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  1. So I want to do an rp based around an angel that went into the Hunan world and was found by a demon. I dont really mind being either one, but yeah, so the demon decides to keep him/her around for whatever reason. I am very flexible over what is going to happen between them whether it turns to romance or not. Im also very flexible over how far you want to go as far as how sexual, or torturous the demon is. I would like to keep it FxM though just because that's what I am in the mood for. Thank you and feel free to share any extra plot details you would like to add.
  2. Yes, I'm in.
  3. Awesome, sorry bout the smite rating if u saw that it was an accident. So who do you wanna be. The demon or the angel?
  4. I think it'll be fun being a female angel if that sounds fine to you. Keeping it classic.
  5. Yah that's fine so, I guess that makes me the demon, do you have any preference over what kind of demon I make him? Because I have a few ideas but like I said, I'm flexible.
  6. And do you care how sexual or torturous he is to her, because I think its more fun the more demonic he is. At least at the beginning before a romance factor comes into play. But its better to know what you're comfortable with.
  7. I'm cool with anything really have fun with your character. I wont get uncomfortable or bothered by stuff like this.
  8. Okay, good to know, if you don't have any other preferences, would you like to start or shall I?
  9. I'm fine with starting.
  10. Okay, then go ahead.
  11. Solaria found herself in a quiet woods. Long white blond hair fell around her shoulders as her physical body glittered into existence. A dark force had been detected by other guardian angels and it was her duty to inspect the area. The air felt thick and humid as she walked along a thin foot path, a large ruby pendent hung from her neck by a long silver chain. It was Solaria's transformation gem that allowed her change from a spiritual body to a physical one and back again, nearly all Earth Guardians had one. She folded pale wings close to her back to be able to get past closely rooted trees. She could sense a faint aura of some sort of being, but she couldn't make out what exactly it was. To strong for something mundane like a tree spirit, but far to otherworldly to be a human ghost.
  12. Onarin was lounging on a tree branch, his body large and covered in scars while his skin was a very light shade of purple. Black wings extended from his back and his teeth were sharp and jagged. Obarin's hair was snow white and his eyes the same, lacking iris's. Nothing about the way he looked was beautiful or elegant for it was that of a very dark creature. He was resting outside of his usual human appearance because he had no reason to look like one. It was quiet other than the soft inhales and exhales he took. Soon though the crunch of ground beneath someone's foot echoed disruptingly into his ears followed by the strong aura of an inhuman creature. It was far from a heavy feeling though so it most certainly didn't belong to another demon.

    He sat up and cracked his neck before soft crunches could be heard through his body as he reverted to the human form he used. His hair was black and his skin, extremely tan. His eyes were a warm brown but something about the way he looked still seemed dangerous. He dropped to the forest floor and smirked, standing tall as he took a step forward and looked around him in search of the creature.
  13. Solaria stopped suddenly hearing a crack of something. Perhaps dropping from the trees above? Her ruby glowed and she disappeared, she did not want to be seen by a human if one was wondering about. The air felt even more oppressive now though, demonic even. She tried to look in the direction of the sound, but the trees where grouped together so thick, and the tree canopy above made the wood so dark she could hardly make anything out. She allowed her glamour to fade so her physical form could be seen again, she wore silvery armor and had a thin curved sword hanging from her hip.

    She unsheathed the blade and held it out defensively, cautiously continuing on toward the sounds. As she moved closer the air got heavier, till the humid air was almost to thick to breath. Sweat began to drip down her forehead and the dampness clung to her hair. She had taken demons on before, but never alone like this. She wanted to leave and regroup with the others of her kind. However she knew demons aren't stupid creatures, it would flee before a squad of guardians could be organized to go after it. She would try to overwhelm it herself and get back up later to cleanse the area once the beast was vanquished.
  14. He felt the feeling grow faint as continued walking in the direction he first heard the sound. Soon though the feeling of their presence returned, this time even stronger. Onarin did his hands into his pocket slouching a bit as the identity of what was in the forest with him grew clearer until eventually he was nearly certain. The other person had to be and angel or something like it, and it was probably here for him. He took a turn and he saw them, confirming his suspicions immediately, there was no doubt about it now, the girl was an angel.

