eyre slept quietly in her bed as the sun poured into her white room. Even with such a bright room, she remained in a deep sleep. The poor girl had been very ill since she was small, and with her parents dead from the same illness her maid was the only person in her life.

    She knew no one else her age sadly, and she spent most days in bed anyway. When would the day come where she would be able to roam freely and meet people? She hoped soon, but for now she would dream of such things until her maid could come to wake her.
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  2. Josephine Griffiths open the door entrance of Delphine's room. With her dark red eyes, she looked over her mistress with a sad look. Her white long hair would reflect most of the light coming from any window line. Reaching loudly with her heels the window, Josephine opened the shutters slowly, and with serene words she would greet her sleeping beauty, "Good morning, my Lady." Miss Griffiths would then walk to the right side of Miss Delphine's bed, waiting for her response to the wakening.
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  3. Delphine was having such a nice dream of running through a field. The field was filled with flowers, blue flowers. Not a light blue, but almost as blue as a sapphire. As she sat down in the grass to lay in the flowers, the sun seemed to glow brighter and brighter until she found herself back in her room. "Good morning, my Lady." The voice of her maid Josephine seemed to echo, as if the sun itself was calling out to her.

    "Oh..." Her voice was so soft and gentle, it was almost like a new born baby trying to communicate. "Good morning Josephine... I had the loveliest dream." Slowly she attempted to sit up. Usually she would fall back into bed from weakness, but this time she managed to push herself and sit up right.
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  4. Josephine's expression changed. From worried, she turn to surprised. Doing so, she showed a shy smile on her lips. "Excuse myself to interrupting your dream, but it is noon already and the lunch may be served soon.", her voice sounded different, more energetic, but still a little tired. Her lollita wouldn't bother her walking to the wardrobe in the room, where she would pick Delphine's outfit for today.
    Most pieces were white. Some would have a different tone or a different detail, but the majority of it was white. The mistress' shoes would be at the bottom of the wardrobe. Her choice was a simple white dress and a long sleeve coat, followed by white dolly shoes and white leggings. It was just like dressing a doll.
    She reached her Lady and began to change her clothes. Doing so, she would continue her conversation, "Today's lunch will be a difference suggested by a doctor, which, according to him, might work because of its proteins.
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  5. Delphine loved getting dressed up by Josephine. Not because she loved being pampered, but for the reason of her parents always being too ill to dress her. She never had that luxury when she was small, all they would do is run the tea company with all their strength. Delphine knew it was to give her a secure future to run the company, but she still would have loved the simple pleasures she never had.

    "Proteins?" Her small tongue slipped from her mouth and she let out a small raspberry then giggled. Following the giggles was a small coughing fit, but it was nothing she couldn't bounce back from. Delphine LOVED sweets, more than anything. Her illness almost prevented her from eating them, but she still managed to always sneak some sweets when Josephine wasn't looking.
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  6. "Yes, my Lady.", affirmed Josephine. "A doctor suggested you to eat octopus at least once a week, since it has salt and those special proteins."
    When Josephine finished dressing Delphine, she would grab her sleeping clothes, probably taking them to be washed up, "I will get your lunch ready, Young Mistress". She would go downstairs to the kitchen, where 3 women were working on a big red octopus. "I hope everything goes all right, I want my mistress to be saved!", she said raising her closed hand with a smile and a determinate look.
    After she put the clothes to wash, Josephine went to put a different towel over the table in the dining room. A table with at least 30 sits. Impressive, yet useless. The only dishes dropped on the table were at the farthest pit of the table. The picture showed some loneliness.
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  7. Delphine waited for Josephine to leave the room to hop out of bed. Today was one of few days where she felt great, still weak but better than usual. Casually she walked over to her window and looked out at the countryside. After always being inside, she had forgotten that she lived out in the country. It was rather depressing though. All she wanted was to socialize with others her age, and to be able to go into town freely like everyone else.

    "When was the last time I had rode in a carriage?' She thought to herself. Honestly she couldn't remember. Maybe after lunch she could convince Josephine to let her go out and roam around the city.
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  8. When everything was ready to receive a high ranked person for lunch, Josephine went upstairs, leading her feet to the young mistress' room. From the door, she catches Delphine looking through the window, thoughtful. She probable knew what washer thoughts.
    Josephine went over behind her mistress, making some sounded footsteps, so she doesn't scare her when she talks. "Your lunch is ready, Young Mistress."
    After doing so, her look was caught by curiosity and she looked outside from the window, trying to catch something that might have made Delphine's sight hostile. What else could it be? Outdoors. Miss Delphine Eyre wouldn't go outside since she got ill, and seeing it from the window might have built some jealousness inside her.
    No more words came out of Josephine's mouth, being worried the last look she gave.
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  9. Delphine kept her eyes on the beautiful countryside for a moment then turned around. "Okay, thank you Josephine." For a moment she hesitated. She REALLY did not want to eat octopus. Oh why couldn't she have some pastries, or cake instead? With a deep breath she gathered her strength and walked out of her room. Normally Josephine would hold her hand and help her downstairs. Today she felt stronger and took on the staircase herself.

