White house has fallen

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  1. On July 5, 2009 the president had a scheduled meeting with the Korean ambassador Liam Cheng. The day began peacefully and everything went according to plan until a rouge aircraft began firing at crowds near the white house and the white house itself. All nearby military and enforcement units are called into action and the president's Top two secret service agents are in charge of leading the defense of the white house
  2. Alena Esma Rollens, aka Air, glanced at her partner. "Eyes open." She said, gripping her high caliber pistol tightly in her hands as she glanced around. They were under attack, and she was pissed about it. This was going all well..now it's a turn for the worst. She kept an expressionless face, but her gaze seared everything it passed by, her icy blue eyes were daggers and her jet black hair a nightly frame around her angular face.
  3. Salazar Ramirez aka ”section” walked quickly next to Air. ”Bravo team, take the ambassador and the president down to the lower bunker. He remains priority. Alena you're with me, we need to get this under control”
  4. "Copy that. Let's move." Alena replied, glancing around slightly before looking over to Salazer. "Take lead, I'll cover your back." Air said.
  5. Salazar lead down a long hallway, then through the white house's front doors. He could see the ground being destroyed by three impact of high caliber machine gun bullets. He looked up and saw an AC-130 aircraft flying around the Whitehouse and killing anything under it.

    Salazar let off a few rounds from his pistol then turned to Air. ”We're going to need something allot stronger” he said turning back toward the white house and seeing snipers setting up position on the roof.
  6. Alena nodded. "We've got to hurry." she said, looking around. "We've only got so much time.." she pushed him over as a car nearby exploded in flames. They were just out of radius. "We need to move." Air said as she stood back up. "Where to?"
  7. Section was about to say something to air when he heard a loud explosion above then and noticed that the aircraft had been hit with a rocket. He watched as the craft fell and crashed in the middle of the street. All feel silent as everyone began checking on the dead and wounded

    ”Contact the pentagon” said Salazar as he contacted the remaining military personnel in the area telling then to stay alert and hold tight
  8. Air nodded. "Copy that." she pulled out a small red phone, typing in a number and tapping her foot as it rang. "Yes, this is Alena. We've been attacked. Salazar? Stand by." she walked over and tapped Section's shoulder. "They want to talk to you, I'll take over here." She said, glancing around at the personnel, most of them already sitting down, but ready to pounce at a moment's notice.
  9. Section took the phone and nodded to Air. ”This is section on scene of white house attack, over” he said paying close attention to the gathering crowds of people who lived in the area surrounding the white house
  10. "What's the status?" A man replied. "President?"

    Alena raised a hand. "I need you to form two lines. Fighters, and civilians." Everyone started to move.
  11. ”The president and Korean party are secure in the white house bunker. Air and I are moving to secure the perimeter and checking casualties” Salazar responded watching Alena
  12. "Copy that. Reinforcements?" He asked.

    As the lines were formed, Air sighed. "Okay, fighters, stay. Find a gun and be ready. Civilians, follow me." she started to lead them to the white house, deciding it would be safer for them to stay there rather wander the streets.
  13. Salazar stop talking to the people if the pentagon for a moment. ” Wow wow wow! Negative! No one is allowed inside the white house!” He yelled across the front yard of the white house. ”Everyone go home and stay inside” he said looking at the civilians gathered in a crowd.

    He put the phone back up to his ear. ”Reinforcements are en route to us now.”
  14. Air turned, crossing her arms and sighing. "Go ahead." she said as half of the group left. The others looked around, confused a little before ambling away, knocking on doors to be let in. Alena then turned to Salazar, glancing at the waiting personnel and wondering what their next move was.

    "Understood." the man answered. "Anything intel on other important happenings?" He asked.
  15. ”Closest special operatives are twenty minutes out. Task force is en route now” he said before finishing his conversation with the pentagon.

    He walked over to Alena. ”What's the status on casualties and remaining forces?” He asked loading his pistol
  16. "The dead and injured are still being counted, but the remaining forces are literally all line here." She said, motioning to the group of soldiers behind them. It was probably about thirty to fifty people for a rough estimate. "What's the plane, Section?" she asked, crossing her arms, her pistol still in hand and fully loaded, ready for a moment's notice.
  17. ”We secure the area and hold up until the operatives get here.” Said Salazar looking around at the remaining soldiers. Local police had gathered on the sight now, which would be extremely useful since Salazar believed that the aircraft was only the first attack. He hoped he was wrong, but he felt that another attack was imminent
  18. Alena nodded, sighing slightly. "Do you think it was a terrorist?" She asked quietly. "Or do you think it was an insider?" She made sure no one else could hear her whispers.
  19. ”Definitely a terrorist, tell everyone on scene to remain on stand...” Before Salazar could finish his sentence, a large garbage truck came charging through the east side of the fence surrounding the white house.

    ”Contact to the east!” Salazar yelled as he began to open fire on the truck. People dressed in random clothing and face masks poured out of the back of the truck and began returning fire with automatic weapons
  20. Alena nodded. "Copy tha-" She stepped back as the truck slammed through the fence. She raised her pistol, firing as many shots as she could while yelling into her comm. "Contacts East! Automatic weapons! Open fire open fire!" She backed behind one of the trees and reloaded before jumping back into the battle, trying to recognize someone to tell her where they were from.
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