    Draped in silver armor with a sword, she stared at him with a look of nervousness that was probably there before she even saw him. He lifted his arms above his head as if in surrender as he continued to walk towards her. "Hello..." He paused waiting until he stood right in front of her, still tall like his demon form, standing at 6'4". He lowered one hand, placing it over the hand she held the sword with then continued in a voice that was barely even a whisper but still loud enough to be heard, "angel"
  15. Her pale violet eyes glared up at him, his oppressive force made her feverish. She knew she had made a mistake to take this creature on alone. For the most part, angels and demons where pretty evenly matched, but his aura was so aggressive that she was not so sure of her strength. She flick her sword and pushed his hand off of hers.
    "You know full well you can not make your stay on Earth creature," she said in an even tone, her voice was as lovely and musical like all angels. Her feathered ruffled with nerves, but she tried to keep the fight from her eyes. "As a Guardian of Earth I order you to leave this place and go back to your duties in Hell. Or I will be forced to eliminate you." Angels and Demons had a weird relationship, a balance of light and dark needed to be held in the universe in order for it to function. The two beings rarely went out of each others way to kill the other, but it didn't mean that conflicts did not happen. Demons enjoyed over stepping there boundaries in order to terrorize humans, and Angels enjoyed forcing order back onto the demons. Sometimes it felt like almost a game, but there was nothing funny about what Solaria had gotten herself into.
  16. He chuckled softly, he knew he would have to face consequences if he were to kill her but there was never a rule over leaving them completely unharmed. After all, humans were getting boring, and the powerful life force of an angel seemed like a much better choice. When she pushed his hand away he dropped both of them to his sides and shook his head. He was shirtless and wore tight black pants so as to easily coax the female human into willingly becoming his next victim. Onarin took a few steps around her so he stood behind her but was still facing away from her as he sighed. His nails were black and pointed while demonic tribal tattoos curled around his neck, arms and spine, all of them the same deep shade of crimson. He spoke again, his voice deep and soothing but no where near that of an angels. It was more of a coaxing voice that could easily pursuade a person to do as he wanted, something good for the hunt that he enjoyed so much.

    Onarin then brought his hands behind his back, spinning to face Solaria. "Now now angel, why are we in such a hurry. Why don't we enjoy our time together while we still have it angel?" He avoided contact with her sword as he eased towards her, reaching up to trail his thumb along her jaw line then traced it over her lips. "Why would I rush my time with such a beautiful creature such as yourself. You're far too perfect to just let you go to waste." He finished trailing with his thumb and slid his hand over to cup her cheek into his palm. "I've never done anything to or with an angel... I'm curious as to how you would taste if I were to feed off you like i would do to a human."
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  18. Solaira could not believe what she was hearing and she couldn't help the smile that cracked across her face. Her muscles however kept tense and she leaned back away from his touch. "Do you attempt to seduce me demon? I have no desire for the beastly cravings that you endlessly hunger for," she scoffed pointing the tip of her blade to the center of his chest pressing the sharp end softly to his skin. "I have no wish to fight you creature, but do not confuse my inaction with weakness." She could hardly believe the nerve of this demon, how dare he even attempt his charms on her? Did she look like some weak willed human so easily taken in by pleasures of the flesh? "Have you never seen an angel? We have no free will to choose, your powers of suggestion are deaf in my ears," she lowered her sword slightly the smile fading from her face. "The attempt is amusing, but you should leave this place. The Guard knows of your presents and they will hunt you down and eliminate you if you do not return to Hell."

  19. "I know how you function, and I know that people will be looking for me. What you don't understand is that, I wasn't giving you a choice. We don't be staying here though because I have no wish for a team of angels to come eliminate me. But angel, do keep a few things in mind when talking to me, I don't like it when you point that sword at me and I most certainly dontblike it when you tell me things I already know." He then swiftly maneuvered himself behind her and wrapped one arm around her stomach, pulling her to him as his free hand snaked around her neck where he gabbed her chin roughly with his fingers. He growled softly into her ear with a checkle before speaking again, "I may be a demon but I know how to be gentle.... And forceful.... its just up to you whether I be one way or the other love."

    Onarin trailed the tip if his nose from her ear to her temple with a deep controlling laugh before trying to ease her head so she would be facing the side. "Actually... I think I have done this to an angel, she got corrupted after awhile making her usefulness to me drop to zero. I hope you last longer than she did... You look prettier after all..." He pulled his head away from hers and released her chin only to wrap his fingers around her throat, sharp black nails pressing hard against her flawless angelic skin. He repositioned his other arm so that it was wrapped further around her stomach, which in the long run, just pulled her closer to him. "Now be a dear and drop your sword."
  20. Then this is him in his human form when he wears his full cloak thing[​IMG]
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