    Step by step she made her way down. After each step she felt herself getting winded, but she couldn't stop now. She could do it, she just had to believe!
  10. Josephine was getting more surprised today. Way more.
    Seeing the development and fight of her mistress against her disease.
    Not a single sign of pride was shown, only a shy familiar smile.
    She went downstairs to meet her mistress in the dining room. Doing so, she pulled the chair for Delphine to take a seat. After that, Josephine went to stand next to the table, awaiting for another order.
  11. Delphine sat down at the large, empty table and took a moment to catch her breath. Even though she was out of breath, it did feel good to do things on her own. For a moment she stared at the food in disgust. It smelt awful.

    "You are excused, Josephine. I will eat my lunch now." She gave her maid a kind and gentle smile then looked back at the food. If she wanted to get better, then she had to eat the food. After a couple of minutes of picking at it with her fork, she finally took a bite with her eyes closed. To her surprise, it wasn't bad. In fact it was good. "Yummy!" She said with delight as she began to devour the octopus.
  12. "The food won't run from your sight.", explained Josephine with a glad smile. She goes then over Delphine's ear and whispers, "Even if it does, you know that nobody can run faster than me." She followed back to her place and began to speak louder, "Today we will be going for a walk, Young Mistress. It was suggested by a doctor, too. Anywhere in particular you'd wish to visit?", she said, calmly but determinate, with a proud smile.
  13. Delphine giggled and finished her food. It was true that no one was faster than Josephine, and only Delphine knew why. The thought of her little secret with her maid caused her to giggle a little more with a small coughing fit to follow. Then she heard the magical words that brought pure happiness into her heart. "Walk? Oh how delightful!" She clapped her small pale hands together with delight. It took her a moment to think on where to go and then the idea hit her.

    "I heard the Funtom Toy Company released the cutest toys recently! Could we pick some up? It's been so long since I've played with new toys." And just as quickly as the happiness came, it left in a flash. Who would she play with? Would she have to once again play alone? You would think after so long she would be used to it, but in fact her heart wanted nothing more than company.
  14. "Yes, we could do that!", she said a glanced smile, but then she would then turn her face to worrying, "What is wrong, Young Mistress?".
    Josephine had various abilities, but telepathy wasn't one of them. Her master or mistress must ask for her to act.
  15. Delphine looked up at Josephine sadly. She never was the type to command, so it was hard for her to get her point across. "I just wish I could have someone to socialize with. I hate playing alone, and this mansion is far too big for a girl like myself to spend her days being alone." She really needed to work on her commands. If not, then the mark on her neck would simply go to waste.
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  16. Josephine began to think with her hand over her chin... Something came up! "We shall go buy your new toys today, and I'll be sure to investigate for people of your age and with similar ranks as you.". She raises a finger, pointing it to one of maids, a different one spotted. Her name was Melissa, and she was shy, yet had a great look to just not be a simple maid. "You, my suggestion to you is to get ready. You're going to shop with Young Mistress."
    She then gave back her attention to Delphine, "Is that what you wish to do, Young Mistress?"
  17. Delphine smiled widely, and clapped her hands happily. "Yes Josephine, that would be most pleasant. Is the carriage ready to go? Oh, I can't wait any longer!" She giggled a little and squirmed around in her chair, while starting to climb off. The lunch had given her so much more strength, she was ready to go. What kind of people would Josephine find? Hopefully someone interesting.
  18. Josephine bowed, "The carriage will be ready in time, you just need to get prepared. I will handle the required duties."
    She then would give a single look and nodded at the other maids and these went off running, probably to prepare the carriage.
    Then, she turned all her attention to Delphine, "Anything else, Young Mistress?"
  19. Delphine put a finger to her lips. While tapping her lips she looked around, deep in thought. "No, that will be all Josephine." She thought maybe this would be the day that she would give an actual order to Josephine, but it didn't look like it. Maybe soon she would actually give an actual command, but until then she let Josephine decide on things for her, which she didn't mind at all.
  20. "As you wish, Young Mistress." She then shows her hand in order to give her company, "Mind if I accompany yourself to your chambers, Lady Eyre?". She smiled with those words, with an ironic air of a gentleman, asking her to dance.
    If Delphine accepted, they would go upstairs and dress some other proper clothes that Lady Eyre would choose.
    "Any preference, Young Mistress?"
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